How to correctly use Resource Production Buffs

This post will show you how to correctly use your resource production buffs. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Players usually collect resources from the resource production buildings before using their buffs as it is much easier to use the buffs from the resource buildings. This however causes the buff to only double resource production for the 24 hours after the buff is used.

There’s another way of using the resource production buff & that is by accessing your inventory & going to the buffs section & using your buffs from there. This will not only cause the buff to double your resource production for the next 24 hours but it will also double the resources already produced by the building that are uncollected. This means that if you collect the resources after using the buff you’ll get twice the amount of resources.

Make sure that your resource production buildings have a lot of uncollected resources before using this technique. The more uncollected resources there are, the more effective this technique will be. You can extend the benefit of your resource production buffs from 24 hours all the way upto 34 hours by doing this.

Hope this guide helps you increase your resource production

6 thoughts on “How to correctly use Resource Production Buffs”

  1. Head asplode 😮 When buff expires, the collectable rss is instantly halved. And on farms, at least a few hours of production ready when I collect. So effectively, it turns a 24 hour buff into 18-20 hour buff. Billions of res wasted, b/c you did not post this earlier 🙁

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