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In this post I’m going to be responding to some of the most frequently asked questions that I get as it’s becoming increasing difficult for me to reply to comments / messages that I get from people & even if I do, it’s hard for me to give detailed answers. So I decided to create this page hoping that it answers the questions that you have in a much more detailed manner. In case you have a question that you want me to answer, leave a comment under this post & I’ll add it to the list if I can answer it & think it needs to be included.

1. How are you?
I’m fine. Thanks.

2. When is the next migration?
Ans. I don’t know. However, from what I’ve seen, it usually happens once every 2-3 months. You can check out my post on When is the next migration? if you want to read more.

3. Will I lose buffs or reputation level when I change families?
Ans. There are 2 types of buffs that you get from the family feature, there are family business buffs that you get from investing in various family businesses & there are family reputation buffs that you get based on the reputation level of the family that you’re in.
Family Businesses Buffs are stackable, it doesn’t matter which family you’re in, as long as you invest in a family business investment, you’ll get the buffs that it gives.
Family Reputation Buffs are not stackable, this means that if you switch to a different family, you’ll get reputation buffs based on your reputation level of that family & you’ll lose the reputation level buffs that you were getting from your old family.
Family Reputation Level will not be lost, this means that even if you switch to a different family you won’t lose the reputation level of your old family.
Example: Let’s say, you’re at Friendly + 1 in Cosa Nostra (that gives 4.5% Biker attack along with other buffs) & want to switch to Geondal now for the last babe / vigilante. Once you switch to Geondal, you’ll start at Neutral which means you’ll lose the 4.5% Biker attack & other buffs, but you’ll get the new 1% Shooter Attack & Crew Defense buff that you get for being at Neutral level in Geondal Family. Let’s say, in the future, you level up Geondal to Friendly + 5 & decide to switch back to Cosa Nostra. Now, you’ll lose the Friendly + 5 buffs (but will still keep the level for whenever you switch back) & you’ll continue in the Cosa Nostra Family with your old reputation level of Friendly + 1. This also means that you’ll get back the Friendly + 1 Cosa Nostra Buffs.
For Family businesses, you’ll get buffs for all your family businesses from all 4 families the whole time.

4. Why does my farm keep teleporting? How do I stop this?
Ans. Inside your farm mansion, you have a wall which is the main reason your farm teleports. Every wall has a certain amount of durability, once the durability of a wall drops to 0, the mansion teleports.
Whenever, you attack a farm successfully, it burns for 30 minutes & every attack after that will add 30 more minutes of burn time. Burning turfs normally lose 1 durability point every 18 seconds. Let’s say, your farm has a total of 10,000 durability (you can check this by clicking on your wall & then on ‘Defense’). This means that it would need to burn for 180,000 seconds or 50 hours before it teleports.
However, if your farm account is in the territory of a different clan, then it’ll burn 9 times faster (Since clan towers increase the burning speed of enemy clan mansions by 800%). This means that it’ll start losing 1 durability for every 2 seconds that it burns, so it’ll disappear in less than 6 hours if it is left burning for that long.
The best thing you can do to stop your farm from teleporting is to keep it outside your clan territory (it’s even better if you can keep it inside the territory of the clan that it’s in as it’ll get a resource production & gathering buff).
Apart from this, you’d want to login to your farm & put out the fire if you attack it too many times. As I explained earlier, each attack adds 30 minutes of burn time to your farm, so if you attack your farm 100 times, that would make it burn for 50 hours & if you don’t put out the fire, your farm will be gone. It’s better to spend 50 gold to put out the fire in that case instead of spending 2000 gold on an advance teleport. If you attack your farm only once or twice, it’s ok to not put out the fire as that won’t eat up too much durability, you’ll also save 50 gold that way.
Also, make sure to repair your wall whenever you login to your farm account so you can increase it’s durability over time,
Example: Let’s say you keep your farm next to you in your own clan within your clan territory. You kick it out & attack it 20 times to get all of it’s resources. You then login to your farm & put it back in the clan but forget to put out the fire. 6 hours later, your farm disappears. This is because your farm was not in a clan when you attacked it within your clan territory. This means that when it burns, it’ll burn 9 times faster than usual (Joining the clan back will not reduce the speed). Since you hit it 20 times, it should burn for 10 hours at least. However, once it’s durability reaches 0, it ports to a new location & stops burning. A better way to attack it would be to leave the clan yourself & then attack, that way, it’s inside it’s clan territory while it was being attacked or you could just keep it outside your clan territory so it burns at a normal speed. Just putting out the fire immediately after attacking it would’ve also helped.

