Dragon Boat Festival Event Guide – Mafia City

This post is going to explain how the Dragon Boat Festival Event works in Mafia City. You can either continue reading this post or watch this video:

The event consists of two stages, there’s the preparation stage which lasts for 4 hours during which you can not score any points for the event and then there’s the competition stage which lasts for 2 hours during which you can score goals for points.

There are a few different ways of scoring points. Different targets give different amount of points.

City Hall
Soccer Field
Level 1 Storehouse
Level 2 Storehouse
Level 3 Storehouse
Level 4 Storehouse
Level 5 Storehouse

The Soccer Balls can be found inside the green area on the map. There are 6 soccer fields on the map which are which are quite close to the green area so you can score goals quickly at those fields. However, if you want more points then you should try getting your ball to the city hall which takes longer but is more rewarding.

Whenever, you select a ball, you get to choose between 4 skills. Some of these skills might be locked if your mansion level is low. You’ll need to be Mansion 26 to be able to use all 4 of them. Each skill tells you the distance the ball will travel. After selecting a skill, you can select the direction in which you want your ball to move. Once you select the direction, an athlete will be sent from your Turf to kick the ball & 1 energy will be consumed for the same.

When the ball is kicked, it will be moved in the selected direction & the distance it moves will be based on the skill you used. In case there is an obstacle on the tile where it is supposed to land, then it will continue moving in the same direction until it lands on an empty tile.

Keep in mind that the radius of the ball is 1 tile, so even if it lands one tile away from the City Hall, Storehouse or the Soccer Field, it will still be considered as a goal & you will get points for the same. While travelling towards the City Hall you should always make sure that there are no storehouses in the ball’s path because you’ll lose the ball if it hit’s a storehouse & hardly get any points for it.

After kicking a ball for the first time, you’ll be able to see the ball indicator on the right of your screen which shows you the ball’s new location. If you kick the same ball again, your Athlete will get a huge speed bonus & the bonus increases every time you kick the same ball. The maximum bonus you can get is 1200% speed. However, this bonus will reset if you kick a different ball. So, I would recommend that you score goals using only 1 ball at a time.

Since the initial kicks don’t have a very high speed buff I would suggest that you teleport to the green area so that the first few kicks don’t take too long. Once you have 1200% speed bonus, the athletes usually takes less than a minute to reach the ball from the green area even when it is close to the City Hall. So getting the ball from the soccer field to the City Hall shouldn’t take very long.

The points you get in each competition stage will add up for the purpose of your Individual & Clan Tier rewards. However, only the best score out of all the Competition stage you participated in will be considered for the Individual & Clan Rankings. Here’s an example of how it works for a 2 player clan:

Player 1
Player 2
Round 1
200,000 points
50,000 points
250,000 points
Round 2
0 points
300,000 points
300,000 points
Round 3
150,000 points
150,000 points
350,000 points
Final Score
200,000 points
300,000 points
350,000 points

Hope this guide helps you score more points in the event.

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