How to get gold for Shields – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be showing a few different ways for non-spenders to consistently get enough gold to shield during kill events. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

So you have 2 kill events every 2 weeks. One is the Daily Crime Wave Kill Event that lasts for 3 days & the other one is the City Contest Kill Event that only lasts for 1 day. This means that you need at least a 3 day shield that can be bought for 2400 gold from the smuggler & a 1 day shield that can be bought from the shop for 1000 gold in order to protect yourself during kill events. This means that you need to earn at least 3400 gold every 2 weeks to stay safe. Let’s take a look at the different ways to get this gold.

The easiest way of getting gold daily is from the Clan Attendance. If you’re in a clan with over 50 active members, the you should be able to get 30 gold daily just from the Clan Attendance. To claim your gold, simply open the clan tab, then go to clan jobs & claim your 3 Clan Attendance gold boxes.
If you’re doing this regularly, you should be able to get 420 gold in 2 weeks from here.

The 2nd easiest way of getting gold is through the Fund Management Tab. To access this tab, you simply click on the Fountain at the Center of your Turf, then select Subscription Benefits & then select Fund Management at the Top Right of your screen. There are 4 different Fund Management options. However, the best one is the 1 day fund management option which gives you 105 gold per day. This means that over a period of 2 weeks it’ll give you 1,470 gold. However, in order to unlock this 1 day fund management option, you need to spend at least $1 on this game. If you don’t want to spend more than a dollar on this game, then I’d suggest buying the $1 lottery wheel pack which is always available for purchase. If you don’t want to buy the lottery wheel pack, then you can wait for them to sell one of those rare $1 packs during a special event.
If you don’t want to unlock the 1 day fund management, then you could go for the 7 day fund management which gives a total of 450 gold every 2 weeks.

The next best way of getting gold is the cops raid event. It’s an event that doesn’t require you to be very active. Your troops will defend your turf even if you’re offline & you’re rewards usually depend upon your clans performance. If your clan manages to get over 135M points during a cops raid event, you get 200 gold immediately when the event ends. If your clan finishes anywhere in the top 10, you get upto 500 bonus gold per event. But even if we assume that your clan doesn’t finish in the top 10, you’re still getting 400 gold every 2 weeks from the cops raid event since this event happens twice every 2 weeks.

And the last 2 events that give the most gold but also require the most activity are the daily crime wave & the city contest events.
The Daily Crime wave gives you gold based on your mansion level. If you’re a Mansion 26, you can usually get 510 gold every day by hitting the final target except during the kill event which gives 3 time the amount.
A mansion 26 should be able to easily get a total of 3570 gold from the daily crime wave every 2 weeks by completing the final targets. The targets aren’t usually that difficult to complete even for non-spenders. For the crew training event, you can easily get enough speed ups to meet your target from the clan kickbacks if you’re in an active clan. For the turf development event, you can simply speed up a few hitman investments which give a lot of power. For the street force event, keep attacking high level street forces & try to avoid attacking low level street forces & you should be able to get your gold without having to buy any extra energy. For the Power increasing event, simply prepare in advance by unequipping your equipment before the event begins. Even if you forget to do so, you should be able to train a few thousand troops for free during the event which will help you get your gold. And for the kill event, you could get a few advance teleports from the plantation store & to do some rescue hits or you could, simply attack your own farm to get the gold if you don’t want to kill.

The same applies for the City contest. The only difference is that in the city contest everyone gets a fixed 385 gold for 5 days if they meet the individual & city requirements. This means that, you can get 1,925 gold just from the city contest without spending.

So those were a few different ways of getting gold in the Game. I’ve only included the ones that are consistent in this video, for example, I’ve the excluded the clash of mafia event as it’s not that consistent, since you don’t get any gold during the playoff season if you don’t qualify for the playoffs.

So, finally, to recap, you get 420 gold from the Clan Attendance, at least 450 gold from the Fund Management, 400 gold from the cops raid, 3570 gold from the daily crime wave for a Mansion 26 & 1925 gold from the city contest. That’s a total of 6,765 gold which is enough to keep you shielded for not just 4 days for but for almost 8 days during a period of 2 weeks. This is obviously not taking into account events like clan of mafia that give a lot of gold but aren’t consistent. So if you consider the gold that you get from all events in the game & if you’re active enough, it should be fairly easy to stay shielded during kill events even if you’re a non-spender.

I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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3 thoughts on “How to get gold for Shields – Mafia City”

  1. you can get gold from the lucky wheels. you can buy advance chips from the plantation store daily. I usually aim for 6k or 10k gold. its easy that way for the farms. Also, sharing the crew members to FB gives you 200 gold every week.

  2. Hello! Thank you for all that you do, I love your guides! I have a question: I noticed under SVIP3 there’s a new buff called “Anonymous Announcement”. Any idea what it does? Thanks in advance! Not sure if this is the correct area to ask. Sorry in advance!


    1. It allows you to stay anonymous whenever you spin the limited lottery wheel & get a good reward. Your name will be hidden in the announcement

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