Godfather Family Dynasty – Capos – Recruiting & Troop Combos

This post is going to help you understand how to decide which capos you should use with which troops. Choosing the right capos is very important as they can give a huge boost to your troops attack & HP. Here’s a video that I made about this topic:

A lot of players choose troops based on the capos talent. However, that’s not always the best way to decide which troops to use. This is mainly because there are capos like Duane (who’s talent is kidnapping) and Ralphie (who’s talent is block upgrades) who’s talents don’t really tell us much about the troops that they are good with. One good way of knowing which troops are good with which capos is to check the buffs that various troops get from the capo. The capo can be said to be good with the troops he gives the highest buff to. 
The image above shows you the buffs that a purple + 2 Owen gives to various troops at level 39. Comparing all the stats, we can conclude that Massacres get the most buffs and hence Owen should be used whenever Massacres are forming a large part of your march (i.e. While facing Trainers or opponents with a large number of assassins in their march.)

In the same way, you can also use the stats of the capos to find out which troops they are good with. Precision capos are found to be good with Massacres, Toughness Capos with Bombers and Power capos with Assassins. Unfortunately, intelligence capos don’t give a lot of buffs to all 4 types of troops (however, they still give a slightly higher buff to bombers as compared to other troops) so I wouldn’t recommend using them in battle. So, here is the relation between capo stats and troops again:

  1. Power Capos are very good with Assassins
  2. Toughness Capos are very good with Bombers
  3. Precision Capos are very good with Massacres
  4. Intelligence Capos are good with Bombers

So, this is how you decide which capos to use with which troops. Although this strategy might not serve well in PvP battles, it will help tremendously while doing neutral gangs and also while doing the family feud event.

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