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This post in going to explain how emblems work. Emblems are the items that you can attach to your equipment to get some extra stats. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:


To see the Emblems you have you’d want to go to the pawnbroker & click on the family emblem option. Once you’re there you should be able to see all the emblems you have.

The emblems work a lot like gems. They have 6 levels starting from white all the way upto gold & you can upgrade an emblem to a higher level by combining 4 of the same type.

Each emblem gives you a specific attribute & only emblems of the same level having the same attribute can be combined. So, for example, Biker Health emblems can not be combined with Biker Defense emblems as their attributes are different.

To engrave these emblems, you would want to select your equipment from the equipment display & then select engrave. You could also do the same from the pawnbroker.

You can engrave 3 emblems per equipment. However, you can not engrave 2 or more emblems with the same attributes on the same piece of equipment. Once you hit engrave below the empty slots, you’ll be asked to select an emblem. Select the one you want to use & then hit engrave to use it.

If you want to remove an emblem, there are 2 different ways of doing it:
1) You can either select remove & discard which can be done for free.
2) The other way is to buy a removal tool which you can use to remove & retain the emblem.

Higher level emblems will require more expensive removal tools. You can get removal tools either from the shop or from the clan store.

I’d always recommend getting them from the clan store as you’re only paying 90-100 clan honor per gold unlike most of the other clan store items where you pay 200 clan honor per gold.

There are a few different ways of getting these emblems.
1) You can attack Reapers on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays to get them.
2) You can also get 2 Emblem Chests from the plantation store daily if you have a level 5 store.
3) You can also get Emblem Chests from the VIP Store & from the SVIP Store
4) & Obviously, you can also get them from packs.

The packs contain 3 different types of emblem chests:
1) There are Rare Emblem Chests which can give level 2-4 emblems.
2) There are Grand Emblem Chests which can give level 3-5 emblems.
3) And then you have Historical Emblem Chests which can give you level 1-6 emblems.

To me, this just doesn’t make sense. I think the historical emblem chests should follow the same sequence & give level 4-6 emblems instead of level 1-6 emblems. I’d suggest that you report this to GM as soon as possible to get it fixed & also hold on to your historical emblem chests for a while so that you can use them after the fix is made.

So, that’s all about Emblems. Hope this post helped!

9 thoughts on “Emblems – Mafia City”

  1. Hey Flavio
    Which gives more of a stat increase? Vigilantes or emblems??? I have completed many investments and hitman items but my stats are still way below average. Any help will be appreciated

  2. Flavio,
    I know you can engrave 3 emblems per piece of gear. What is that forth symbol for can you unlock a 4th emblem or is it just a symbol?

    1. The emblems on your main equipment that you’re upgrading are returned to you. The emblems on the 3 extra pieces of equipment that you use for synthesis will be lost

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