Mafia City – Build & Grow Faster – How to get more Construction Speed?

If you’ve read my Farming Guide and created enough of farms (8 to 12 mansion 15 farms) then getting resources for upgrades shouldn’t be a problem for you. A lot of times you’re going to have a lot  of resources on your main account and no buildings or investments to upgrade. You might be forced to use speed ups just to get rid of all these resources. But eventually you’ll also run out of speed ups and you’ll have a lot of idle resources inside your mansion. This post is going to show you how to deal with this problem by increasing your building speed. Increasing building speed will not only help you get  rid of your resources before kill events but it will also save you a lot of speed ups & will help you get that Mansion 30 much faster than all the others. On my main account I have a construction speed of 96% which almost halves the time required for all the upgrades and saves me weeks of speed ups. So let’s take a look at all the ways to get more construction speed.

1. Clan Property (upto 10% construction speed)

The Clan Construction investments can give you a slight boost in construction speed. You get 0.5% for every upgrade. If you’re in a clan that has these investments at a high level you can get a 5 to 10% increase in construction speed because of them.

2. Construction Engineer / Chief Executive Buff (5% to 10% construction speed)

You can try asking the mayor to give you the Construction Engineer buff which gives a 10% construction speed increase or a Chief Executive Buff which gives a 5% increase in construction speed.

3. Leader Talents (upto 12.5% construction speed)

The Illegal Workers 1 & 2 talents in the growth skill tree can give a huge boost to your construction speed as well. Each skill point you invest in them will increase your construction speed by 0.5% & you can get a total of 12.5% increase in construction speed if you have them both maxed out.

4. Investments (upto 30% construction speed)

Under the Criminal Enterprises category you’ll be able to find the Constructional Engineering 1 & 2 investments. Maxing them out will give you a 30% increase in construction speed. Constructional Engineering 1 can be maxed out very easily. However, the cost of the Constructional Engineering 2 property goes up pretty fast & it requires you to upgrade your invest center to max it out so I wouldn’t suggest upgrading it beyond level 10.

5. Equipment (upto 90% construction speed)

Equipment is the best way to get a lot of construction speed. You can get an increase in construction speed from only 4 types of Equipment (Guns, Clothes, Pants and Shoes). Always craft purple (or higher quality) equipment. Crafting blue or lower will cost you a lot of checks & you won’t be able to craft any more equipment after you run out of checks.

For Guns & Pants you should craft the highest level equipment that you can wear depending on your leader level.

For Clothes you should craft the Level 20 Quality Shirt that gives you a double construction speed buff. (You can get a 12.5% construction speed buff from a purple level 20 quality shirt alone)

For Shoes you should get the Level 30 Casual Boots which also gives you a double construction speed buff like the clothes. (You can get a 16.5% construction speed buff from a purple level 30 casual boots alone)

How to get gems for Purple Equipment?

If you find it difficult to get purple gems you should always buy the Rare Gem Boxes from the smuggler. Each box costs 450 to 500 gold and can give you either a green, blue or purple quality gem. In my opinion it’s better to spend 450 to 500 gold on these boxes rather than spending 266 gold to instantly get one green quality gem at the lapidary complex. (Remember, one blue gem is equal to 4 green gems and one purple gem is equal to 16 green gems.)

What if I don’t want Construction Speed anymore after crafting the equipment? Do I get back my gems?

When it comes to equipment you have a lot of flexibility. If you feel like you do not need the construction speed anymore after trying out the equipment you can always dismantle them to get back the amount of gems you spent to craft them. (However, you won’t get back the checks you spent for crafting them)

If you don’t want to dismantle them and start over again you have an option to transition them to another equipment of your choice. For example the level 20 quality shirt can be transitioned into a level 20 or level 25 equipment of your choice.

How do I benefit from this strategy?

This strategy works only if you have a lot of farms (8 to 12). If you do not have enough farms or if your farms don’t supply you with a lot of resources then there is no need to increase your construction speed as doing it will only keep your building queues idle for longer (since you won’t have enough resources for upgrades).

If your farms give you a lot of resources then you will be able to save a ton of speed ups using this strategy. I can get up to 96% construction speed with the construction engineer buff. At higher levels the mansion upgrades take weeks to finish. With my construction speed buff I almost halve the upgrade time and save all those speedups that I would’ve otherwise used to upgrade my mansion. This strategy is especially effective for free to play players to catch up with the spenders since it is very difficult for them to get speed ups in the game.


So these are all the ways available to get more construction speed to save speed ups & grow faster in the game. If you’re facing problems with resources for upgrading your buildings then you should take a look at my Farming Guide. It’ll give show you how to get a lot more resources per day.

13 thoughts on “Mafia City – Build & Grow Faster – How to get more Construction Speed?”

  1. Hi flavio I have a question. I am unsure if increasing mansion level also increases the construction speed. Not sure where I have heard that from. Can you bring some light into this issue?

  2. i could not find right spot to ask this but is damage received and enemy dealt damage calculated the same way. i have been talking to gm for 6 weeks due to the fact i should have -11% biker received damage yet have 0. they say its under enemy dealt damage but i count that out from everywhere i know i get it for sure and it doesnt add up. they keep saying its yhe same it doesnt matter where the percentages add up between the 2. i was under the assumption it did matter and they were 2 seperate & different stats and received damage was better

  3. I need some help with my equipment. I didn’t understand the importance of having purple quality equipment until recently. If I’ve synthesized a grey level 25 White Shirt what can I do to get the purple level 25 Quality Shirt? I basically need to figure out how to get my other green and blue level equipment to purple. I have orange and purple quality of every gem type.

    1. Correction: I need to figure out how to get the purple level 20 Quality Shirt from a grey level 25 White Shirt.

    2. You can’t get a grey level 20 quality shirt to a purple lvl 25 white shirt with 100% certainty. If you want a 100% probability of getting purple quality equipment, you should start from level 1 purple equipment then upgrade the lvl 1 purple to lvl 5 & so on until you get the level 25 white shirt. If you try upgrading the grey lvl 20 quality shirt to purple lvl 25 using purple gems, there’s a very high chance that you will get a grey lvl 25 & lose those purple gems. You should dismantle the lvl 20 shirt instead to get back the gems & start from level 1 purple equipment.

    1. You do get the following buffs:
      Your vault’s protects 20% more resources.
      Your resource production buildings produce 30% more resources.
      Your robbing speed increases by 15%
      Also, if anyone not in your clan is attacked when they are in your clan territory, their burning speed increases by 800%

      1. Mafia city barely has any guides and so it would be great if you could be the place to go. I am going to share your website to my clan and others so we can boost up your reader count…

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