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This post is mainly for beginners to get an idea how to play Mafia City. It will help new players understand the game better. Most of the basics will be covered in this post. However, for more detailed explanations you should check out my other posts / videos. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Beginner’s Guide
Full Playlist for Beginner’s

First off, this game is pay to win which means that if you’re a free to play player then you don’t stand a chance to win against the big spenders. You might still be able to beat the moderate spenders if they have bad troop formations or if they haven’t invested their money properly but there’s no way you can beat the big spenders. By big spenders, I mean players that have spent over $10,000 on this game & by moderate spenders I mean players that have spent over $1,000.

There are 2 different strategies that you could use to grow in this game, you could either grow slowly maxing out all or most of your buildings or you could directly rush to Mansion 30 as soon as possible to try to unlock T10 troops before most players.

I’ve used both strategies. I’ve used the rushing strategy in city 89 & I’ve used the maxing out strategy in city 300.

The maxing out strategy is pretty self explanatory, all you have to do is max out all or most of your buildings before you upgrade your mansion. However, I personally feel that rushing to Mansion 30 is way superior to maxing everything out because of how good the tier 9 & 10 troops are.

Higher tier troops are basically lower tier troops with better stats & since rushing helps you get higher tier troops quickly, it means that you can get better stats a lot faster. Moreover, higher tier troops increase your base stats which are the stats that your buffs are applied to. This means that someone with lower tiers would have to work a lot harder on their stats to match yours.
Not only that, you’ll also be able to unlock much powerful investments once your mansion reaches Elite 1 or higher.
You’ll also be able to grind elite blueprints daily after reaching Mansion 30 You’ll be able to get more hitman coins daily at Mansion 30 which will allow to improve your stats quicker.
You’ll also be able to advance further in the slammer which will give you more jewelry boxes daily which help a lot with your stats & you’ll also be able to do better in events so you’ll get better rewards from them.

Now, if you’re new to this game, you probably didn’t understand most of what was written above. However, the point that I was trying to make is that it is a lot better to rush to Mansion 30 in this game than it is to grow slowly.

It is extremely important to know which strategy you’re going to be using to grow right from the beginning so you can work on your equipment & investments accordingly.
If you’re maxing everything out, then it is better to go for attack investments & equipment. However, if you’re rushing to Mansion 30 then you should work on investments & equipment that increase your construction speed.

I have a separate guide on How to get Mansion 30 without spending. You should check it out if you want to know how to upgrade your mansion quickly. It details exactly what you need to do to get M30 in 4 to 5 months without spending.


There are 4 types of resources in the game that you need to upgrade buildings & investments.

Cash & Cargo are the resources that you need to upgrade all buildings and investments.
Then you have Arms which is a resource that you need for upgrading buildings & investments once your mansion reaches level 10.
And then you have Metal which is a resource that you unlock at Mansion 15 which is also used to upgrade buildings & investments.

Then there’s also Gold, which is a premium resource that you can use to buy all these 4 above mentioned resources. You can also use it to speed up your buildings & investments. However, I wouldn’t recommend using gold to buy resources or to speed up investments as it can be used for a lot of other better things.

To get these resources, you can either gather them from the map or you can get them from resource production buildings. Unfortunately, there are no gold production buildings in the game. You can only get gold from gathering.

There are 2 more special resources that you unlock later in the game.

You have Hitman Coins that you unlock once you reach Mansion 23. These coins can not be gathered, they can only be obtained from hitman hotels that you build inside your turf. These coins are used to upgrade different hitman services in your Contract Agency (which is another building that you unlock at Mansion 23 that can give you way more stats than your invest center).

Then you unlock Elite Blueprints at Mansion 30. These can not be obtained from gathering or from resource production buildings. However, you can get upto 10 for free from the daily contracts once you reach Mansion 30.
These blueprints are required to upgrade your buildings above 30.


