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This guide is going to explain the Clash of Mafia Event and also how most clans share points during the event. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:





Let’s begin with the Rules:

In order to participate in clash, your clan must be at least 2 weeks old and it also needs to be in the top 30 on the power leaderboards.

The apply phase starts on Wednesday & it lasts for 2 and a half days. During this phase, the Clan Leader or R4s are allowed to apply for a specific time for the clan to compete in the event. If they do not apply during the apply phase then your clan won’t be able to participate in that week’s clash.

Only 50 members from a clan are allowed to join Clash. The Clan Leader or the R4s can select these members from the “Management” tab. The players that have not been in the clan for the last 72 hours can not be selected for Clash. So, for example, if your clash is at 10 am city time on Saturday & you joined the clan at 11 am city time on Wednesday, you won’t be able to be selected by the leader / R4s for the event until 11 am on Saturday i.e. you’ll miss the first hour of the event.

Clash of Mafia is a weekly cross server event that takes place every Saturday between 2 clans. The clan are usually from different cities but they could be from the same one as well. The event lasts for 2 hours during which you have unlimited hospital capacity & your troops are only wounded in battle. Healing them doesn’t cost any resources, it only costs speed ups or gold. However, speed healing using gold does have a 5 minute cooldown, so you can not continuously heal using your gold. Once the event ends, all the troops in your hospital are healed immediately for free just like they are in City Royale.

When the battle begins, there is a 5 minute preparation or protection phase, where players can not attack or occupy buildings but they can teleport around the map. During the event, teleporting is not free and will cost you an advance teleport or 2000 gold as usual except when you teleport near a petrol station occupied by your clan which you can do for free. Each clan is allowed to teleport 20 times initially. This includes the free teleports as well. However, this teleport count can be increased by occupying the petrol station.

After the 5 minute preparation phase, the battle begins & players are allowed to enter buildings and attack their opponents. On entering a building, a clan needs to continuously hold it for 5 minutes or 300 seconds to occupy it. The buildings you occupy can be reinforced by your clan mates & the reinforcement capacity depends upon the raid capacity of the player entering the building. You can also attack or raid the buildings your opponents have occupied.

Also, keep in mind that the burning speed of your turf is increased in this event, so if you get burned by someone, you should put out the fire immediately if you don’t want to random teleport to a different location.

Now let’s take a look at the rules for scoring points:

There are 2 different types of points in the event, there are clan points which the game refers to as faction points & then there are personal points. The winning clan is the one that has the most faction points at the end of the event & all the winning clan members get better rewards than the members of the losing clan. However, the rewards each member gets is based on the personal points they score.

Here’s a table showing you how many godfather coins you get in the rewards based on your points:

Personal Points
Winning (Godfather Coins)
Losing (Godfather Coins)

Along with godfather coins, you also get gold and other items as rewards for clash.

The next table will show you how you can score points:

Faction Points
Personal Points
Occupying a Building
100,000 Kills
1 (10 with Killer X roadster*)
Holding the Manor,
Nightclub, Church
8 per minute
1 every 10 minutes
Holding a Bar
3 per minute
1 every 10 minutes
Holding the Other
0 per minute
1 every 10 minutes

*Killer X is a limited edition roadster that costs 327,824 roadster points that gives you 10 points every 100,000 kills. But since it is limited edition, you will not be able to sell it’s parts after purchasing them.

While occupying a building, only the person that enters a building first will get the personal points for occupying the building. If the person that enters the building leaves the building before occupation, they will still get the personal points on occupation provided no one else enters their building after them leaving. If someone enters the building before occupation, or if there are already reinforcements from other players in the building, then the one who entered the building after them will get the personal points for occupation. It also works the same way for personal points that you get for holding occupied buildings. So, I would recommend that you stay in your buildings for the whole 300 seconds till they are occupied or you might lose some of your personal points.

Also, whenever you exit a battlefield during battle, your personal points will be reset to zero and you won’t get any rewards until you join the battle again. So, make sure you stay in the battlefield till the end even if you’re going offline.

After the battle is over, you can immediately leave your clan & join another & you’ll still be able to get your clash rewards the next day. There’s no need to stay in the same clan for rewards.

Now let’s take a look at the buildings in the event:

You should be able to find 21 buildings in total on the map. However, there are only 9 different types of buildings. Let’s go over them one by one.

The Godfather’s Manor – This is the building that is right in the center of the map & it is one of the most important buildings in the game. After occupying this building, it will give you 8 faction points per minute. A lot of players, especially beginners, think that this is the most important building in the game just because it is in the center & waste a lot of time & speed ups fighting for this building. However, they ignore the Nightclub & Church which are equally important.

The Nightclub & Church – The next 2 buildings that we’ll be talking about are the Nightclub and the Church. These 2 buildings, just like the godfather’s manor give 8 faction points per minute after you occupy them. They’re a little away from the center but are no different from the Godfather’s Manor when it comes to points. Make sure that you pay close attention to these buildings as well along with the Godfather’s Manor as these 3 buildings give you the most points.

The Bar – You should be able to find 6 bars on the map. These buildings give you 3 faction points per minute once you occupy them. So, you can score 18 faction points every minute if you occupy all of them.

The Petrol Station – Again, you have 6 of these on the map. Occupying a petrol station will allow your clan members to teleport next to it for free. However, doing so will still count as a teleport for the purpose of calculating the total clan teleports.

The Arsenal – There are 2 of these buildings on the map. You get a 10% Crew Attack & Defense buff per Arsenal you occupy.

The Medical Center – Occupying this building will increase the healing speed of your clan members.

The Lookout Towers – You get a crime ops speed bonus for every lookout tower you occupy.

The Police Station – Occupying this building gives attack and defense buffs to troops participating in raids.

Sharing Points:

There’s a very common strategy that a lot of clans prefer using to increase their member’s individual points. Basically, what they do is they enter buildings with 1 biker & hold them for 300 seconds to occupy them. Once the building is occupied, they recall their biker & allow the enemy clan to occupy the building. You can start marching towards an opponent’s building before it is occupied. However, you need to ensure that your troops enter the building only after your opponent occupies the building. Doing this gives 15 personal points per building occupied.

Clans usually do this for the first 90 to 100 minutes of the game & fight only in the last 20 to 30 minutes. This allows a lot of members from both clans to get 200 points. So, even if the clan loses the battle their members still get the better rewards because of the high individual points It’s always good to message your opponent’s in advance to see if they want to share points & for how long so there are no surprises during the battle.

The reason you send bikers to occupy buildings is because of their high speed which enables you to reach them quickly.
The reason why you send only 1 biker to a building is so that in case you forget to recall your biker after occupying a building, the opponent can attack you and neither of you will suffer many losses.

You can watch the gameplay video above which will show you how to correctly share points & it will also give you a good idea how the event works.

That’s all about the Clash of Mafia Event. Hope you found this guide helpful.

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