How do Reinforcements Work? – Mafia City

Recently I released a video titled reinforcement trap which showed gameplay from a weak player who was using reinforcements to trap much stronger players. However, a lot of players were confused how this was possible when the player had such low stats. So, in this post, I’m gonna explain how reinforcements actually work & also how you can figure out whether someone is reinforced or not without spying them. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Reinforcements Explained – Mafia City

Let’s take a simple example. Let’s say we have player A, with 100% stats & player B with 1000% stats & let’s say both have 100,000 troops each.

If players B sends their 100,000 troops to player A, then what will happen when an enemy attacks player A is that player A’s 100,000 troops will have 100% stats while player B’s 100,000 troops will have 1000% stats even though they’re fighting from the same turf.

The Battle Report will only show player A’s Stats, since it’s player A’s Turf that’s getting attacked. However, both players will retain their own stats.

In the same way, if player A reinforces player B with 100,000 troops, then again player A’s troops will have 100% stats while player B’s troops will retain their 1000% stats if player B get’s attacked.

In the same way, if another player C who has 900% stats reinforces player B, with another 100,000 troops. Then there will be 3 different types of troops inside B’s turf. A’s troops with 100%, B’s troops with 1000% & C’s troops with 900%.

Now let’s take a different example. Let’s say, C who has 900% stats is going to attack B with 100,000 troops. If B is not reinforced, then B should be more likely to win since B’s stats are slightly higher than C.

However, let’s say A reinforces B right before C’s attack. What do you think is gonna happen now? You might think that A’s reinforcements made B much stronger, so now there’s no way C will be able to win. Unfortunately, that’s completely wrong.

C will in fact have a much higher chance of winning now, because of how weak A’s troops are. Since C has 900% Stats, they’ll easily be able to kill most of A’s troops & while B’s troops might do some damage to C’s troops, C’s damage will far exceed the damage done by B. Since the outcome of a battle is based on power differences,
C will be easily able to win because of all the free kills they got from A’s troops.

This is why you’ll notice that during major battles like governor, only the strongest players in the clan hold the governors hall while all the players with low stats exit it immediately after occupying it. This is done to prevent the weak players from giving free kills to the opponents making it easier for them to recapture the hall.

Hope this made it absolutely clear how stats work during reinforcements & how in certain cases, receiving reinforcements could be the main reason you lose a battle.

Another question that I get asked a lot is which troops are the best to send while reinforcing other players.

A lot of players like using T9 shooters since they give an attack bonus while defending turfs. However, in my opinion, you should use the same formation that you normally use in the tournament. This is because, if you use shooters when your shooter stats are low, they won’t really do much damage. It’s best to reinforce players with the troops & formation you normally use in battle.

If you’re looking for some readymade troop formations, I have a post on Recommended Troop Formations

Now let’s talk about the Godfather’s Scarf, this is a piece of equipment that you can use to increase your reinforcement ops capacity & reinforcement ops stats whenever you’re reinforcing a turf. it is ok to use this in my opinion if you haven’t unlocked the Godfather’s Coat yet. However, if you already have the coat, then I don’t really see the point in using this godfather’s equipment since the coat gives almost the same stats as the scarf & it’s alteration buffs can even increase your crime ops capacity beyond 20,000. Also, if your coat is already augmented to a high level, it’ll usually be impractical to switch all your augmentation cards to your Scarf before reinforcing someone. This is why I prefer the coat over the scarf. However, you may use the scarf till you unlock the coat.

The scarf also has some special type of Counter Attributes that are not seen anywhere else in the game. Unfortunately, I have no idea how they work, so I can’t tell you whether they’re good or not.

Finally, let’s talk about finding out whether a player is reinforced or not without spying their turf.

Doing this is pretty simple. All you need to do is, you need to set a raid on the player who’s reinforcements you want to check & then go to the ‘Clan Battles’ section in your clan tab. This will usually show you whether the player is reinforced or not. If they are reinforced, then you’ll be able to see the avatars of the players reinforcing them besides them & also the number of reinforcements.

There is only one exception where this strategy will not work & that is if they use the Advance Anti Spy item. If they do this then the only way you can figure out whether they’re reinforced or not is by attacking them directly.

So, that was all I had to talk about reinforcements. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to leave them in the comments down below. I might make a post about the Maximum Possible Reinforcement Capacity in the game in the future, showing you all the different ways to increase your reinforcement capacity.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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