Mafia City – Farm Buildings, Skills & Equipment Guide

This post is going to show you how to set up your resource buildings, skills and also which equipment to get on your farm accounts. I’ve already covered all these topics in the Farming Guide that I made before. However, in this post I’m going to be a little more specific as a lot of people still ask me questions about these 3 topics. You can either watch this video or you can continue reading this post:

Let’s start with the resource buildings first:

Once you reach Mansion 15 you should have 35 open spaces where you can build different resource buildings. For each farm type I would recommend a slightly different setup.


For Cash Farms you should build

10 Counterfeiters

8 Smelters

10 Cargo Hubs

5 Ammunations

1 Club*

1 Hospital


For Cargo Farms you should build

10 Cargo Hubs

8 Smelters

8 Ammunations

7 Counterfeiters

1 Club*

1 Hospital


For Arm Farms you should build:

8 Ammunations

8 Smelters

10 Cargo Hubs

7 Counterfieters

1 Club*

1 Hospital

*When you create a new farm you should build 8 clubs initially so that you can train a lot of T2 Vehicles quickly. Once you get 45k-55k T2 Vehicles & enough hospital capacity to heal them you can get rid of all your clubs and replace them with resource buildings.

Even though each farm is meant for a different resource you should have resource buildings of all 4 types just because the game gives you enough space to do so. By doing this you’ll be able to significantly increase your resource production especially for cargo which is the resource that you need the most for all building upgrades in the game. And that is why I’ve suggested that you add the maximum number of Cargo Hubs (that is 10) on all 3 farm types.  Also, you should have 1 Club so that you can keep upgrading your hospital whenever you reach a new Mansion level. For your hospital capacity, you should try getting most of it from investments, babes & even from equipment. Although I did say in my Farming Guide that you’re going to need more than 80,000 troops & hospital capacity for your farm accounts but after farming a lot I’ve realized that you’re only gonna need anywhere between 45,000 to 55,000 T2 vehicles & hospital capacity if your crew load is 40% or more & if you’re robbing only from level 6 resource tiles.


Now let’s take a look at leader skills:

So, as I mentioned in the Farming Guide, for skills you should invest your skill points based on the farm type. For cash farms you should invest in cash skills first, for cargo farms you should invest in cargo skills & for arm farms – arm skills. You should invest 11 skill points in battle so that you can unlock the beck and call skill which is very useful if you need to recall your troops immediately while they’re robbing resources. Once you unlock the beck & call skill and the getaway drivers skill you should start investing your skill points in the resource production of the remaining resources. For example, once you unlock the beck & call and the getaway drivers skill on your cash farm you should invest in cargo production and arm production. This will increase the amount of resources your resource buildings produce. Make sure you only invest in resource production of the other resources and not in their robbing speed as you will be robbing only the Main resource & metal on all your farms.


Now let’s take a look at the equipment that you should get on all your farms:

In my farming guide I said that you should get equipment that gives you hospital capacity, troop load & cash production. However, out of these 3 buffs, in my opinion, the troop load buff is the best. Whenever you increase troop load, you’ll need less troops to finish resource tiles which means that you can keep fewer troops in your farms. Whenever you  reduce your troop count, you’ll need less hospital capacity, so increasing troop load gives an indirect buff to hospital capacity. Also, with less troops your healing will be faster & less expensive in case you get attacked, so increasing troop load also gives an indirect healing speed and healing cost reduction buff. Finally, since you’ll be having fewer troops, your upkeep will go down which indirectly increases your cash production, so the troop load buff also gives an indirect buff to cash production. Because of all these indirect buffs that you get from the troop load buff I would suggest that you focus on optimizing troop load first. Once you’re done with troop load you can focus on Hospital Capacity & Cash Production.

To increase crew load, I would recommend getting the level 25 Silver Necklace and the level 25 fashion jean since both of these pieces of equipment give you a double crew load buff. For shoes you can get the level 30 French Leather Shoes which gives a double hospital capacity buff. For clothes you can get the level 25 Exquisite Tux which gives a double cash production buff or you can select a gun which gives you crew load and for weapons you can get the level 30 Glock 17 which gives you crew load and cash production.