5. Do the Massacre / Dominant / Warlord tricks still work?
Ans. The Massacre / Dominant / Warlord tricks most likely should still work. I’ve posted videos in the past exposing certain glitches / exploits in the game & those got fixed within a few days so I’m assuming the Mafia City team watches my videos regularly. So, I don’t really see why they wouldn’t fix the Massacre / Dominant / Warlord trick by now if they wanted to considering the Massacre Video has been up for over 2 years now with 60k+ views at the time of posting this.
In my opinion, they’re not fixing it since it only makes them more money as it provides a way for small spenders to access those higher level sets which means it makes them spend more. The big spenders that are willing to spend to get those sets will most likely spend anyway, they won’t waste their time searching for a trick on the internet to get those sets for cheap. Most people won’t event think about the idea before getting those sets & will only realize once it’s too late. However, that’s just my opinion, doesn’t mean that it won’t be fixed in the future but at the time of writing this post (February 28th 2021) it still works.

Why did I not get obsidian for dismantling my Massacre Set?
Ans. The massacre trick is slightly different from the dominant / warlord trick. The Massacre Set doesn’t give any special gems for dismantling it, only the Dominant / Warlord / Supreme Sets do. You should check out my post on How to get the Massacre Set for $100 if you want more information.

6. The game forces me to use all 20 obsidian at the same time while I try to make Massacre Equipment, how do I split my obsidian?
Ans. While making the massacre, in the Equipment making interface (the place where you select the color of gems that you want to use while making your equipment), you click on the box that shown you the obsidian image. You’ll then see a dropdown box that shows another box with an obsidian image, below it will be written ‘Obtain’ inside a green box. Don’t click ‘Obtain’. Click the box above it that has the obsidian image & it should ask you how many obsidian you want to select.
If you want to see how it looks visually, you should check out the video in my How to get the Massacre Set for $100 post from 2:13 till the end. I made a massacre piece myself & synthesized it from green to blue in that video.

7. Can Supreme & Ultimate Sets be dismantled?
Ans. The Supreme Set can be dismantled to get Alexandrites that are required to make the Supreme Set. However, there’s no regular level 42 equipment available in the game that can be used to synthesized with the supreme set. This means that the only way to make the full golden supreme set for less is to gamble with 115 blueprints for every piece you make, if you get lucky, then congratulations, you have a gold supreme piece, if not, you’ll have to collect 115 more blueprints & try again. You repeat the process till you get all 6 gold supreme pieces. It’s not impossible to make a supreme set for less, however seems way more time consuming than Massacre, Dominant & Warlord. You should only attempt it if you’re in an extremely active clan that farms a ton of mercenaries daily. That way you’ll be able to collect the 115 required blueprints a lot faster with the help that you get from the clan kickbacks & you might even be able to make the full gold set within a reasonable amount of time.
For The Ultimate Set, it can’t be dismantled so it’s impossible to make it like the other sets. The best you can do is get it during the buy 4 get 1 free event where it’ll cost you $2400 instead of $3000.

8. Which 2 Vigilantes Should I use for Attack & Defense? Which ones are the best vigilantes in the game?
Ans. Nobody in the game can tell you which 2 Vigilantes are the best in the game since it’s almost impossible to test that out because of the RNG in the game. It also depends on the types of troops that you’re using in your march. You can safely assume that Nobody knows who the best vigilantes are (that includes myself as well). However, there are clearly certain vigilantes that are useless in battle (like Adriana & Catalina) & some that are clearly better than others (like Firelord is better to use than Violet). I made a Vigilante Tier List where I ranked different vigilantes for different marches based on their ‘Active Skills’. This is assuming they’re at 5 stars with maxed skills. Obviously, the Tier List is based on my opinion. I haven’t tried most of the vigilantes in the tier list myself since I don’t have them maxed out, it’s purely based on my understanding of stats in the game.
That being said, if you’re curious which vigilantes I use, I use Firelord & Vlad (both are at 4 stars) for biker marches since based on the vigilantes that I have, they seem to have the best active skills for biker marches. I also sometimes use Jose & Izumi (both are at 5 stars) for Shooter Marches because of the same reason. I don’t really focus too much on vigilante active skills which is why my Firelord & Vlad are still at 4 stars. I don’t plan on upgrading them further. When it comes to vigilantes, my main focus is always passive skills. If you want to know the difference between active & passive skills, you should check out my Vigilante Guide

