Mafia City – How to get 10 Golden Gems for $100

This post is going to show you how you can get 10 Golden Gems only for a hundred dollars. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

Before getting into the method of getting 10 Golden Gems for $100 let’s take a look at what you can get from a $100 gem pack first.

Apart from speed ups and resources, the $100 gem pack gives you 50 rare gem boxes & 4 purple gem coupons.

Ideally, you’d be getting 10-15 of these boxes would give you purple gems and the remaining would give you blue or green gems. However, even if we assume that you get a purple gem from every single one of these gem boxes you’ll only end up with an equivalent of 3 golden gems, 1 orange gems & 2 purple gems (or less) from this pack. The method I’m about to show you will give you 10 guaranteed golden gems for every $100 your spend and is really going to reduce your gem cost a lot.

Here’s how you do it: (You can watch the video above to see how I do it)

For this, you’re going to need 7 golden gems to start with.

If you don’t have enough gems to make 7 golden gems you can use this same technique on purple or orange quality equipment to get more purple or orange gems & then eventually you can use this on golden equipment to get golden gems.

The first thing that you need to do is to craft any one golden piece of equipment from the kingpin set. This will cost you 3 golden gems & if you don’t have enough blueprints and morganites you’ll have to get the $100 pack which gives you 80 morganites and 35 blueprints which is just enough to get a golden piece of kingpin equipment with 100% probability.

Once you have the level 20 golden kingpin equipment, you should craft a normal level 25 golden equipment by using the level 20 golden kingpin equipment you just crafted and by adding 4 more golden gems. This will give you a 100% probability of getting a level 25 golden quality equipment.

Once your golden level 25 equipment is ready, you should find an option to dismantle this equipment. Dismantling this level 25 golden equipment should give you 17 golden gems since the game assumes that you’ve crafted this equipment from level 1 using a total of 17 gems. Thus, you’re getting 10 more golden gems than the initial 7 that you spent.

So, that’s how you get 10 golden gems only for a hundred dollars. You can repeat this process as many times as you want to get more golden gems. Hope this post helps you reduce your gem cost!

6 thoughts on “Mafia City – How to get 10 Golden Gems for $100”

  1. Hello…
    pawnbroker prohability green 20% blue 80%
    is it good to continue?

    yesterday, 33% grey 66% green the result is grey.
    i lost 4 green gems.

    1. I usually prefer 100% probability whenever crafting equipment at the pawnbroker. Anything less than that the probability is not in your favor. You might still succeed but 100% is the safest probability to craft at so I would recommend that you craft at 100% blue instead of 80% blue

      1. Hello…
        ok thank you for replying.
        i think i better listen to what u say haha

        btw.. i have another question.
        im sorry for asking in this article.

        i have read your article about Farming account.
        and i try to make one farming account.
        but i have problem.. something that i still dont understand.

        farming account is have cargo 400K and cash 500K (all is unsafe resources)
        so.. i attack with main account.
        but the problem is one time attack is only get 10K+ cargo and 2K+ cash. sometimes even only get 1K each lol …
        so… to farm my 400K cargo farming account, i must attack about 40 times??

        is there any way to rob farming account that can get rob high amount of resources?

        have a nice day,
        and keep sharing!
        it helps a lot…

        1. you need to go to your investment center, and click on criminal enterprises and reserch transporter. take it as high as possible. also when attacking your farms, you click attack but before you send, set priority of crew to priority load. please takexyour time and check because as a new player it is difficult to know where some of this stuff are. then you attack. also your babes skills increases your load too

  2. Hello guys , there is an event call ghost festival it gives tons of boxes include rare , quality and common.

    You can easly get gems from this event.

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