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This post is going to talk about the new city royale update & it will also give you a few tips for city royale. You can either watch this video or continue reading:

City Royale Guide

City Royale is a cross server event that takes place every other Friday. It has 6 rounds that last for 2 hours each with 2 hour breaks after every round.

When you join the event, you’re moved to a different server where you get to fight players from different cities. The server you’re moved to will be determined by the city you’re from and also the league that you are in when you join.

In this event, you do not lose any troops. All troops that are lost in battle will be sent to your hospital where they can be healed using speed ups. Healing them doesn’t cost any resources. In case you do not heal troops by the end of the round your troops will be automatically healed after the round ends.

You can score points by killing other player’s troops, by winning battles and also by farming win streaks. The points you get for killing troops correspond to the tier of the troops you kill:

Tier of troop / defense weapon killed
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
Tier 7
Tier 8
Tier 9
Tier 10

You can also get points for killing defense weapons. However, since the defense weapon kills aren’t shown in battle reports, you might end up with slightly more points when you attack turfs.
You also usually get 15,000 extra points for each attack you win. However, you get more than that per win if you have a high win streak.

There are 5 leagues in the game. Silver, Gold, Diamond, Urban Legend & Renowned Warlord. The matchmaking is based on the league & city you’re in. From what I’ve observed the Silver & Gold league players are matched together in a single server & the diamond & urban legend players are matched together in a different server. I’m still not sure about Renowned Warlord as there are no players in the game that have reached that league yet.

You need to gain stars to get promoted to higher leagues. You gain stars based on your performance in each round. However, it is still not clear what exactly you’re supposed to do to gain those stars as there were a lot of players in last city royale that said they lost almost every battle in a specific round & still ended up gaining a star. While there were others that ended up losing even though they scored better than the rounds which they had won. The game also mentions that once you get promoted to urban legend, you can not be demoted.

The rankings for city royale are now global rankings. You no longer compete with 10 different cities. You compete globally though there may be a limited number of cities in your server. Again, it’s not clear how the city royale scores are calculated to determine these rankings. However, I think they probably add the scores from the silver & gold league server with the diamond & urban legend league server to get a final city score for each round & the rankings are probably based on the highest score out of all 6 rounds. But, this is all just speculation & could be completely wrong so don’t quote me on this.

You also get seasonal rewards at the end of each season based on your league. However, again, nothing has been specified about how long each season is going to last.

Finally, a few tips to score more points in royale:

One of the best ways of multiplying your score in city royale is to ask your mayor to activate the emergency treatment mayor skill. Only the mayor of the city can activate this skill which increases the healing speed of the entire city by 1000% for 1 hour. This skill will allow you to heal a lot of troops even if you don’t have a lot of speed ups & you’ll be able to score more points by healing troops. The skill costs 50,000 dirty money & has a 24 hour cooldown so it can be used only once during the event. So, make sure you use the skill when most players in your city are online & also don’t forget to inform them when the skill is used so they can speed heal as well.

For some reason, whenever you use this skill, the reduced healing time isn’t shown when you select the troops to be healed in the hospital. However, once you hit heal, it should show you the reduced healing time & you’ll have to use speed ups for the reduced time only & not for the original time shown. So, keep this in mind whenever you’re healing while the skill is used as it does confuse a lot of players in my city.

If you’re not very strong, you should always play defense and let the stronger players attack you so you can get more kills. However, you will still have to shield against extremely strong players as their attacks may kill hundreds of thousands of your troops in a single hit & they’ll hardly give you any points.

If you want to bait hits from players, it’s better to set fake raids on them instead of spying them so you can cancel the raid & immediately shield if someone big tries attacking you instead of wasting a port.

So, that’s all about city royale. Hope this guide was helpful.

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2 thoughts on “City Royale Guide – Mafia City”

  1. If you learn more about the win/defeat condition and how the city rankings work, please post an update. Also would you be interested in playing the PC version? We are more quiet here 🙂
    I started creating videos for my clan and you’ve helped me a lot so I share your guides where I can. Keep up the good work brother

    1. I did try the PC version. It’s more like an older version of this game. Last time I checked, they didn’t have elite mansions, the slammer, etc. I don’t think I want to create more account in this game, won’t be able to handle so many.

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