So, that’s all about resources, now let’s talk about troops.There are 8 types of troops in the game. You have 4 main types: Bulkers, Bikers, Shooter & Vehicles & each of these are divided into 2 sub types.

There are a lot of things that I can talk about when it comes to troops, but I think the most important thing for beginners to learn is how important it is to include defensive bulkers or tankers in your march.

Bulkers can be classified into 2 types, you have combaters which are offensive bulkers & then you have tankers which are defensive bulkers. A lot of new players, classify the tankers as useless troops because they hardly get any kills in battle, and not only that, they’re also usually the troops that take the most damage.
However, this is just like comparing a shield to a sword by asking how many kills the shield got & how much damage it took & then concluding that the shield is useless because it hardly got any kills and took more damage than the sword.
Tankers are just like shields. They aren’t supposed to get kills but they’re supposed to protect the troops positioned behind them while the troops hiding behind them get all the kills. This is exactly why they have a high defense & HP but a very low attack.

Once all your tankers are dead it will be very easy for your opponent to wipe out your remaining troops so make sure you add a decent amount of tankers to your march.

Bikers are also extremely powerful troops. Unlike Bulkers, Vehicles & Shooters that always attack tankers first, bikers have a special ability called charge that allows them to directly attack the ranged troops hiding behind the tankers.

Most top players only use Tankers & Riders in their formation with hardly any Vehicles & Shooters. Within bikers, you have Riders & Assaulters & the Riders are slightly better than the Assaulters. However, I’m not going to explain why in this post. If you want to learn more about troops I would highly recommend checking out my Troop Setup Guide where I dive deeper into this topic.


The buildings that you upgrade would depend on the strategy that you’re going to use.

If you’re using the hyper-aggressive Hitman Coin buildup strategy, you would only want to upgrade your Hitman Hotels, Mansion and other buildings necessary to upgrade your Mansion.
The idea behind this strategy is to upgrade your Hitman Hotels to level 30 so you can start getting 960 Hitman Coins per day & also start grinding blueprints to push them to Elite 1 & higher. While using this strategy, you’ll be completely ignoring your training camps to increase your daily Hitman Coin production. Once your production is maxed out, then you’ll focus on upgrading your Training Camps to get higher tiers.
This is the best long term strategy as you’ll be able to build up a huge hitman coin advantage over the other players by the time they reach your mansion level & you could translate this coin advantage into a stat advantage by speeding up your hitman investments.

Another strategy is to rush to 30 but to prioritize training camps over hitman hotels in which case you’ll be upgrading the camps to 30 before upgrading the hotels.

And finally, there’s the maxing out strategy, in which case you’ll be upgrading all buildings. The hitman hotels are the buildings you want to be upgrading first even when using this strategy. After that, you’d also want to unlock the troop training centers if you can unlock higher tier troops by doing so.
The other key buildings to upgrade are:
The Diner which allows you to send more troops per march with every upgrade.
The Invest Center which allows you to unlock more powerful investments with each upgrade.
The Hospitals which protect your troops from dying when you’re attacked.
The Clubs if upgrading them will increase your training speed.
And maybe event The Contract Agency so that you can upgrade more hitman services. Although you should be able to upgrade a decent number of services even when your contract agency is at a very low level.

For Hospitals and Clubs, you want to have 8 of each as that’s the maximum number that you can build.


You never want to keep your invest center idle even if you’re rushing to Mansion 30. You should always invest in something while you’re upgrading your buildings. If you do not have enough resources to do investments, then you should avoid using your speed ups to finish your investments. However, you should never stop investing.

There are 13 different categories of investments in the invest center:

There are resource investments which mostly increase your gathering speed & resource production. These aren’t very important on your main account.

Then you have Criminal Enterprises which help with upkeep, crew load, hospital capacity, etc. In this category you’d want to work on Medical Training to increase your healing speed & also on Healing Center Expansion to increase your hospital capacity. You might also want to max out recovery rate & street operation if you attack a lot of street forces. And if you’re rushing to 30, then you’d also want to max out construction expert to get the extra construction speed.

