Street Force Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to give you to few tips that will help you beat higher level street forces. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

The first thing you need to beat higher level street forces is strong equipment. If you’re a free to play player I’d suggest going for level 35-40 equipment that give you battle stats along with the terrorizer pants and shirt. If you’re a spender, then I’d suggest using at least 2 pieces of equipment of the same color from the massacre set so that you get the set bonus which gives you a crew attack buff while attacking street forces.

You’d also want to use the Blue Devil Roadster which gives you an extra 20% crew attack while attacking street forces & your best godfather equipment that gives you battle stats.

If you have street attack emblems, you might want to use those on your equipment as well to get a little more crew attack while attacking street forces.

You can also increase your street force attack by upto 5% if you have a level 5 plantation store.

For skills, you want to invest all your skill points in the battle tree while attacking high level street forces so that you’re more likely to win against them. However, if you’re attacking lower levels that you can easily kill, then you should switch to the support tree for the crime ops speed buff. Activating buffs & the ring leader skill also helps a lot while attacking street forces.

Now let’s talk about troop formation. The best formation for attacking street forces is to include all troop types except for carriers in your march. The bulker & biker heavy formations that I usually recommend for attacking turfs & for the tournament, don’t work that well against street forces. You’ll get much better results using the default ‘Prioritize Crew’ formation against them. Or if you don’t want to use that, you can tweak the formation slightly by reducing the number of tankers to 10,000 & increasing the number of aggressive troops. This formation should help you do much better against street forces as you don’t need a lot of Tankers to beat them.

Now since it is important to use all troop types in your march while attacking street forces, it would make sense to work on your vehicle & shooter stats as well along with your bulker & biker stats. The least expensive way of increasing your stats is by investing in vigilante passive skills. If you’re a non-spender, then you can work on your investments & hitman services instead to get better stats.

Among the vigilantes, 4 star Catalina is one of the best active vigilantes to use for attacking street forces since she gives her march 20% crew attack while attacking street forces. 4 star Catalina is extremely strong, Without Catalina in my march I can only kill level 28 street forces unbuffed on my Mansion 23 account. However, when she is leading my march I can easily kill level 30 street forces unbuffed on the same account.

Obviously, Melanie is slightly better than Catalina since she gives 25% crew attack at 1 star however, she’s very difficult to unlock for most players. But if you do unlock her then make sure you add her to your march as well while attacking street forces.

So, that’s all I have about street forces. I hope this post helps you beat higher level street forces if you’ve been facing problems doing so.

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