Labor Day Purchase & Autumnal Treasures

This is gonna be a quick post explaining the Labor Day Purchase Event as well as the Autumnal Treasures Event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Labor Day Purchase & Autumnal Treasures Explained – Mafia City

The labor day event is one of those classic buy 2 get 1 free event where you can usually purchase 2 or more packs to get 1 free pack.

This is the best event to make the warlord set as you can make it for just $500 with the free packs instead of $700 using the warlord trick. You simply buy the regular $100 massacre pack that gives obsidian & make a massacre piece, then buy 2 massacre enhancing packs from this for $200 to get enough coupons to upgrade your massacre piece to dominant & then buy 2 dominant enhancing packs for another $200 to upgrade your dominant to warlord.

Make sure you don’t buy the massacre voucher pack from this event if you want to make the massacre set for $100 as it’ll cost you at least $400 to make a piece of massacre equipment with these packs instead of $100. You need to buy the packs that give obsidian which can be found at the pawnbroker to make the massacre for $100.

You can also upgrade your warlord set to supreme for a total of $1200 & your supreme set to ultimate for $2400.

There are also other packs in this event that give augmentation cards, jewelry cards & Godfather Coins. I wouldn’t recommend buying those packs if you don’t normally buy the $100 augmentation & jewelry packs or the $20 Godfather Coin packs. However, if you do buy those normally, then they’re definitely worth it.

So, that was about the Labor Day Purchase Event.

Now, let’s talk about the Autumnal Treasures Event.

This is very similar to the Treasure Events that we had in the past. There’s a silver card that you get for free, then there’s a platinum card that can be unlocked for $5 & a black card that can be unlocked for $20 more after unlocking the platinum card.

It’s definitely worth unlocking the black card because it gives you a crime ops decoration that normally costs $300 in this game for just $25. Not only that, you also get a bunch of other rewards from the black and platinum cards which is why these treasure event are always worth it.

If you want more tips for the treasure event, you can check out my Japan Koinobori Treasure Event post. However, for this post, I mainly wanted to talk about the new Ranking feature that they added in the treasure event.

The way the ranking feature works is as follows. Your clan gets 1 point event time a player levels up their card by 1 level or everytime they open an Autumn Chest.

The Event has city & global rankings for clans.

The Clan that finishes first in the city will get 600 godfather coins, 6 silver points & other rewards, while the one that finishes first globally will get a Permanent Clan Tower Bridge which gives the whole clan 3% Biker & Shooter Attack. There are no individual rankings for this event.

So, that’s how the Autumn Treasure event works. Don’t forget to check out my Japan Koinobori Post for more tips on how to do this event.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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