Best Way to Spend Gold – Lucky Poker Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be showing you what in my opinion is the best way of spending gold in the game. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Best Way To Spend Gold – Mafia City

So, after analyzing a lot of different ways of spending your gold, I’ve come to a conclusion that the best items to spend you gold on are Advance Chips.
Advance Chips cost anywhere from 15 to 20 gold per chip depending upon where you purchase them from & the quantity in which they’re purchased. If you purchase 1000 advance chips directly from the casino, you will end up paying 18 gold per chip. If you do the same from the smuggler, you’ll only have to pay 17.5 gold. If you get your chips from the VIP store, which I always recommend doing, you spend only 16 gold per chip. And if you’re very lucky, you might come across this offer at the smuggler where you have to spend only 15 gold per advance chip.

Now that we’ve seen how much the advance chips cost, let’s take a look at how you can use these advance chips effectively while doing the lucky poker. The Rules of lucky poker are quite simple. You’re dealt 9 cards face up at the start, once you hit shuffle, the cards are turned face down and shuffled. Then you’re allowed to pick cards one by one. The first pick is Free, the second pick costs 1 advance chip, the third costs 2, the fourth – 4, the fifth costs 8, the sixth 16 the 7th 32, the 8th 64 and finally the 9th pick costs 128 advance chips.
The good thing about lucky poker is that that cards you pick are not random. In most cases you can predict the sequence in which the cards will be picked based on specific patterns revealed by the cards you’re dealt. We’re going to take a look at a few patterns that are most likely to give you more value for your advance chips than what they’re worth.

The first pattern is the 2, 5 & 15 times multipliers with the Advance Teleport and 2,000 gold. If you see this pattern, you should always go all the way upto step 9 because it gives you a guaranteed 10,000 gold along with an advance teleport & other items for 255 advance chips. (When I say you should go upto step 9, it simply means that you should flip all 9 cards. In the same way, when I say you should go upto step 7, it means, you should flip any 7 cards & then stop.)

The second one is the 3, 5 & 15 multipliers with the Advance Crime Ops Acceleration and 2,000 gold. This pattern gives you 10,000 gold ‘SOMETIMES’ if you go all the way upto step 9 and you also get an Advance Crime Ops Acceleration plus other items just for 255 chips. Make sure you don’t confuse this pattern with the one that has the 2, 5 & 15 multipliers, because the 2, 5, 15 pattern is more commonly found but it never gives you 10,000 gold.


The next pattern has the 3 & 15 times multipliers with 2000 gold. Now this pattern is a little risky. You should first go all the way upto step 7 & if step 7 gives you 100 gold, then proceed to step 9 & you’ll get 6000 gold for 255 advance chips. But if step 7 gives you the 3 times multiplier, then you should not proceed further as you’ll only get 300 gold on step 8 & 2000 gold on step 9.

The next pattern has the 20 times multiplier with 50 gold. If you see this pattern, you should go upto step 6 which gives you 1,000 gold for only 31 advance chips. (Not always guaranteed)

There’s one more with a 20 times multiplier and 40 gold. This one requires you to go upto step 5 & gives you 800 gold for 15 advance chips (Not always guaranteed)

The next pattern has the 2, 3, 5 times multipliers and at least 1 purple gem card. Whenever you see this pattern, you want to go all the way upto step 7 where you’re most likely to get a purple gem for just 63 advance chips. Although there have been a few exceptions where I didn’t get the purple gem at Step 7. The probability of these exceptions is so low that you shouldn’t really worry about them happening.

The next pattern again has the 2, 3 & 5 times multipliers and it also has 2 blue gem cards. In this case you want to go only upto step 6 to get 2 blue gems for 31 advance chips. You could also go to step 7 if you wan’t those 2 extra blue gems but I usually prefer stopping at step 6.

And finally, the last pattern has the 3 & 10 times multipliers only, along with either a card 2 blue gems or 1 purple gem. For these you want to go all the way upto step 9 as you get either 20 blue gems or 10 purple gems for 255 advance chips. Make sure you don’t confuse this pattern with the one that has the 3, 5 & 10 times multipliers as the 3, 5, 10 pattern gives you the blue or purple gems at step 7 without the 10 times multiplier effect. It’s worth going to step seven if it’s a purple gem. But I don’t think it’s worth if you’re getting only 2 blue gems at step 7.

Before I end this post I’d like to show you how powerful the effect of getting gems from via advance chips could be as opposed to making them at the lapidary complex.
Making a green gem at the lapidary complex at maximum speed costs you 266 gold to speed up. So, to make a blue gem instantly, you’ll have to spend 1064 gold & to make one purple gem at the lapidary complex instantly, it will cost you 4256.

So 10 purple gems would end up costing you 42,560 gold to speed build. Now, you can get the same amount of gems from the lucky poker for only 255 advance chips which cost a maximum of 5100 gold. Or even if we assume that you spend 63 advance chips per purple gem, you’re only spending a maximum of 1260 gold per purple gem which is a lot less than 4256. This is why I think advance chips are the best items in the game to spend your gold on. (Of course, if you already have enough gems & don’t need any more gems for equipment then it might not be worth it for you. However, if you’re like most players & need to make a ton of gems, you should definitely spend a bunch of your gold buying advance chips from the VIP Store at least)

The patterns that I covered in this video are the ones that I currently use but I’m pretty sure there are more profitable patterns which I just haven’t found out yet. These have worked for over 3 years now, so it’s very unlikely that they’ll be patched. If you find a pattern that gives a lot of gold or items, please let me know in the comments down below.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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