Black Market Guide – Warpath

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about what all you should & shouldn’t get from the black market & why I think so. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Black Market Guide – Warpath

The black market is a very nice place from where you can get a lot of different items at great discounts. However, not every item listed there is worth buying.

There are normally 4 rows of items that you’ll find there & maybe a 5th row too if you have power play activated.
The first row gives you resources, the 2nd row gives building materials, the 3rd row gives you speed ups & the last 2 rows give you components, arms exp, ammunition Universal Materials & Officer Exp.

In my opinion, it’s never worth buying building materials from the 2nd row as they’re always overpriced. This is mainly because their price is based on an unbuffed production speed.

So, even though you can buy I-Beams at a 70% discount from the black market, you still have to pay 31 gold to do so. This means that the game values these I-Beams at over 100 gold. However, if you have a good production speed, you can simply go to your Engineering HQ and make a bunch of I-Beams for around 54 gold each if you simply speed them up using gold since it’ll take around 18 minutes to make one. This means that the value of I-Beams for you should be no more than 54 gold since it’ll only cost you a maximum of 54 gold to make one I-Beam.

Instead of investing in I-Beams, you can simply invest in speed ups directly. If I were to buy the 15 3 minute speed ups instead at a 60% discount & I used only 6 of those to make one I-Beam, it would only cost me 21 gold to do so. As you can see, I’m benefitting way more by investing in speed ups than from buying materials directly even though the materials are being sold at a higher discount. This is possible only because I have a higher production speed.

Another item that I don’t recommend buying is Arms Experience. This is mainly because it’s extremely easy to farm Arms Experience from the Campaign mode & whenever it comes to upgrading units, it’s usually Ammunition that tends to be the problem more than Arms Experience.

So, Building Materials and Arms Experience are the 2 items that I would never spend any resources or gold on at the Black Market. I also don’t like spending on officer experience, since it’s quite easy to get that from officer missions. I don’t think it makes sense to spend gold on experience unless you plan on upgrading your officers very rapidly.

For the remaining items, I like to compare their discounts with the VIP Store discounts before buying them. For speed ups, the highest discount that you can get at the VIP Store is 75% so I buy speed ups from the black market only if they’re being sold at a higher than 75% discount.

For components, you can buy a very small amount at an 85% discount which I normally buy every week & then you can also buy 6000 components at a 70% discount. So I usually buy components from the black market only if they give me a higher than 70% discount. However, if you’re not buying all those components at an 85% discount at the VIP store every week, then you might want to avoid buying components from the Black Market altogether as I’ve never seen any deals that give more than an 80% discount for components.

For Premium Universal Materials, I only buy them if I’m getting a 70% or 80% discount, since you can get gold parts from the VIP Store at a 65% discount.

For ammunition & resources, since you can get them both from the VIP Store for a 75% discount, I only buy them if I’m getting an 80% or higher discount.

However, if I have the option to spend resources, I buy these remaining at any discount, even if it’s only a 10% discount as I can buy resources from the VIP Store for a 75% discount. So, anything that costs you resources already has the 75% discount factored into it.

Obviously, I’m using these percentages since I have a level 15 Vip Store & have access to all these great deals. However, if your VIP Store is at a much lower level & you’re getting much lower discounts, then it might make sense for you to buy items at lower discounts from the black market as well.

The Black Market refreshes every 8 hours & you can manually refresh the market for upto 5 times during these 8 hrs. I’d suggest that you refresh the market only once after you’ve bought all items that you need as it’ll cost gold to do more than one refresh.

So, that’s pretty much all the advice I have for buying items from the Black Market.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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