Godfather Family Dynasty – How to get resources without Gathering

Gathering is the main source of getting resources in the game. However, there are many other methods of getting resources as well in the game. This post is going to be about all those methods. Here’s a video that I posted few months ago about this topic. However, it is kinda outdated so I would recommend reading this blog post instead of watching the video. However, if you still want to view the video then here it is:

Method #1: The Family Store

You can get cash, wood and steel from the family store. I wouldn’t recommend spending your silver to get resources though since you can your silver up to get a lot of premium items from the family store. However, if you are in desperate need of resources and you don’t have any other good alternatives other than using silver to get resources, then this option is always available.

Method #2: Story Book Missions

You can get a lot of resources by doing story book missions (especially Act 3 and 4). Each stage of act 3 gives you upto 50,000 resources and each stage of act 4 gives you 100,000. Apart from the resources, these missions also give you some good fragments to craft capo equipment and capo items. So, I would definitely recommend doing the story book missions daily so that you get all the free resources and items that you can get from there. You get 3 chances per stage per day & 1 chance costs 10 stamina.

Method #3: Family Challenge Event

You can also get a lot of resources by challenging the Barzini family during the family challenge event. The amount of resources you get doesn’t depend on the damage you do. However, it varies a lot and you also get cash, wood, oil or steel randomly. There is no fixed sequence.

These were the 3 other methods that I use to get more resources in the game. If you have any other ways to get resources without gathering in the game be sure to leave a comment down below.

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