Godfather Family Dynasty – Block Upgrade Strategy

In this post, we’re going to be taking a look at how blocks function and then we’ll see a strategy that will minimize resource consumption for upgrades and maximize block productivity. Here’s a video that I made on this topic:

Let’s take a look at how blocks function first.

There are 2 types of blocks:

  1. Resource Blocks: Every resource block has a vault or a warehouse which stores resources and they also have buildings that generate resources over time. Each vault or warehouse has a maximum capacity which can be increased by upgrading them. Their capacity can also be increased a little bit through research. In the same way, upgrading other buildings in the block will increase their resource production speed. The buildings producing resources will keep doing so until your vault or warehouse is full. Once they’re full, all buildings in the block will stop producing resources until you empty the vault by collecting the resources produced.
  2. Population Blocks: In case of population blocks, there are no vaults. You only have buildings that increase your population with each upgrade. The higher your population is, the more unemployed workers you will get per day. Even though there are no vaults for population blocks, there is still something called an unemployment limit which exists. The unemployment limit can be increased by upgrading the mills terrace.

Now let’s take a look at the upgrade strategy:

Population Blocks:

A lot of players face the unemployment problem early on in the game because you get very few population blocks early in the game. However, this problem usually disappears later in the game when you get a lot of population blocks unless you’re using speed ups to train troops. So, in case of population blocks, it is pretty simple to decide whether you should upgrade them or not. If you’re facing unemployment problems while training troops then you should upgrade these blocks. Otherwise there’s no need to upgrade them.

Resource Blocks:

While upgrading your resource blocks, it is important to equate the time it takes to fill up your vaults with the frequency of your logins. So, for example, if you login every 5 hours on an average, then your vaults should be upgraded to a level where they get filled up in 5 hours so that your blocks are not idle for long and it’s pretty easy to calculate all you need to do is multiply the production rate with the login frequency to find the vault capacity.

Let’s take an example, in case my production is around 8300 per hour & my login frequency is 5 hours, I would have to upgrade my vault until it’s capacity reaches around 41500 (i.e. 8300*5). Or in case your vault is maxed out at 32,000 and if your login frequency is 4 hours then you would need to produce 8,000 resources per hour. So, in case your production is below 8,000 then you would want to upgrade it otherwise you can ignore it.

This strategy will help you optimize your blocks production and it will also help you save a lot of resources since the block upgrades cost a lot.

1 thought on “Godfather Family Dynasty – Block Upgrade Strategy”

  1. How do we check what is the combined capacity of our resource vaults/warehouses?

    I believe by ‘vault’, you are not referring to the Iron Vault on the Mansion Map.

    Thank you.

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