How to get 270 daily task points IN 10 MINUTES – Godfather Family Dynasty

This post is going to tell you how to get 270 daily points in the Godfather Family Dynasty game within 10 minutes. Here’s a video that I made on this topic. You can watch the video or read this post to learn how:

In order to get 270 points within 10 minutes you need to make some preparations beforehand. You need to have 3 laundering slots as well as 3 material crafting slots ready in advance. You should be able to do this easily if you have those ready.

Sign In (10 points)

The first task is the sign in task which gives you 10 points, you can get this easily by claiming the login reward for the day.

Troop Training (30 points)

Once you’re done with that, you would want to start training troops in the troop training centers, you can get 20 points for training 4 different troops. You can train as many assassins, bombers and massacres as you want. However, make sure that you train only 1 tier 1 drive by so that it only takes 5 minutes to complete the training. Once the tier 1 drive by is trained, you can then train as many drive bys as you want and get the 10 extra points for training (5 troops) as well.

Laundering Cash (30 points)

Then you want to start laundering cash in the accounting firm. As I mentioned earlier, you should have 3 laundering queues ready for collecting so that you get 20 points immediately.  Just do the 15 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour launder again. Although you just need to launder 2 more times, it’s still good to do 3 so that you can use the 3rd one for the next day. (Since laundering takes more than 10 minutes we will be using some speed ups to complete it within 10 minutes later on.)

Defeating Neutral Gangs (20 points)

Once you’ve started laundering cash and training troops, you can start attacking neutral gangs. I would recommend attacking the closest neutral gangs (the level of the neutral gang doesn’t matter for this task). You can get 20 points by defeating 3 level 25 neutral gangs and you can get the same amount of points by defeating 3 level 1 neutral gangs. The important thing here is that you have to defeat 3 neutral gangs (Losing a battle doesn’t count) to get the points. (If you want to get 270 points within 10 minutes, make sure you’re attacking the neutral gangs that are close to you. Since marching far takes a lot of time)

Purchase items from the wharf (30 points)

After you send your troops out to attack neutral gangs, head over to the wharf & start buying items there. You need to purchase at least 5 items to get 30 points. If you don’t find any good offers, I would recommend buying the cheapest items so that you don’t lose a lot of resources while doing this task.

Upgrade troops (10 points)

Once you’re done with the wharf, head over to one of the troop training centers & upgrade any of your troops at least once to complete this quest.

Hit the help button (30 points)

Make sure you’re hitting the help button whenever it pops up so that you get these points quickly. You get 10 points for 3 helps, 10 more when you get to 5 helps and 10 more again when the number of helps reach 10.

Donate to the family (30 points)

You can get 30 points easily by just donating 5 times to the family technology.

Craft items 3 times (10 points)

As mentioned earlier, you need to have 3 items already crafted so that you can get 10 points immediately. You can then start crafting 3 more items for the next day’s daily tasks.

Eliminate 3 block neutrals (10 points)

If you attacked neutral gangs that were close by, your troops should have returned home by now. Now you should be able to eliminate 3 block neutrals in your block to get 10 points.

Martial Arts Arena (20 points)

You need to do 3 attacks in the martial arts arena in order to get these 20 points. Winning or losing doesn’t matter here. You just need to do 3 battles. However, I would recommend attacking players who you can win against because winning gives you a lot more cash than losing.

Gather Resources 3 times (20 points)

Now you can send your troops out again…. Not to attack neutral gangs, but to gather resources this time. Send 3-4 marches to level 1 tiles. Gathering on level 1 tiles is optional but will allow you to get the 30 points quickly.

Use Speed-Ups 5 times (30 points)

Remember the cash that we were laundering? Now you can use speed ups ONE AT A TIME to speed up the laundering process. Use speed ups only to speed up 2 of the laundering queues (Since the 3rd one is not required). Make sure you’re using these 5 minute speed ups one at a time. Using 5 speed ups one at a time will be counted as 5 speed ups for the quest. However, using all 5 at once will just be considered as one. Once you’re done speeding up the 2 laundering queues, don’t forget to start laundering cash again for tomorrow’s daily tasks.

Upgrade one block building (10 points)

There are a lot of block buildings in the game. If you have some block buildings that don’t cost a lot of resources available for upgrading then make sure you upgrade them to get 10 extra daily task points.

If you do all the above tasks, then you should be able to get 290 points within 10 minutes and you’ll still be left with some more tasks to do for you to get more points.

If you still need more points, you can do any of these to get as many points as you want:

  1. Refresh the department store or wharf using gold. You get 10 points per refresh. The free refreshes won’t give you any points, you only get points if you refresh the wharf or store using gold.
  2. Attack cities on the world map. You get 10 points per city attack. It’s a good way to get points if you ever use a random teleport & end up porting next to a lot of dead cities.

That’s how you get 270+ points within 10 minutes. If you have any other suggestions to do this even faster or if you have any other ways to get points, make sure you leave a comment down below.

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