Is the Lucky Wheel Worth It? – Warpath

In this post, we’re gonna see whether it’s worth spinning the lucky wheel in Warpath. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Is the lucky wheel worth it? – Warpath

There are a lot of different rewards that you can get by spinning the wheel, each with different probabilities. Each spin can cost upto 1500 gold. However, you have an option to do 5 spins at a time for a 10% discount. You also get 2 special spins daily, the first one is free of cost while the 2nd one costs 750 gold.

In this video we’re gonna try to find out whether it’s worth spinning this wheel or not.

Let’s begin by calculating the average cost of each of the 10 items that you get:
The first item you can get is 8 Gold Officer statues. At VIP 20, the best price you can get these items for 2800 gold each. So if you get 8 of these at once, they’ll be worth 22,400 gold.
Then, the next item is 1 Gold officer statue which is again worth 2800 gold.
Then you have 2 Expert Officer Experience Books which cost 1200 gold each or 2400 gold in total.
Then there’s Advanced Officer Experience books. Since it costs 1200 gold for 200k experience we can assume that it costs 300 gold for 50k. Since you get 5 of these books at once, they should be worth 1500 gold
Then you have 4 8 hour rushes, which give you a total boost of 32 hours. You can get a 24 hour rush from the VIP Store for 1080 gold so for 32 hours, it should cost at least 1,440 gold.
The you have 5 universal coupons which cost a total of 1,350 gold
You have 750 ammunition that costs 1687.5 gold
Finally you have 4m each of all 3 resources that would cost 1000 gold each if purchased directly from the VIP Store.

So, using these costs & the probabilities given in the game, let’s find out how much we’re getting per spin on an average.

22,400*2% + 2800*32% + 2400*4% + 1500*10% + 1440*18% + 1350*8% + 1687.5*8% + 1000*(6+6+6)%

The reward per spin turns out to be 2,272.2 gold per spin which is much higher than the maximum cost per spin of 1500 gold. Keep in mind that if you’re not vip 20, then officer statues will cost you a lot more than 2800 gold, so if that’s the case your reward per spin will go up even more.

So, in my opinion it is totally worth doing as many spins as you can if you’re a big spender & have a ton of extra gold.
However, if you don’t spend much, I’d still recommend doing 2 spins daily for the first 3 days & then 5 spins at once on the last day to get 5 bonus officer statues. At least that’s how I do mine everytime.

So, I hope this post helped you figure out whether it’s worth spinning the lucky wheel or not.

Before I end this post I’d like to thank all my patrons for the support:

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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