Kill Enemy Troops without Filling their Hospitals – Mafia City

One way of Killing Enemy Troops without filling their Hospitals is by using the Death Fight skill for which I’ll be making a separate post. In this post, however, I’m gonna be talking about the stat that let’s you kill enemy troops without filling their hospitals in the game & I’ll also be showing you all the different sources from where you can get it. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Kill Enemy Troops without filling their Hospitals – Mafia City

The stat that let’s you do this is called “Turns Wounded into Losses (Solo Turf Attacks)”. This means that this only applies to Turf Attacks & not tile hits or building hits & not even turf defense. What this stat does is it let’s you kill a percentage of the enemy troops you wound whenever you attack a turf.

Let’s say you attack a turf & wound 100,000 troops. If you have this stat at 1% then only 99,000 troops will be wounded for the enemy & 1,000 will be lost even if they have space in their hospitals. If it’s at 4%, then 4,000 will be lost & 96,000 will be wounded.
Also, let’s say the 100,000 that you wounded earlier include 25,000 t10 bulkers, 50,000 T9 bikers & 25,000 T10 Bikers, then in case you have a 4% Wounded to loss ratio, your opponent will lose 1,000 T10 Bulkers, 2,000 T9 Bikers & 1,000 T10 Bikers.

As I said earlier, this skill only works while attacking turfs. So, if someone is attacking your turf with the rescue skill, then this effect will trigger for them & they’ll be able to kill some of your troops. However, since you’re defending your turf, it won’t trigger for you & so your opponent will not lose a single troop.
In the same way, if someone attacks a turf that’s reinforced, the players reinforcing the turf might also lose some troops if the attacker manages to wound a few of their troops.

So, that’s how this stat works. Now let’s see how you can increase this stat.

There are only 4 ways of increasing this stat in the game.

The first way of doing this is by investing in the killing spree investment which can give you upto 3% of this stat. You can find this investment towards the bottom in the Advance Arms Category.

The second way is by using the White Devil Roadster which gives 8%. There are a few other roadsters as well which give this stat. However, white devil is the best among all roadsters that give this stat.

The third way of getting this stat is from the Golden Level 35 Godfather’s Gun which gives another 3% of this stat. But it can be increased all the way upto 6% if you max out it’s augmentation level. You can also get a 19% buff from all the godfather equipment attribute buffs making it’s stats go up by another 0.57%

Finally, you can also get another 1% by equipping the dominant set (any 4 pieces)

So, in total you can get this stat all the way upto 18.57%. This means that if this stat is maxed for you, then for every 100,000 troops you wound during turf attacks, your enemies will lose 18,570 troops regardless of their hospital capacity.

This stat is good for attacking players with a few troops in their turf if your goal is to kill as many troops as possible. Since if you attack them normally, their troops will simply go to their hospitals.

So, that’s how the “Turn Wounded to Losses” Stat works. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments down below.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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