So, that’s what you should be getting for equipment. Try getting blue quality equipment at least if not purple so that you don’t have to spend a lot of checks upgrading your equipment. I hope this post answered all the questions that you guys have about equipment, skills & buildings for farm accounts. If you have any more questions feel free to comment them down below & I’ll try to answer as many as I can.

If you want to know how to get Mansion 30 quickly without spending make sure you check out my post on How to get Mansion 30 without spending in 4-5 Months

50 thoughts on “Mafia City – Farm Buildings, Skills & Equipment Guide”

  1. Hi Flavio!
    Truly incredible posts with Mafia City. Only now realising the significant complexities of this game which makes it even more interesting.

    Currently, I have 3 farms + main account. I am taking your advice in regards to main account as currently M20 and want to get to M30 as soon as possible prior to focusing on training centres as you have suggested. My army is sadly incredibly weak but I know I will get through this period and become better overall. My biggest mistake was getting to 32% on Resources (I didn’t know about farms at that time).

    In relation to the farms specifically I have; 1 Farm (Cargo) M15, 1 Farm (Arms) M11, 1 Farm Cash M10 … attempting to get all resource buildings to corresponding Mansion level to at least get to M16.

    Question 1 – Would there be any need to utilise any Vigilante whatsoever for a farm account? I currently possess 1,000 female & male (advanced) fragments but I have no idea what to do with it. Would you have any suggestions?

    Question 2 – On main account whilst trying to achieve M20 as soon as possible would you also try to continually upgrade the training centres or do you feel this is pointless including training new crew members?

    Question 3 – At such an early stage on main account with only M20 and a relatively low army would having 1,050 Male Vigilante & 2,150 Female Vigilante (Advanced) would you do anything with that at this point in time?

    Thank you kindly in advance and sorry for all the questions not sure if I have explained it in the most easiest manner. All your posts/articles and especially videos are very informative so you are doing a truly awesome job!

    1. 1. You don’t really need any vigilantes on your farms. But you can get the ones that give resource gathering speed & production boosts if you want like adriana & tracy.
      2. I would only upgrade the required buildings if I were rushing to 20. Same for rushing form 20 to 30.
      3. Just get any vigilantes that have good passive skills. Passive skills are the skills that give you buffs even when vigilantes don’t lead your march.

  2. Can you explain what really is the benefit of the enhanced troop skills between elite 1 and elite 2 and so on? It only says >than the previous level which doesn’t tell much.

  3. Alright, I don’t have a farm account. I just play on my main, currently my mansion is level 22.
    I have :
    2 smelter farms
    3 ammunition farms
    10 cash farms
    10 cargo farms.
    They all are level 20 btw.

    I use all my T7 troops for the resource hubs on the map? should i downgrade to t2?

    1. If you want to Rush to Mansion 30 quickly, then yes. Otherwise train higher tiers since you’ll need them

    1. It depends on how you use your farms. If you gather 1M resources per day & produce 5M then production boost is more important. If you produce 1M & gather 5M then gathering speed is more important. However I prefer production buff over gathering speed since you have to be very active on your farms to benefit from the gathering speed buff (Because your troops will return faster so you’ll have to login more frequently to send them out again) while with the production buff doesn’t really matter how active you are.

  4. Hello,

    Could you explain how to properly rob my farm accounts. I am at M13 have over 9mil in resources but assume those are safe and cannot be robbed? When I attack my farm I am getting such small amounts it’s not really worth it to rob.
    Are the tile resource collections all I can actually rob from my farm?

    1. Resource collections from tiles on the map, from your resource buildings & from the black market can be robbed. Resources from resource items cannot be robbed.

  5. at what level can we get 1 hospital building to have enough capacity for all our T2 vehicles? can you also give us tips to get the fastest way for that hospital capacity with only 1 building. Thanks, this is the best web guide for the game IMO 😀


        1. But how do I get most resources robbing my farms?,farms have 8 million cargo and I only could get 200 thousand.. please help me

          1. Because those resources are safe resources. You can only rob unsafe resources on your farms. The resources that you get from resource boxes in your items are always safe

  6. Hey Flavio, so I’ve seen you’ve said about training 45-55k T2 vehicles. But is there any requirement for shooters, bikers etc? Do you even need to train these?

    1. You Won’t Need To. Vehicles Have The Best Crew Load For Gathering Recourses. Having Only Vehicles Can Save You The Upkeep And The Loss Of Crews If Attacked By Enemy.

