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This post is going to be talking about the functions of various clan buildings in the game and it will also show you how you can upgrade them quickly. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post.

Clan Towers:

These are the most important buildings in your clan as you need to build these buildings first in order to be able to build all the other clan buildings. Once you build a clan tower, any Mansion that is upto 5 tiles away from it will be affected by it.

All clan members who have their turfs inside this territory will get a 15% increase in Gathering Speed, 30% increase in Resource Production & their Vaults will be able to protect 20% more resources. Any turf that doesn’t belong to the clan will burn 8 times faster when inside the territory. Burning turfs normally lose 1 durability every 18 seconds. However, turfs affected by this debuff will lose 1 durability every 2 seconds. This means that any farm accounts located inside the clan territory will burn 8 times faster when attacked and thus are more likely to random teleport because of the wall durability reaching zero. So it is always better to keep your farms outside the main clan territory and preferably inside the farm clan territory so that they get the resource production & gathering speed buffs. These clan tower buffs and debuffs will work even if your turf is partially inside the clan territory.

A clan can build a maximum of 5 towers provided it has met all the requirements for building them. Once the requirements for a specific tower have been met, the tower will remain unlocked forever whether or not you continue to meet the requirements in the future.

The clan towers can be built anywhere in the city except inside the grey area at the center of the city. Also, the clan territory cannot extend inside the grey area. Once you’ve built a clan tower, you will be able to build the other clan buildings inside the clan territory.

Clan Vault:

You can build a clan vault which allows your members to store resources in it. The resources stored in the clan vault can not be stolen by anyone & they can be retrieved by the owners at any time. If players leave the clan, all the resources stored in the clan vault, if any, will be returned to them. If you have a very high upkeep, I would recommend storing cash in the vault daily so you can retrieve it whenever you need cash for investments or upgrades.

Members can only store a limited amount of resources in the vault, the maximum storage capacity of a player is determined by their Mansion level. Higher the mansion level, more will be the storage capacity. There is also a maximum daily limit to the amount of resources that can be stored in the vault which is 5% of the maximum storage capacity. However, there is no limit on the amount that can be retrieved in a day.

Players are only allowed to store non-safe resources in the vault, safe resources can not be stored there. Different resources occupy different amounts of storage capacity:

Storage Capacity

The clan vault can also be used to donate ‘Gasoline’ which is a resource that you need to upgrade your Clan Defense Towers. Clan Defense Towers will be covered later in this post.

Clan Secret Base:

The Secret Base allows you & your clan members to hide one march of troops each for upto 12 hours. Troops hidden inside the secret base can not be attacked by anyone. The number of troops that you can hide in the secret base depends solely upon your march size. This building is very useful especially for hiding your farm troops during kill events.

Clan Hospital:

This building allows you to heal troops that get wounded in battle after your personal hospital becomes full. It has a fixed capacity of 50,000 troops per member. Healing troops in this building does not cost any resources, it only costs clan honor. Also, the healing in this building can only be sped up using gold & not with healing speed ups. For healing troops, you can access this building by clicking on any one of the hospitals inside your turf.

The only problem with this building is that the healing cost is so high that it is probably better to let your troops die instead of healing them here.

Clan Defense Towers:

You can build upto 11 of these towers inside your clan territory. Each of these towers can be upgraded to level 2 for 10M gasoline & the level 2 towers can be upgraded to level 3 for 15M gasoline each.

Level 1 towers increase the travelling duration of enemies attacking the clan by 20%.
Level 2 towers also reduce the burning speed of friendly turfs in the range of the defense towers by 50% along with the level 1 buffs.
Level 3 towers increase the reinforcement speed of turfs in the range of defense towers by 50% along with all the previous level buffs.

How to build your clan buildings faster?

All of the clan buildings take some time to build. The clan members need to send their troops to the buildings to build them.

The building speed of clan buildings can be increased by sending more troops to the buildings. Also, higher tier troops build buildings faster than lower tier ones. To build the buildings the fastest I would recommend filling the clan building with the highest tier troops present in your clan.

The number of troops that you can send to a building is the sum of the March Size and the Raid Capacity of the person entering the building first with their troops. You always want to make sure that only players with the highest raid capacity enter the clan building first for maximum troop capacity.

Your raid capacity can be increased by upgrading your clan hall. You can also get some extra raid capacity by using the level 15 Godfather Scarves & the Sirius Black Roadster. Also, vigilantes like Angie and Melvin can increase your raid capacity. You can also get more raid capacity from the ‘War Raid’ investment in your invest center & also from the advanced raid clan investment.

That’s all about clan buildings. Hope this guide helped you get a better understanding about them!

44 thoughts on “Clan Buildings – Mafia City”

  1. On the topic of Defense towers …would these help farm hives and what kind of layout is suggested if so?

    1. How much new clan territory is obtained by upgrading the defense tower to level 7? Also, can you update the defense towers section since they now can be upgraded to level 7 and cover each level. Thank you.

  2. Just a questions about the clan contributions&properties. What does clan property honor level up does for the clan? I mean like, what is the benefit for completing it? Sorry, I couldn’t find it in your page 🙈. Thanks.

  3. Hi, i’ve seen a “Clan Weaponry” building, seems to be a time-limited event. Can you please explain how to get it?

        1. I think you’re asking about the clan vault. No, your members won’t lose resources if the vault is demolished. They’ll get them back

  4. What happens if you demolish the Clan Vault and rebuild it another location? Will all the stored resources inside the vault be lost? Same question with the gasoline we currently have in the Clan Vault. Thanks for all your work on these videos, you literally taught me how to play this game!

  5. When I try to help build the clan tower it says “Your Ops already has enough men “.?
    even though I don’t have a queue used & all troops are home.
    Cheers mate.

  6. Thanks again for all your great info!

    We just got the Defense Towers … do they all upgrade at the same time or do you need to upgrade each individually?

          1. Yes but the property donations and levels within the tower do I lose the clan property within towers. I was told I can not move tower one without losing clan donated property buffs

  7. What is the recommended layout of defense towers? Do the members of the turf need to be in range of towers or is it meant to extend beyond turf area to effect enemy turds that teleport next to our clan turf?

    1. I don’t recommend any layout, just use whatever works for you. They aren’t of much use after all. It’s better if your members are inside it’s area of effect as it gives your clan members attack & defense buffs at level 4 & 5

  8. Can someone please help explain to me how to move a clan territory to another location, we have a hive but would like to move it to better RSS, when we built the territory we had 42 members, we now have 25, is it possible to take down the clan tower and move it with all the buildings with the 25 members we have?

  9. trying to find out what it takes to build up clan hospital. The requirements to be met in the clan to start this building. Does anyone have this information?

  10. If we demolish the clan healing center and rebuild it at a different location, will all the troops in there be retained or they would just be lost?

    1. We tried this a while back, just thought I would contribute with the answer. if you demolish the tower with the healing center no troops are lost, didn’t do the operation myself but when we moved it, all troops were there. Also heard that if you demolish the healing center first, then the tower, troops might be gone, but this needs testing.

  11. question… how many squares needed inside the line to get clan tower bonus? is just 1 corner or need 2 squares? anyone know for positive?

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