Dino Wars – Building Guide

This guide is going to give you an idea about the functions of each building in Dino Wars. It will also give you an idea about which buildings are important and which ones aren’t very important.

Dino Wars is a game that is similar to clash of kings / mafia city. So most of the buildings in Dino Wars are similar to the buildings in these games. If you’ve played any of these games before or similar games you shouldn’t have a problem understanding the Buildings in Dino Wars.

Let’s go over each building in the game one by one:

Headquarters (HQ)

No building can be upgrade beyond the HQ level. So you’ll need to upgrade this building to be able to upgrade all the other buildings. The HQ also increases your march capacity allowing you to send more troops per march during attacks.

The Wall

Your HQ cannot be upgraded without upgrading the wall. So this is another important building to upgrade. It also increases the wall defense with every upgrade making it harder for your wall to get destroyed. (Your base teleports to a random location once your wall defense reaches 0.)

Barracks, Paddock & Range

These buildings allow you to train troops. Upgrading them will increase your training capacity (i.e. the number of troops that you can train at a time). These buildings also unlock higher level troops when upgraded to certain levels. These buildings should always be upgraded especially when you are able to unlock higher level troops by upgrading them.


Upgrading this building will give you more information whenever you recon other commanders. It also gives more information about the troops marching towards you while you’re getting attacked by other commanders. You should upgrade this building based on the amount of information you  want from recon reports and for incoming marches.

Beast Compound

The beast compound is a place where you can view & upgrade your beasts. Currently (14th May 2018) there are 7 beasts in the game. You  can upgrade your beasts at this building. (I’ll make a separate guide on how you can get these beasts and upgrade them.) Upgrading the beast compound will increases the maximum control level of your beasts. Every upgrade will increase the maximum control level by 2. You can increase the control level of your beasts by using the beast experience item that you get from attacking monsters & new dawn camps. Increasing the control level enables you to upgrade your beasts to higher levels and also unlocks better skills. It is recommended that you upgrade this building whenever you can.

Recovery Station

Whenever your beast loses a battle it loses a certain amount of  HP. This HP can be recovered at the recovery station. Recovering HP takes some time depending upon the level of your recovery station, your investments & the amount of beast HP to be recovered. Upgrading the recovery station will increase the beast recovery speed by 1% every level. This building is not very important in my opinion as you can get way more recovery speed from research. You can ignore this building if you’re planning to rush your HQ to higher levels quickly.

Research Lab

Upgrading the research lab will unlock more tech. The researches in the game usually take very long to finish so it is very unlikely that you will run out of techs to research. So upgrading this building can be ignored if you’re rushing to save resources and time. However, you should always upgrade this building whenever you are able to unlock important techs like March Capacity & March Slots.

The Trading Post

The Trading Post is a building that allows you to trade items with other commanders which they can buy using gold. Upgrading this building will allow you to trade better items and it also reduces trading fee. You can sell materials, plugin parts, assembly pieces and Intel at the trading station. However, Assembly pieces and high quality Intel are the only items that most commanders usually purchase as these items are very hard to get in the game. This is an important building to upgrade even if you don’t use it to trade as upgrading this building is a prerequisite for upgrading your trade warehouse which protects your resources.


Upgrading the Embassy will allow you to get more helps from your clan mates & it also increases the time reduced by each help. This helps a lot while healing troops. Instead of healing all your troops at once you can heal a few troops at a time so that the healing can be sped up with the helps. Apart from the helps it also increases your reinforcement capacity. Which helps a lot during the new dawn raids and also while you’re getting attacked.

War Room

Upgrading this building will increase your rally capacity. Higher rally capacity will enable you to take out higher level new dawn camps if you have enough clan mates online to fill rallies. It also helps a lot while attacking other commanders as you will be able to send more troops during the rally. The total number of troops that you can send in a rally is your March Capacity + Rally Capacity. Also, while building alliance headquarters and alliance towers the total number of troops that can be sent to build these buildings depends on the March Capacity & Rally Capacity of the first player to enter these buildings. The player with the highest Rally Capacity in the alliance should always send their troops to these buildings first. I would recommend upgrading the war room especially if you do a lot of new dawn raids and attack a lot of players with rallies.

Construction Plant / Power Core Plant

The construction plant manufactures steel which is a resource that is required to upgrade the HQ and a few other  buildings. Power cores are used to craft equipment. Upgrading these buildings will increase the manufacturing speed, Manufacturing Capacity & also the level of Power cores / Steel. The Construction Plants have to be upgraded to unlock higher level steel required for upgrading the HQ. You may skip upgrading the power core plants in case you’re planning to rush your HQ. The game allows you to build 3 plants. The construction and power core plants can always be swapped so it’s not necessary to max all the 3 plants.

Trade Warehouses

The trade warehouses help you protect your resources. Upgrading these buildings will not only increase the amount of protected resources but it’ll also increase your Trade load (The amount of  goods that you can list at the Trading post). I would recommend upgrading these buildings as they will protect a lot of your resources which will be required for healing your troops.

Energy Generators  / Material Workshops / Ammo Factories

These buildings produce energy, material & ammo depending upon the type of building. Upgrading these buildings will increase the energy, material & ammo production.Upgrading these buildings isn’t very important if you have a lot of farm accounts as you can easily get these resources from farms. Try building at least 5 buildings of each type this will help you finish your daily tasks easily since you can score up to 45 points by using the labor boost on these buildings.


The Shelters are the buildings that produce gold. Upgrading them will increase the gold production. It is very important to upgrade shelters as gold is a resource that cannot be farmed from other players or by creating farm accounts. Other than from shelters gold can only be obtained from gathering, donation rankings, events, raiding new dawn camps and defeating monsters and buying packs. Since gold is such a scarce resource that cannot be farmed I would recommend that you max this building out especially if you’re not rushing.

Enlistment Camps

The enlistment camps increase enlistment rate and reservist capacity. Training troops requires reservists. Increasing your enlistment rate will increase your enlistment drive which will allow you to recruit reservists faster and thus you’ll be able to train troops. If your enlistment drive is low & you run out of reservists you will have to cease training until you get sufficient reservists to start training again. Thus enlistment camps are important buildings to upgrade as you will need to train a lot of troops to protect your base from attacks.


All the injured troops can be healed at the hospital. Your troops get injured if you’re attacked by another commander or if you attack a resource tile or a tile occupied by another commander. The injured troops cost less resources & take less time to heal as compared to training troops. Upgrading the hospitals increase hospital capacity allowing you to accommodate more injured troops in your hospitals. Once your hospitals are full the troops injured during battle will die instead. You should always build the maximum number of hospitals and max them out so that you can recover quickly if after getting zeroed.


Apart from the above buildings there are certain buildings that cannot be upgraded.


The arsenal is a building where you can craft equipment for your commander. This building cannot be upgraded. However, you can check the equipment you have and the ones that you can craft at this building.

Mess Hall

The Mess Hall shows your progress on the daily tasks and it allows you to claim your daily rewards for completing them. You can also activate the daily drop from here which gives you 1000 diamonds daily along with other rewards which will help you speed up your growth.

Event Center

The event center is a place where you can check the ongoing and upcoming events. The events usually give you a lot of gold and diamonds so always be on the lookout for them.

Marketplace (Arms Dealer)

The marketplace is a building where you can get various bargains from the arms dealer. Some of these bargains allow you to get rare and premium items without spending gold. I would recommend that you check these bargains at the arms dealer daily and use the all free refreshes available to refresh these bargains.

So this was a short description of each building in the game. Hope this helps you understand the game better.


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