Godfather Family Dynasty – The Boxing 2 / 3 Attack Strategy

Boxing 3 is probably the best skill in the game since it has a 100% stun rate. Unfortunately, boxing 2 doesn’t have the same stun rate. It used to be 100% before but now it has been reduced. However, boxing 2 is still pretty strong in spite of the reduction in the stun rate. Here’s a video that I made about the boxing 2 strategy back when boxing 2 had a 100% stun rate.

This strategy has become a little less effective due to the boxing 2 nerf. However, it works just fine with boxing 3 & having both skills (boxing 2 & 3) equipped will just make it even better.

The strategy is quite simple. All you have to do is equip all your capos with the boxing 2 & boxing 3 skills (regardless of their type). The main purpose of this strategy is not to get as much skill damage as possible (which is usually the case when using skills). This strategy is mainly used to get as many stuns as possible. Multiple stuns could be devastating since they will deny a lot of the opponents troops from doing damage to your troops.

This strategy is most effective when facing opponents with troops of a single type (Like neutral gangs & the family feud event). However, the stuns also do a good job when facing opponents having troops of all 4 types.

Boxing 2 is easy to get since you can buy it from the martial arts arena skill shop. However, to get boxing 3, you would need to grind a lot of level 12 & level 18 trainers on the map. So, if you don’t have your capos equipped with these skills already, make sure to try this strategy & see the difference it has in the results. Good Luck!

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