Memorial Day Event – Mafia City

This post is going to help you with the minigame in the memoral day event in Mafia City. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post.

The minigame consists of 9 coins numbered 1 to 9 placed facedown at the beginning. You are allowed to flip any 4 out of these 9 coins to reveal their number. The goal of this minigame is to score as many points as possible by trying to guess the line that gives the most points.

I tried looking for strategies that would help with the guessing. However, I couldn’t find a simple one. The strategy that I came up with wasn’t feasible since it required a lot of calculations which would take too much time. However, to make it feasible I decided to put it in an excel sheet & share it with you guys.

Basically, the excel sheet helps you find the line that is most likely to give you a high score using the information provided to it.
Everytime you flip a coin, you get some information about all 8 lines. i.e. If the number exists on a certain line, it reduces the range of possible sums because now one number is known & if the number doesn’t exist on a certain line, then that means that all possible sums exclusive to that number are eliminated.
For instance, if you flip a coin & get the number 1. Then it would tell you that, for the lines on which it exists, the sum could range anywhere from between 6 to 18 because you cannot get a sum above 18 with the number 1.
And for the lines on which it doesn’t exist, the sum could range anywhere from between 8 to 24 because you can get 6 & 7 as sums only if you have the number 1 in your line.

The excel sheet that I made considers all this information & gives you an expected score for each line which is a score that you get after giving weights to the probabilities of getting those scores. I’m not going to be explaining the excel sheet in this post as that will take a whole lot of time. However, here is the link to download the sheet:

After you download it, all you have to do is input the numbers wherever they appear in the minigame & the sheet will automatically calculate the expected score. After 4 random flips, you should select the line with the highest expected score as you’re more likely to get a lot of points from there.
I usually prefer flipping the coin in the center & the ones in the corners. However, I don’t think that has an impact on the outcome so you can flip whichever coins you want.

Now, keep in mind that this is a probability based spreadsheet so you’re not always going to get the best scores. It only means that you’ll have an idea of what you’re likely to score while selecting a line which will help you increase your average score. So I hope you find the spreadsheet helpful.
Here’s the link to it again:

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Event – Mafia City”

  1. I love the spreadsheet although I am totally clueless how it works . I still think this spreadsheet is your no.1 master pieces so far . I crack out laughing for 15 minutes when I saw the spreadsheet . You really should be hired as a fund analyst , they would pay you good money for this kind of work .

  2. hey, Flavio, I like your posts and tips you gave to us, any chance I can talk to you through game mafia city? I would like to ask you a lot of question about tips and game…. Thank you very much

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