Labor Day Logistics Challenges – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how the Labor Day Logistics Challenges Event works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Labor Day Logistics Challenges – Mafia City

The Labor Day Challenge is a 7 day event that requires you to solve puzzles to get Sigils. The Puzzles come in 3 difficulties, Easy, Medium & Hard.

Each of these difficulties have 7 unique puzzles. To solve a puzzle, you first need 2 invites. There are a lot of different ways of getting invites for this event. You can visit Construction Sites to get 10 invites per day, you can attack street forces to get 15 daily, & you can get 5 each from the Black Market, from Gathering Resources & from Daily Mission Chests. So, in total, you can get 40 per day.

However, you’re only allowed to do 10 puzzles daily, meaning you can only use 20 of these invites daily. Once the event ends, you’ll be able to convert each extra invite into 2 Logistic Sigils.

Whenever you solve a puzzle, you get a few logistics Sigils based on the Difficulty of the Puzzle. Normally, Easy puzzles give 20 Sigils, the Medium ones give 40 & the Hard ones give 60. However, if you find a puzzle with brown barrels instead of green boxes, then those puzzles will give you double the amount of Sigils if you solve them.

The Sigils can be used to redeem a lot of different items including the permanent logistics chat bubble & name tag. You’d obviously want to redeem those 2 decorations first then you’d wanna get all the 300 2 hour training speed ups which only cost one sigil each. So, that should give you 600 hours of training speed ups. After that, you can move on to the hitman coins, family gold, substance z & if you’re still lefft with sigils, you can use them on healing speed ups & vigilante fragments.

You also get rewards based on the total number of Sigils you’ve collected during the event. You can get the permanent Logistics Avatar Frame if you collect a total of 1400 Sigils during the event.

The goal of each puzzle is to place each of the boxes on a spot marked with an “x” on the map. You’re only allowed to move boxes by pushing them.

For those of you that are looking for solutions, you can check out the end of the video above for solutions to all the 21 maps.

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