Cost of Maxing a Mafia City Account

In this post, I’ll try my best to give you a rough estimate of how much it costs to max out an account in Mafia City. Obviously, the numbers can vary significantly based how quickly you’re trying to max out your account since certain items can cost you 10 times the price if you want to buy them right away instead of waiting to get them. So, you’d want to take the figures mentioned in this video with a grain of salt. In case you’re here just for the amount it is a little over 1 million dollars, so thanks for reading. But for those of you who want to know How I came up with that number, we’re gonna start off with some of the Cheapest items & slowly work our way up to the most expensive ones. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Cost of Maxing Out an Account – Mafia City

First off, you have the 7 leader avatars that give you extra stats. I’m not really sure how much they exactly cost, but I remember some of these being sold for $500 during the 4th Anniversary Event. So, I think 500 is a good estimate. That would make the total cost of unlocking all 7 avatars $3500.

Then you have the SVIP 10. You need a total of 317,000 SVIP Points to get to this level. Since you get 9000 SVIP Points from the $100 SVIP Pack, it’ll cost you a little over $3500 to get there.

Then there are babe dresses, there are a total of 12 dresses in the game. However, some of these can be unlocked for very cheap during the 5 day purchase event, while the remaining cost between $500 to $1000 each. So, we’ll assume that you need to unlock 8 dresses for $500 each making the total cost of dresses $4000.

Then you have 16 vigilante skins in the game that give you buffs. Each of these skins require 100 vigilante skins fragments. You can get 7 of these fragments per $20 vigilante skin pack. This makes the total cost of unlocking all vigilante skins around $4500.

Then you have Godfather Equipment. We’ll take a look at the Godfather Coin Cost later since that’s quite significant. However, as far as augmentation cards are concerned, you need 910,000 to augment the godfather’s watch to level 20. This means that it’ll cost you $5,200 if you only buy the $20 augmentation card packs that give 3500 cards each.

Then there’s the Crew Rank Feature which requires you to use Substance Z to upgrade your Crew Rank. If we assume that you only do 1 upgrade per day to minimize the cost, it would cost you around 1.2 million Substance Z which is about $6000 if you only buy the $100 packs that give 20,000 Substance Z each. This is an extremely conservative estimate, since it’ll take around 13000 days to max out all 4 troop types if you only do one upgrade per day. So, the actual cost could easily be more than double this amount. However, it’s extremely time consuming to calculate so I just stuck to the conservative estimate.

Then you have leader Equipment. If you buy all your equipment during the buy 2 get one free event, It should cost you $2000 for the Massacre Set, $1200 each for dominant, warlord & supreme & finally $2400 for the Ultimate Set. So, the total cost would be $8000 for the ultimate set. Obviously, you can reduce the cost further by making warlord the cheap way. However, most big spenders are not going to do that.

Then you have Elite 6 Buildings. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the info for building requirements upto Elite 6. So, were only gonna consider the blueprints required to unlock T12 troops. i.e. The blueprints to upgrade your Mansion & 4 Camps to Elite 6.
Each of these buildings cost around 13,000 blueprints & their total cost adds up to around 66,000. So, if you only buy the $100 blueprint packs that give 750 blueprints each, you’ll have to spend around $8800

Next up, you have vigilante skills. In total, there are 23 purple vigilantes & 45 golden vigilantes. To keep things simple, we’ll assume all of these vigilantes have a uniform cost i.e. $117.5 to 5 star purple vigilantes & $165 to 5 star golden vigilantes. So, in total it would cost you around $10,000 to max out all vigilantes to 5 stars in the game. Now, again this is a very conservative estimate as we’ve ignored the cost of upgading vigilante skills here which would probably be way more than $10,000. We’ve only considered the cost of getting them to 5 stars here.

Then you have augmentation cards required for leader equipment. You need a total of 500,000 augmentation cards to max out one legendary equipment piece. So, for 6 pieces, you’d need a total of 3 million cards. This would cost you around $17,000 if you only buy the $20 augmentation card packs.

Next up we have emblems. Here we assume you buy the $20 emblem pack 896 times to get 28 golden bulker & biker emblems. For the remaining 28 emblems, we can safely assume that you get them from the emblem chests that come with this pack. This would end up costing you almost around $18,000.

Then we have the leader level which gives you skillpoints to invest in your skill tree. The max leader level in the game currently is level 59 which requires a total of around 9.4 Billion experience to reach. If you buy only the $5 experience packs packs that give 20M experience each, it’ll cost you around $23,000 to max out your leader level.

Then you have the best roadster in the game Poison Ivy. You need a total of 380 gold points to max out this roadster. If you only buy the $100 roadster packs that give around 1.2 golden points each, it’ll cost you around $31,000 to unlock this roadster.

Then there are babes, in total you have 17 babes in the game that are not free. This is excluding the limited time babe ‘Creature Queen’ since it’s impossible to get her now. It can cost upto $500 to unlock each babe depending upon how you unlock them. However, for this video, we’ll assume, you can get each of them at $300. Making the total cost $5,100. But that’s not the end as they also have skills that can be upgraded using jewelry cards. They have a total of 100 skills, some of these skills require fewer jewelry cards to max out, so we’ll only consider the cost of 90 skills here. You need a little over 23,500 jewelry cards to max out each skill. If you can get 300 jewelry cards for $5. It should end up costing you a little more than $35,000 to max out 90 skills. So, in total, for babes, you need to spend over $40,000 to max them out.

