Chuseok Festival Event – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the Chuseok Festival Event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Chuseok Festival Event – Mafia City

This event, is basically divided into 3 mini events. There’s the Holiday Event which gives you extra rewards or increases the effectiveness of your speed ups. Then you have the Tiger Crisis Event where you’re supposed to feed the tiger in the center every few hours & you get rewards for doing so & then there’s the Tiger Cup Event which is quite similar to the Dragon Boat Festival Event for which I already did a post earlier, so I won’t be talking much about it in this one.

So, for the Tiger Crisis event, you’re supposed to feed the tiger meatballs in order to stop it from destroying the granary. The city needs to feed the tiger a total of 3000 meatballs to get it to stop. If the tiger destroys the granary before it is fed 3000 meatballs, then nobody gets rewards. However, if the city successfully feeds the tiger 3000 meatballs before it destroys the granary, then everyone that feeds the tiger will get participation rewards & the top 5 feeders will also get ranking rewards.
You can get meatballs by opening the Chuseok Gift Boxes that you get from synthesizing the 3 different event items. You can get these items from Gathering, Trading at the black market & also from Attacking Street Forces. Whenever you open a Chuseok Gift Box, your clan will get a point for the event. At the end of the event, if your clan has scored enough points to finish in the top 5 in your city or in the top 50 of the global rankings, all your members will receive ranking rewards.

So, that was about the Tiger Crisis event.

As far as the Tiger Cup event is considered, there’s a small trick that you can use to get a high speed boost in the beginning. Whenever, you start doing the event, instead of kicking one ball at a time, if you send 5 marches to kick 5 different balls, you get a total of 850% speed buff by the time you kick your fifth ball. Then you can continue kicking the last ball you kicked until you score a goal. This trick only works when your speed buff is zero because if you try kicking a different ball when your speed buff is higher, it will reset back to zero. So, you can only use this trick to quickly build up your speed at the start.

A big shout to Nugu from city 429 for sharing this trick for the Tiger Cup event. Also, don’t forget to check out the Dragon Boat Festival Event Guide if you haven’t already, for more info on how to do the Tiger Cup Event.

Hope you found this post helpful.

5 thoughts on “Chuseok Festival Event – Mafia City”

  1. Flavio, i asked in city migration topic but no reply, how much 1 travel pass cost? Is it 5$?

    And when do you think other cities will come to migration….we are 491

    1. Flavio has done a nice job discussing city migration in the following articles:

      A single pass cost $5.00; however, it will depend on the city and the power of the people in the city to determine how many travel passes you require to move.

      There is a rumor I heard that the next migration event will be in approximately 2 months and then we will go through the same process where there will be votes to open migration to your city or not.

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