9. Which Investments / Hitman Services / Family Business Should I focus on first?
Ans. For Investments, I already have an Investment Guide that I made a long time ago, you should take a look at that. Since then they added Elite Investments & more investments in the Crew Capabilities & Advance Arms Sections. In my opinion, the Elite Investments are definitely worth doing (Maybe not for Vehicles & Shooters if you don’t use them). For the new Crew Capabilities & Advance Arms investments, I think they’re overpriced & require too many speed ups. However, if you have nothing else good to invest in then you should definitely invest in those.
For Hitman Services & Family Businesses, the best way to invest in them is to do the ones that give you the most value for the least cost (I’m only talking about the services / businesses that give battle stats here). For example, if there’s an investment that gives 1% Biker Attack for 5k hitman coins & another one that gives 2% Biker Attack for 7k coins, then it would make sense to go for the one that gives you 2% at it’s only costing you 3.5k coins per percent in that case. Do not try to max out certain investments or certain categories at a time, be sure to spread out your investments so you don’t have to spend too many hitman coins / family gold.
However, when it comes to the Non-Battle Hitman Servies I also think that It’s completely worth it to first max out the ‘Hitman Coin Reduction’ Service in the ‘Development Services’ Section before you start investing in any other services. This will save you a few hitman coins per service you invest in & the earlier you do it, the more coins you’ll be able to save. It’s a good long term strategy.

10. How much Family Gold do I need to unlock T11 troops?
Ans. Check out my post on Family Gold Requirements for more information.

11. What is the best formation to use?
Ans. Just like vigilantes, there’s no ‘Best Formation’ in the game. There will usually be a way to counter any formation you use. However, there are certainly formations that do much better than the games default ‘prioritize crew formation’. You can find those formations in my post on Recommended Troop Formations. However, these formations are in no way the best formations in the game. They’re there only to help you get started & you can slowly tweak them to make them better as you use & experiment with them more. You can learn how to tweak formations from my post on How to Read Battle Reports.

12. Do you lose emblems or augmentation cards when synthesizing or upgrading equipment?
Ans. Synthesizing Equipment – Synthesizing is the process of using 3 unwanted pieces of equipment of a particular quality & level (synthesizing material) to upgrade a piece of equipment of the same quality & level (main equipment) to a higher quality. So, for example, I can upgrade my Level 30 blue Massacre piece of equipment (main equipment) by synthesizing it with 3 unwanted level 30 pieces (synthesizing material) of normal blue equipment (the 3 pieces don’t necessarily have to be from the massacre set or the same type as the equipment that I’m synthesizing i.e. guns, shirt, etc., you can use any leader equipment as synthesizing material as long as they’re of the same level & color as your main equipment)
While Synthesizing, the Emblems & Augmentation Cards used on your Main Equipment will NOT be lost, they will be removed sent back to your inventory from where you can reuse them on your higher quality piece of equipment if you want.
However, the Emblems & Augmentation Cards used on the Synthesizing Material WILL BE LOST. So, make sure you don’t have any augmentation cards or emblems on any of the 3 pieces of equipment that you’re using as synthesizing material to upgrade your main equipment.
Upgrading Equipment – Upgrading equipment is the process of using a low level equipment along with some gems at the pawnbroker to make a higher level equipment. For example, a level 20 piece or equipment (of any type) can be used as upgrading material at the pawnbroker along with some gems to make a level 25 equipment.
The Emblems & Augmentation Cards used on the Upgrading Material WILL BE LOST. So, make sure you remove emblems from pieces of equipment that you’re trying to upgrade to higher levels.

3 thoughts on “Mafia City FAQ”

  1. Hello, could you please do a video or do a post about the vigilante skins and changing your avatar to a vigilante and the buffs you get or explain them. I have not been able to find any info on it.

    Thanks for all the great info♡♡♡

    1. You can’t change your avatar to a vigilante. However, there are certain special avatars that you can use to get extra buffs for which you usually need to spend at least $100. For vigilante skins, you can get them from the $20 packs and also from the global vigilante tournament if you manage to qualify. They give you some extra buffs which you can find out by clicking on the vigilante who’s skin you’re looking for & than selecting the skin you want. The buffs of all skins stack.

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