Godfather Family Dynasty -Building Upgrade Strategy

In this post we’re going to be talking about the advantages of upgrading each building on the mansion map which will help you decide which buildings you want to upgrade and which ones you don’t. In the long term, all buildings will have to be upgraded to level 30. However, this post will help you decide the order in which you want to upgrade these buildings. Here’s a video that I made about this strategy:

Let’s take a look at the buildings one by one.

The Mansion

Upgrading the mansion doesn’t do a lot. It usually gives you a block every time it is upgraded and it also allows you to upgrade all other buildings to a higher level. You can’t make progress in the game without upgrading this building.

The Wall

This building increases the attack and defense of your defending troops every time it is upgraded. You cannot upgrade your mansion to a higher level without upgrading the wall. So, this is another building that you have to upgrade to make any progress in the game.

The Library

I would suggest upgrading this building only if you need to do so to unlock a technology that you want to research. For example, if you just got to mansion 22, then you’d want to upgrade your library to level 22 to unlock the deterrence tech which helps increase your march size. But if you don’t have a good reason to upgrade the library then I wouldn’t suggest upgrading this building.

The Iron Mtn. Vault

It helps protect some of your resources from getting plundered. This building wasn’t important to upgrade before when the plundering feature wasn’t added in all other servers. However, now since plundering has been added. It would make a lot of sense to max this building out whenever possible so that it can protect more of your resources from getting plundered.

The Mills Terrace

This building is very important to upgrade because not only does it increase your march size, but it also gives your more licenses for neutral gangs and gathering.

The Troop Training Centers (For Assassins, Bombers & Massacres)

Before the introduction of troop stars these training centers were very important to upgrade & if you would ask me what strategy I used to upgrade my buildings, I would suggest ignoring upgrading all other buildings except the mills terrace and the troop training centers. However, now that stars have been introduced in the game, these buildings become relatively less important to upgrade than before. This is primarily because players continue using lower tier troops even after unlocking higher tier troops until they star up their higher tiers because the lower tiers have better stats than the higher tiers due to the massive star advantage. This doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore upgrading these training centers. It just means that you can now delay the process.

The Accounting Firm

This building isn’t very important to upgrade since you get sufficient laundered cash daily from the martial arts arena if you’re at a high rank. The only time this building is of any use is during the mansion upgrade event since you get points for laundering cash. So in case you’re a kind of player who likes to score points during events then you might want to upgrade this building whenever you can unlock a new slot for cash laundering. This way you’ll be able to launder more cash and score more points for the event. However, in case you’re not an event guy then don’t even bother upgrading this building.

The Cotton Club

This building is useful to upgrade if you want more helps from your family members. Also, you need this building to be at least at level 16 for you to be able to do combined operations. Apart from the help, it also increases the number players that can participate in the combined operations that you initiate and also the number of players that can reinforce you. It makes sense to upgrade this building only if you’re in a very active family which has a lot of players online to press help and reinforce you / join you in Combined Operations. However, if you’re in an inactive family, then upgrading this building wouldn’t be worthwhile.

The Grand Hotel

This building should be upgraded only at certain levels when it actually does give you some benefits (like unlocking a capo slot or an extra march). Otherwise, there’s no point in upgrading this building.

The Hospital

The hospital is important because it prevents you from losing troops in battle. Not upgrading this building enough would lead to you losing troops in almost every battle. Upgrading it too much might lead to a lot of hospital capacity not being utilized. In my opinion, your hospital should have just enough space to accommodate your main march so that if your main march loses a defense, all your troops will get injured after which you can bubble safely to heal your troops.

The Guard House

This building isn’t very useful as it shows you the power of your attacker even when it is at a very low level which, I think, is sufficient information for you to decide whether you want to confront your enemy or not. So, there’s no point in getting all the extra info that it gives. Also, a lot of times when player’s are attacked, they’re not online. The guard house would be completely useless if you’re not online when you’re being attacked.

The Garage

If you like raining drive-bys for gathering, then it makes sense to upgrade this building. Otherwise you can save your resources by not upgrading it.


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