Update about City 300 – Mafia City

So, last week, I made a post about city 300 that showed the stats of the city in order to get more players to join the city. Now that a lot of players have already migrated to the city I think it is a good time to make an update post about 300. So, in this post I’ll be comparing the old stats of city 300 that I shared a week ago, with the current stats. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

Update About City 300 – Mafia City

So, the first thing we’ll take a look at is the clan power rankings. A week ago, we had 2 clans with over 1B power & a total of 20 clans with over 100M power. Today we have 3 clans with over 1B power & and 23 clans with over 100M power.

The next thing we’re gonna take a look at is clan kills. A week ago, we only had 1 clan with over 500M kills. All the other clans were below 500M. Today, we have 1 clan with over 1B kills & 3 clans with over 500M kills & it seems like, very soon, we’ll have 2 clans with over 1B kills & 4 clans with more than 500M.

For individual rankings, we had 4 players with over 100M power & the highest was almost 600M power. The top 15 had over 30M power & the top 140 had over 10M. As of today, we have 6 players with over 100M power, the highest is around 550M because our top player lost a lot of troops in governor. The top 15 now have over 37M power & almost everyone in the top 150 have more than 11M power.

For kills, last week we didn’t have anyone with more than 200M kills. However, this week we have Ghost with 300M kills while everyone else is still at less than 200M. There’s nothing to worry about though, as the peace outside kill event rule is still being followed & it will continue to be followed in the city as all of the top players that recently joined the city have agreed to not kill outside kill events. In fact all the new top players joined the city to help in cross server events, none of them really came here to kill the city.

For mansion leaderboards, we had 8 Elite 5s, 13 E4+, 25 E3+, 54 Elite 2+ & 106 Elites in total. We also had more than 150 players with a Mansion 30 or higher. Those stats already seemed pretty crazy, but today’s stats are a lot more crazier. So, today we have a total of 15 Elite 5s which is almost double of what we had last week. We also have 24 E4+, 39 E3+, 82 players that are E2 or higher but the best part is that we now have over 150 players with Elite Mansions. Which means, that you can no long see any mansion 30s on the leaderboards like you could before.

And finally, for leader level, we had, 17 people that were level 45 or higher & more than 150 people with level 41 or more. Today, we have 28 players over level 45 & more than 150 players are level 42 or higher. & the city is obviously still only 11 months old so these stats are pretty insane.

So, those are the new stats of city 300. I’m really excited for the next governor & conqueror’s path because, with all these new players, we’re gonna do a lot better in these events. The good news is that it’s still not late for you to join 300 if you’re in our group. We still have 5 more spots for Elite 5 mansions & a lot of spots for the remaining mansion levels.

Hope to see some of you people in city 300

6 thoughts on “Update about City 300 – Mafia City”

  1. Thank you for your postings about Mafia City
    A couple of comments regarding Migration Event.
    You gave some good reasons to move to a different city but you didn’t touch the bad things that can happen. Ignoring my comments in my Clan Chat the players in 314 voted to allow migration. A clan came into the city and started eating every mansion they came across. They had one very strong player that took down the most powerful player in the city, they ignored the city gentleman rules so players left the city in mass and there’s lots of players that can’t leave if they wanted to!
    I tried to bring to their attention before they opened themselves to the fact, if your in a city that’s short of players you want to move elsewhere. Made me think, where did all the players in their city go before migration? They were attacked to the point that they just stopped playing then being abandoned they poofed! I don’t know how that process works.

    I have a question maybe you can answer.
    You mentioned once you leave a city you can’t immediately go back, however, while they event is still and if a player moved to a different city, could a player move on to a different city during the same 7 days that the event runs?

    1. No. You can’t change your city more than once during one event. You’ll have to wait for the next migration event to switch cities.

      I do understand that there are bad things that can happen in this event. However, since city 300 is extremely strong & has a lot of big spenders, it is very difficult for bullies to come here and zero everyone. Most of the bullies have 600%-700% stats (because they don’t stand a chance in cross server events) & can easily get zeroed by our top guys with 1000%+ stats. All the spenders that joined here joined for cross server events & have also agreed not to attack outside kill events. This post was an update about city 300 to show you the position of city 300 after the migration. It wasn’t to discuss about the pros & cons of migration. If you’re in 314, you’re most welcome to join 300 during this event. The city will not die anytime soon.

    1. You need to own certain crime ops decorations, turf decorations, name tags, avatar frames, etc. to get those emblems on your wall of honor. You can check the requirements at the wall of honor in your mansion (you should find it near the roadster club, it’s a small column with a skull at the top)

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