Godfather Family Dynasty – How to Spend Gold

In this post we’re going to be taking a look at some good ways to spend your gold. You can take a look at this video I made on this topic or you could continue reading the blog post.

Tip #1: Look for different options:

A lot of people don’t realize that since gold is a premium currency in the game, it should be spent on important things that cannot be bought without gold. A lot of players use gold to speed up their building construction time. This is not a good way of spending gold. Since, you can also achieve the same results by using a bunch of speed ups. Also, there are certain items that seem to be premium, but are actually not since they’re available in the family store. For Example, a bartek moving co. costs 3000 gold. However, it can also be purchased from the family store for just 15000 silver. It is easy to get silver in the game since you just have to donate resources and checks to get it so it makes more sense to spend silver wherever possible. Other good items available in the family store are Rescind order, Forced March, Protection, 1 hr speed ups, Attack, def & hp buffs, resource crates, family stationery and a lot more.

Tip #2: Buy VIP

VIP’s get a lot of extra benefits in the game (especially at higher levels) so it would make a lot of sense to always have VIP activated. In the beginning, it may seem hard to get a 30 day VIP since it costs 5000 gold, but I recommend saving your gold up for that. Since, once you get that, it’s pretty easy to earn more than 5000 gold in 30 days again so you’ll be able to continue using VIP for another 30 days once the VIP period is over. Some of the benefits of VIP include, free speed up time, increased neutral gang attack chances, increased march speed, increased attack chances at the martial arts arena, increased PvP / PvE attack. All these benefits are totally worth the 5000 gold you spend. For example, the extra attack chances in the martial arts arena can give you 1M more cash PER DAY than a non-VIP. Again, increased neutral gang attack chances will help you power up your troops faster in the long run. Also, increased attack will help you win more battles.

Tip #3: Buy Speed-ups (if necessary) from the department store

The department store is a great place to get huge discounts on a lot of offers. If you ever see a yellow offer for an 8 hour speed up, it’s the best offer you can get and you should buy it immediately. Blue and green offers are good as well. There’s no point in buying white offers since they’re available at the same price as the normal in game item store. The department store also offers a lot of fragments for skills and capo items for sale. I wouldn’t recommend buying those since they’re too expensive & are quite easy to get in the game through story mode missions & neutral gangs. Also, in case of speed-ups, you need to make sure that you need the speed up before buying it. Since, a lot of times, whenever you get to higher levels, it’s much harder to use speed ups mainly because you won’t have enough resources for immediate upgrades after using the speed up. So it makes more sense to not use them later in the game.

Tip #4: Refresh the department store & wharf

If you need items from the department store & wharf, you should go ahead & spend gold refreshing the offers at these places. Although, I wouldn’t suggest doing this if you don’t need anything from these places as it would be more of a waste of gold. Also, you can get daily task points for refreshing the department store & wharf WITH GOLD (free refreshes don’t count). So, if you need to get a few extra daily points for that red chip or for completing the family tasks, a few refreshes wouldn’t hurt.

Tip #5: Refreshing NPCs

To refresh NPCs (block neutrals) touch the small refresh button at the top right in the details screen.

NPCs could be refreshed for 2 reasons

  1. To get better rewards
  2. To get easier opponents

I wouldn’t recommend refreshing to get better rewards though since there are better ways to get most of the rewards in the game, and even after refreshing it doesn’t guarantee getting a better reward, it could also worsen things. Refreshing to get easier opponents in normally required for lower level players so that  they can beat block neutrals to get experience for their capos & free up their blocks. However, higher level players, don’t usually face this problem of powerful block neutrals so this strategy is useful only for lower level players.

Tip #6: Spend gold at the Martial Arts Arena

There are 3 ways of  spending gold at the martial arts arena

  1. By refreshing opponents
  2. To skip the 10 minute cooldown timer.
  3. To use extra VIP chances

I would recommend using gold for all of the above reasons. You want to make sure that you only face opponents that you can beat in the martial arts arena. It doesn’t make sense to face opponents against whom you’ll lose since you only have limited attack chances and the rewards for getting defeated are terrible. So, I recommend using the refresh option as frequently as you can so that you find easy opponents to beat.

Also, no one wants to wait for 10 minutes before facing the next opponent so it makes sense to skip that cooldown as well. Each win at the arena gives you 100k+ cash (at SS0 level) so it’s totally worth it to spend 10 extra gold (you get 5000 to 6000 cash for 10 gold in the normal store so this is totally worth it) for those few extra VIP chances since it’s like getting free 100k cash for 10 gold.

These were all the ways in which I like to spend my gold. If you have other good  ways to spend gold be sure to leave a comment down below. I would love to see all of your ideas.

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