  7. Specifically for level 40 equipment out of the 3 choices I have for each of the 6 item types (in regular equipment not including any of the sets) what is the best combination for attacking (just attacking not worrying about defence unless the best set combination coincidentally includes defence weapon buffs as well)?

  8. I am trying to get purple equipment. Is there a tip or some help you can advise me to upgrade from Blue to purple fast?

    1. Yes. You should use resource items in farm accounts to upgrade farm buildings since you cannot transfer the resources that you get from resource items to your main account.

    1. M11-M13 are good levels to start attacking your farms. If your farms are M14 you should definitely attack them for resources.

  9. How do you unlock the gold cup for the game with the babes?? I have the gold cup on my main so I can use 3 roses per bet and increase their skills faster, how do I get that for my farms??

    1. You need at least VIP 8 to get the golden cup game & you need to have VIP activated whenever you do the cup game to be able to use golden cups.

  10. What should my building set up be on my main pro?? Right now my upkeep is a lot more than I make even tho I have all the counterfeiter stuff to increase income etc any suggestions?

    1. Building more counterfeiters won’t reduce your upkeep. Training less troops will. For your main I would suggest that you build 8 hospitals and 8 clubs first & then for the rest of the buildings you can build as many as you like based on your resource requirements.
      If you’re facing cash problems, you can either reduce your troop count or you can create cash farms to store cash for you & you can empty them whenever you need the cash.

      1. Can you give information on how to “empty cash farm so the cash will be in main account”. I am still confused on this process.

        1. Keep all your cash in your farms & empty your farms only when you need to use cash (& immediately use the cash) so that your troops don’t get to consume your cash.

  11. What should my main pros buildings be? Should I have 10 cargo on there too? And when I attack my farm I slaughter the crew and it takes 5 hrs to heal how do I attack so I don’t kill my ppl?

    1. Hey there, before attack it you can occupy near your mansion or send them prison,reinforcement or hiding place so they wont get wounded or killed.

    2. Onur is right. I usually send all troops out to rob resources so that the troops are not idle & then attack my farms when they have no troops inside.

  12. Ok so keep them for now until I have around 50,000 t2 vehicles? I have 8 all at level 10. And what about the 7 days of domination? I’ve been doing all the objectives just to get extra stuff to help upgrade. My mansion is level 13 so now I have to wait bc I have to get shooter camp up before I can upgrade again.

    1. Yeah. Keep them until you have around 50k t2 vehicles.
      The 7 days domination thing gives a lot of good rewards. But you should focus more on upgrading your farm mansion to level 15 so that you can unlock all 4 resource types. You can do the 7 day domination after you get your farm mansions to level 15 but if you need gold urgently you can do the 7 day domination quests immediately since some of them give you a lot of gold.

  13. Right now on my 2 farms I have 8 clubs like your other guide said to do? So should I demolish 7 clubs and a cpl hospitals so they have 1 each and get more cargo (for my cash farm) I’m confused now

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve added a clarification in this guide now. In my Farming Guide I said that you should start with 8 clubs since you’ll need them to train a lot of T2 Vehicles. Once you’re done training T2 Vehicles you should demolish all clubs & keep only 1 so that you can upgrade the hospital that you have. Hope this clears your confusion.

  14. Hey, can you please write a guide for troops composition. I have read all your post. It is awesome and usefull for new player like me.
    I look forward to see new post.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been trying to understand the battle mechanics in the game but am still unsure of a lot of it. I will make a guide as soon as I am done experimenting with different compositions.

  15. Hey.. I’m new to this game.. Do you have any idea how should I set my skill set? Now I set all for battle.. Thanks

    1. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve.
      If you’re trying to build fast then you should invest most of your skill points in growth.
      If you’re trying to attack people during the kill event then you should invest most (or all) of your skill points in growth.
      If you’re trying to grind experience quickly & train a lot of troops then you should invest in support.
      While dividing your skill points I would suggest getting all the 3 basic skills first in each skill tree (the beck & call skill, Shakedown skill & energetic skill) since getting each of these skills only cost 3 skill points. However, if you’re making temporary skill switches (for example, a 3 day switch for the kill event) then you should invest all those skill points into one skill tree.

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