Mafia City – How To Upgrade Your Babes Quickly

This post is going to show you how to upgrade your babes quickly by getting more roses in the game and also a few ways to save roses while buying your babes gifts.

Roses are the items that you need to upgrade your babes. Initially you can use roses to increase the favor of your babes by playing the cup game. Once their favor is maxed out you can buy them various gifts from the yacht to star them up & with each star upgrade you unlock a new skill.

Upgrading your babes is very important as most of their skills increase your troop stats and some of them also increase your march size. Certain babes also have growth skills which increase troop load and resource production making them important for your farm accounts. However, I wouldn’t recommend using any of these strategies to upgrade your farm account babes as it is pretty easy to unlock all their farming skills with the 9 roses that you get daily on your farms. Now that we know why it is important to upgrade your babes let’s see how you can get roses quickly in the game and gain an edge over the other players in the game.

One of the best ways of getting roses is from the yacht itself. Whenever you see the yacht in your turf, you should always click on it to check the offers that it has available. If you find offers where you can exchange roses for 2 or 3 resource production buffs you should always get them as they are the best offers available. You can get these resource production buffs from the smuggler for as little as 10 gold each so you’re effectively spending only 20 to 30 gold per rose whenever you get these offers. I also like getting 2 more offers from the yacht:

  1. 1 Rose for 40 gold
  2. 3 Roses for 160 gold (53.33 gold per rose)

Depending upon the amount of gold you have you can also get the offers that are more expensive. However, if you’re free to play and don’t have a lot of gold, just stick to these 2 offers and the resource production buff offers and you should be good. After you finish getting all the offers that you want you should immediately send back the yacht so that it can get a new set of items for you. Try making it a habit to check the yacht for offers every time you login & send it back immediately when you’re done & you’ll notice a significant increase in the amount of roses that you get per day. You can also make it a habit to check the yacht whenever you switch from the city map to the turf map to get more roses.

Another way of getting more roses is from the individual event. The amount of roses you get from this event depends upon your mansion level. Higher mansion levels will be getting more roses from this event but they will also have to score more points. At Mansion 30 you get 10 roses for scoring 300,000 points. Apart from the roses you also get 4 rare gem boxes and 4 hours of building speed-ups. The rewards that you get for scoring 300,000 points in the individual event are worth more than the rewards that you get for placing 2nd in the crew training event. So instead of using up all of your training speed ups during the crew training I would suggest that you save some up for the individual event as well.

The plantation event is another good event from which you can get a ton of roses. You can get up to 150 roses every plantation event. Also keep an eye out for new events as some of them do give you roses.

Now that we’ve seen how to get more roses by doing the events let’s take a look at a few ways to spend less roses while buying your babes gifts from the yacht.

Just like gems, there are 6 types of gifts as well and each type has a different color.

The grey ones cost 5 roses.

The green gifts cost 10 roses.

The blue ones 15.

The purple ones cost 25.

The orange gifts cost 65.

And finally the golden gifts cost 200 roses.

While gifting your babes blue or higher quality gifts you can either purchase them directly from the yacht or you can buy the lower quality gifts that you need to synthesize them.

For blue and orange gifts, it doesn’t matter if you get them directly from the yacht or if you synthesize them since they’re gonna cost you the same amount of roses either way.

For purple gifts, you should always get them directly from the yacht which only costs you 25 roses rather than synthesizing them which will cost you 30 roses.

And for golden gifts, you should always synthesize them using 3 orange gifts which cost only 195 roses rather than getting them directly which costs 200 roses.

Also, while upgrading your babes you should keep all your babes at the same star level as that is the fastest way to unlock their skills since the first 3 stars don’t cost a lot of roses to get.

It only costs 30 roses to get the first star, the 2nd star costs 50 roses, the third one costs 80, the fourth star costs 440 roses and the fifth one costs 780 roses.

So, those were all the tips that I had for you guys in this post. Hope this helps you upgrade your babes faster so that you can unlock all their important skills!

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7 thoughts on “Mafia City – How To Upgrade Your Babes Quickly”

  1. Do you have a list of gifts needed for each babe to reach 5 stars? Looking for Bella to be specific.

    1. Increase their favor to certain levels. Although you can’t change their clothes on certain accounts regardless of their favor. Not sure why that happens, but some player’s don’t get the clothes changing option.

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