The Crew Capabilities Investments help increase your stats. These aren’t as important as most people think they are. Maxing out all investments in this category will only increase the attack, defense & health of your troops by 15% & your march size by 30,000. It is easy to max out the tier 1 & 2 investments in this category as they don’t cost a lot of resources. Maxing them out should give you 8% attack, defense & health and 16,000 march size. However, tier 3 investments cost a ton of resources so I wouldn’t suggest maxing them out unless you have extra resources to do so. Instead, you should focus on the elite investments and hitman services.

Then you have Advanced Arms investments which mainly increase your training speed.

Equipment investments that mostly increase the buffs that your equipment give you.

Vigilante investments that increase the vigilante stats for cross server events & also increase the number of vigilantes you can send per march.

Turf Defense investments which increase your defense weapon damage and also your stats while defending your turf.

There are Mercenary investments which allow you to attack higher level mercenaries & also increase your stats while doing so.

There are storehouse investments which make it easier to raid storehouses during the storehouse event.

And finally you have the 4 elite investments which you unlock once you upgrade your invest center to Elite 1. These investments are way better than the crew capabilities investments as they give much better stats than them and cost a lot less resources.

If you want a more detailed guide about investments I would recommend checking out my Investment Guide.

Contract Agency:

Just like the invest center allows you to invest in various properties to increase your stats, the contract agency allows you to hire hitman services to do the same. The only difference is the invest center & the contract agency is that the services in the contract agency also cost you hitman coins which is a resource that you unlock at Mansion 23.

Once of the most important service that you should invest in before investing in all the other services is the Hitman Coin discount service as it reduces your hitman coin by 20 per hitman upgrade.

There are currently a total of 1187 upgrades available excluding the ones on this page. If you max this service out before doing those, you’ll save over 23,000 hitman coins which is a lot especially for lower mansions as they don’t produce a lot of hitman coins daily.

The resource cost of most of these services is quite low. The only problem is getting the hitman coins to finish these services. However, if you’re rushing your mansion & hitman hotels, you should be able to increase your hitman coin production pretty easily & you might even be able to speed up these services if your production exceeds your requirements.

But, if you’re a low level mansion, you might face problems earning those hitman coins because of their low production & you might be forced to do unnecessary low cost services or even to keep your contract agency idle until you get enough hitman coins to do upgrades.

Once you max out the hitman coin discout service, you would want to invest in any of other services depending on what you need.
Battle & Equipment if you want to increase your stats. Construction & Development if you want to increase construction speed & reduce construction cost & Training if you want to train troops faster.

If you want to learn more about the Contract Agency, you should check my guide on the Contract Agency where I show you exactly what each service gives you.


Getting good equipment is one of the best ways of improving your stats in the game. You can equip a piece of equipment if your leader level is the same or higher than the level of your equipment. If you’re rushing to Mansion 30 I’d recommend getting the level 20 Quality Shirt & the level 30 Casual Boots since they both give you double building speed buffs. Then you also have the level 35 AK 47 gun & the level 35 Fancy Jean for some extra construction speed.

If you’re trying to improve battle stats, I’d suggest going for equipment which give at least 3 battle stats, especially bulker & biker stats. For example, 35 MP5 Submachine Gun is a good piece of equipment to use because it gives double biker attack & single bulker attack.

Also, keep in mind that you do not get any stats from normal clothes & pants so you should craft & use the terrirozer suit & trousers instead so that you get stats from them. Crafting Set Equipment like the Terrirozer Suit & Trousers will also require blueprints & special gems along with normal gems. You can get normal gems from the lapidary complex or by opening gem boxes. However, the best way of getting them is from the lucky poker. Be sure to check out my video on lucky poker if you want to learn how to get a ton of gems from there. Here it is:

Lucky Poker Guide

You get blueprints & special gems from attacking mercenaries on the map. Level 1 to Level 4 mercenaries give the same amount of blueprint fragments & special gems so there’s no need to worry about investing in higher level mercenaries. However, different types of mercenaries give different types of gems.