Then you have the godfather’s watch. You need around 5 million godfather coins to unlock the watch & about 5.5 million coins to augment it to the max level. So, you need over 10 million godfather coins to max out your watch making the cost a little over $44000 if you only buy the $50 packs that give you 12,000 coins each.

Then you have vigilante equipment. Unfortunately, for vigilantes one set is not enough. You need at least 10 max sets if you want to do well in the global vigilante tournament. This means it’ll cost you $48000 to make all 10 sets as it costs at least $800 to get a level 35 vigilante equipment during the buy 2 get 1 free event.

Then there’s hitman services. Earlier, you needed around 11.8 million hitman coins to max out all of your hitman services. However, recently they added the godfather emblem page which increases that a little. I don’t know the exact cost of maxing out this page. However, I think it’s safe to assume that it’ll cost at least 1.2 million coins. So, the total number of hitman coins required to max out your hitman services now should be around 13 million. You can get 27,000 of these hitman coins from $100 packs in the game. So, in total, you’d need to spend a little over $48,000 to max out all your hitman services.

Then you have vigilante level. Again you’d need 10 level 50 vigilantes at least if you want to compete in the Global Vigilante Tournament. You need around 1.1 billion vigilante experience to get a vigilante to level 50. This would mean that you need 11 billion experience to get 10 maxed out vigilantes. If you buy the $100 vigilante experience packs that give 22 million experience each, you should be able to get that much experience for just over $50,000.

Then there’s the SVIP Store. You need a little more than 28 million store points to max out your SVIP Store. Let’s assume that 1 SVIP Point is 5 store points. This again is an extremely conservative estimate as at lower SVIP Store levels it’s extremely difficult to get a 5x return. However, if we make this assumption, it should cost us a little more than 5.6 million SVIP Points to max out the Store. This would cost us around $63,000 if we only buy the $100 SVIP Packs that give 9000 SVIP Points each.

Then you have Turf Effects. There are a total of 89 Regular Turf Effects in the game currently & 29 Combine Turf Effects. Turf Effects normally cost anywhere between $200 to $500 if you buy them directly. If we assume that you can get the 89 turf effects for 200 each that would cost you a total of $17,800 to get all of them. For the 29 combined turf effects, you need a total of 189 vouchers to max each of them out. If you buy the $100 packs that give 12 combine vouchers each, you’ll have to spend over $45000 to max all 29 of them. So, turf skins would end up costing you another $63,000

Then there are Combine Ops which are quite similar to turf skins. You have 110 regular ops & 39 combine ops. If you assume $200 to unlock each ops effect, you’ll have to spend $22000 to unlock them all. Then you’ll have to spend another $61,000 to max out the star level of all 39 combine ops. So, in total ops would end up costing you $83000

Then there’s family businesses, Before the T12 update, you needed a little more than 68 million family gold to unlock all family businesses. However, unfortunately I don’t have the info about how much family gold you need to max out the new investments. But I think it’s safe to assume that the new investments would cost you at least 32 million more family gold making the total required family gold 100 million. If you only buy the $100 packs that give 75000 family gold each, it would end up costing you a total of $133,000 to get all this family gold.

Then you have the family reputation levels which you need to max out for all 4 families if you want to unlock all family businesses & also get some extra buffs. I don’t know the exact cost of getting from adoration to adoration + 5. However, if you follow the past trend, then it should cost you 1.25 billion family reputation to max out each of the 4 families or 5 billion reputation to max out the reputation level of all 4 families. Even if you only buy the $5 packs that give 140,000 reputation each to max out your family reputation, you’d still have to spend at least $178,000 to get 5 billion reputation. However, there’s also a cap on how much reputation you can get per day which is around 3.3 million. So, to get 5 billion reputation you’d still need to wait over 1500 days to get there after spending the $178,000. If you want to get there much faster, you’d have to buy the daily reputation limit increase items everyday which would increase your reputation limit all the way upto 8.3 million daily & you’d still need around 600 days to max out the reputation level of all 4 families

Finally you have Turf Skins, there are 68 turf skins right now in the game excluding the Conqueror’s Path Skin. Each skin normally costs $1500 to unlock immediately & then another $1200 to max out it’s star level. So, to max out 68 skins, you’d need to spend about $183,000 in total.

If you add all of these numbers up, you get a total cost of over $1 million US dollars.

There are also a lot more areas in the game where you can spend which haven’t been considered in this video.

There’s the Plantation Store which you need to max out to get buffs, there are special collection items that you get by winning certain events, there are T11 & T12 skill upgrades at the family advancement for which you need to buy hi-tech parts.

You’d also want to train about 1 billion power which could also get very expensive, you’d also have to fight multiple battles to win the governor’s & legendary sets & also the Conqueror’s Path & Las Vegas Turf Skins. You’d probably need a few billion power along with a ton of super raid orders to win those events. Also, the cost of resources, speed ups, elite 6 buildings (other than Mansion & Training Camps) & vigilante skill upgrades haven’t been considered.

We also haven’t considered the free items that you get from events like the cumulative & ultimate purchase. However, I think that the cost of all the items that we haven’t considered would far exceed those event benefits.

So, in my opinion its fair to assume that it’ll cost you about a million dollars to max out an account. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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