The chance of getting special gems from mercenaries is extremely low, so it’s completely normal for you to not find any special gems even after attacking 20 mercenaries straight.

Also, while level 1 equipment only requires gems, the level 5 & higher equipment also require you to put in a lower or the same level equipment along with gems.

If you want equipment of a specific quality, let’s say purple, then not only need to add all purple gems but you also need to add purple equipment as well to get a 100% chance of getting purple. A lot of beginners only use purple gems & not purple equipment because of which they end up with lower quality equipment.

There’s also godfather equipment which you can unlock at Mansion 15 & Roadsters which you unlock at Mansion 14 that can both give you a lot of stats.

Your godfather equipment can be sold to get back all the godfather coins invested in them if you want to change your godfather equipment. You shouldn’t hesitate to keep switching your godfather equipment as you don’t lose any godfather coins in the process.

In the same way, you can also sell your roadster parts to get back all roadster points invested in them & buy new ones. However, this can not be done if you purchase a limited edition roadster.

If you’re a spender, I’d suggest going for the Massacre Set or any of the other higher level sets since they give way more stats thn normal sets.

The massacre set usually costs $3,000 if you make it the normal way. However, you can get it for as little as $100 if you read my post on How to Get the Massacre Set for $100.

In the same way I have a post showing you How to get the Warlord Set for $700 instead of spending $6,600.

Also, if you’re looking for more information about equipment or for more ways to increase your stats, you should check out my guide on How to increase Battle Stats where I’ve shown a lot of different ways to improve your battle stats.


There are 5 free Babes in the game that you can unlock by upgrading your mansion to specific levels. Upgrading your mansion to level 19 should unlock all these 5. There’s also a 6th free babe that you can unlock by playing the Diana’s Treasure Hunt which is an event that lasts for a week & remains closed for 2 weeks after it ends.

You want to upgrade your babe’s favor as much as possible & also star them up to unlock their skills. You should also do the slammer daily which is a building that you unlock at Mansion 15. Doing so will give you jewelry cards which you can use to upgrade certain babe skills after unlocking them.

Apart from the free babes, there are 12 more babes currently in the game.
Angela can be bought for $300 while all the others can be purchased for $500 each. If you want learn how to upgrade your babes quickly, I would highly recommend checking my guide on How to upgrade your Babes Quickly.

So that’s the beginner’s guide. I still haven’t covered a lot of things like the smuggler, the vip buff, lucky poker, skills and a lot more. If you want to learn more about all of these topics, I’d highly recommend checking out all the other posts about this game on this website. Most of these topics have been covered in detail here. Hope this guide helped!

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  1. What is the end goal of the game? Is there some sort of city vs city PvP event, and if so, how many days after the start of a new city does that event open up and what are the game mechanics of the event?

    1. There’s no end goal really. Your goal is to keep growing & getting stronger. They keep adding more features every update so you can never really be fully maxed out

  2. Hi Flavio!
    Just a quick question, currently at M22 and attempting to rush to M30. With the equipment for construction speed … what colour gems/equipment do you feel would be most appropriate?

  3. Hi. I wanted to give you possibly an update on the Slammer. It’s actually available at m15, not m23. Thank you. Very informative posts.. 😊

  4. You say this is a beginner guide , but unfortunately I have seen players who play more than 6 months and still not get round to M19 and still do not know all these basics … thank you for writing them all down here , I always ask them to read your guide , because there are just too many details … And I have seen many good heart players say they will help the noo b , protect them nd give them resources are not really helping them , because they would not survive . Let them know the tricks , they will last longer or else quit game . Thanks Flavio.

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