Biker Equipment Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be showing you the best Biker Equipment Combinations from Level 25 equipment all the way upto level 43 equipment, for both spenders as well as non spenders. Apart from that, I’ll also be covering Godfather Equipment, Roadsters, Emblems as well as Armaments. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Biker Equipment Guide – Mafia City

First, lets take a look at the different types of buffs & multipliers you can get on your equipment.

There are 3 types of Buffs,
Basic Buffs that you get from all types of equipment.
Set Buffs that you get from equipping multiple pieces of equipment from a specific set.
& Alteration Buffs that you get from certain high level equipment like the ultimate & governor’s sets & also from blue or Higher Quality Godfather Equipment.

There are also certain multipliers in the game that you can get from certain vigilantes, investments, hitman services, an Elite 6 Pawnbroker, the Battle Fanaticism Skill & also from Augmentation.

Apart from the Augmentation Multiplier, all other multipliers boost the Basic Buffs as well as the Alteration Buffs of your equipment. However, none of the multipliers boost your set buffs. In case of the Augmentation Multiplier, that only works on your Basic Buffs & not on the Alteration Buffs.

To give you an example of how this works, let’s say I have a godfather’s coat that gives me 20,000 Ops Capacity as it’s basic buff as well as 17,033 Ops Capacity as the Alteration Buff.

Each Augmentation Level increases the Base Stats by 5%, so if I augment it to level 16, that’ll make it’s base stats go up by 80%, & hence, the Basic Ops Capacity Buff increases by 16,000 (which is 80% of 20,000). However, the alteration buffs remain unchanged.

I also get a 14% Buff from other sources like vigilante skills, investments & hitman services. This buff boosts not only the Basic Ops Capacity by 2800 (which is 14% of 20,000), but also the Alteration Ops Capacity by 2,384 (which is 14% of 17,033)

The same also applies to other stats like crew attack & defense. 10% Basic Crew Attack will get an 80% Buff from augmentation increasing it by 8% (which is 80% of 10%) & it gets another 14% Buff from the other sources further increasing it by 1.4% (which is 14% of 10%).

However, the Alteration Buff that gives me 8.11% Biker Defense will only go up by 1.14% (which is 14% of 8.11%). The 80% Augmentation Buff doesn’t apply to it.

For set buffs, the multipliers do no apply, so I’ve ignored them in my example.

Hope this makes it clear how buffs and their multipliers work for equipment.

There are also certain Emblem & Armament Buffs that you can get from the Hitman Agency. However, those simply buff their Base Stats in the same way Augmentation Cards do. So, if you have an Armament that gives 28.1% Biker Attack & a 10% Armament Buff from Hitman Services, that 28.1% will become 30.91% & the set buffs will remain unchanged.
In the same way, if you have an emblem that gives 25% Biker Attack, that will become 27.5% with a 10% Buff & 30% with a 20% Emblem Buff. Currently, the max buff you can get on a Godfather Equipment Emblem is 10% & for Emblems engraved on other equipment, the max is 20%.

Now that we know how buffs & multipliers work, let’s take a look at Biker Equipment for Various Levels. I’ll be showing you the stats that you can get from unbuffed golden quality equipment as well as the stats you can get from the same equipment with maxed Buffs. If you wanna download this spreadsheet & customize it for your own buffs, it’ll be available on my Patreon.

The First Set is for Players that are just Starting off. They can use a bunch of Level 25 Equipment which only require 17 gems per piece to make. For the Gun, you’d want to use the Level 25 SRM M1216 which gives 21.76% Biker Attack, for your weapon, you’d want to use the Level 25 Military Knuckle which gives 10.88% Biker Attack, for accessories, you’d want to use the level 25 Silver Ring which again gives 10.88% Biker Attack. For Clothes & Pants, you’d want to use the Level 25 Terrorizer’s Suit & Trousers which give 12%. In case you don’t know how to make Set Equipment, I have a separate post showing you just that, you can find it here. Finally, for Shoes, you’d want to use the Level 25 Oxford Shoes which gives another 10.88% Biker Attack.
If you’re just starting off, I wouldn’t recommend trying to get golden quality from the start since that’ll be very time consuming, instead you should start off with purple quality & then, once you have the gems, you can upgrade to orange & then eventually to gold.

The next set is the level 30 Set where you’d want to upgrade your Military Knuckles to the Level 30 Silver Knuckle & your Silver Ring to the Level 30 Gold Necklace.

After that, there’s the level 35 Set, where you’d want to use the level 35 MP5 Submachine Gun, the FX-1683, the Diamond Watch as your accessory & Lavish Leather Shoes.

Then there’s the level 40 set, where you’d wanna use the Trident Folding Knife, the Tanzanite Ring & Dress Shoes.

Finally, if you can upgrade to the level 43 Set, then you’d want to use the IWI, the M500, the Langer Watch & Allen Koltin Leather Shoes.

So, those are all the equipment combinations that non spenders can use.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the combinations for spenders.

If you can invest in the level 30 Massacre set, then you’d want to use the Massacre Trousers instead of the Terrorizer’s Trousers.

If you can invest in the Dominant Set, then you’d want to use the full dominant set since each piece of that set gives more biker attack than any piece of Level 43 Regular Equipment or any of the lower level set equipment.

For the Warlord Set, you can use the full set to get more biker attack than the full dominant set. However, if you want to maximize biker attack, then you can combine it with the level 35 Dominant’s Brass Knuckle which gives 19.5% more biker attack. However, you lose 10% Biker Attack from the set buff and also another 34.68% Biker Defense from the Warlord Knife, so I don’t think it’s worth switching.

Then there’s the supreme set.
You can use the full Supreme Set to get all of it’s set buffs. However, if you want to optimize for Biker Attack, then you can use the Warlord Shotgun & the Warlord Pants along with other Supreme Equipment.

& If you want to optimize for Biker Defense & Health, then you can use the Warlord Knife & the Warlord Coat along with other Supreme Pieces.

Then there’s the Ultimate Set. If you want to optimize for Biker Attack, then you can use the full Ultimate Set.

If you want to Optimize for Biker Defense & Health, then you can replace the Ultimate Knife with the Warlord Knife & the Ultimate Jacket with the Warlord Fur Coat.

So, those are all the ways you can use Set Equipment. Now, let’s take a look at Roadsters.

There are a lot of Roadsters that give you biker stats & the cheapest one is Black Beauty which costs just 296 roadster points & gives you 2% Biker Defense. Then there’s ladybug which is slightly expensive but gives the same Biker Defense.

Then you have white shadow, which gives 1% Biker Attack & Defense. Icy Babe which gives 2% Biker Attack.

Then there’s knight which is a really good roadster for beginners as it gives 4% Biker Attack as well as Defense.

Then you have DeLorean which gives 6% Biker Attack & Defense.

Then there’s Ignite which gives 7% Biker Attack & 10% Biker Defense.

After that you have another really good Roadster for intermediate players, Black Sally which gives 8% Biker Attack and Defense but also 5% Biker Charge Damage at the same time.

After Black Sally, there are a Few other roadsters like Lady Silver, Black Hector, Diamond Daisy & White Stallion which gives slightly more Attack & Defense than Black Sally. However, I’d still recommend using Black Sally instead of those roadsters because of the extra charge damage it gives.

Finally, once you’re able to unlock Blue Star, you’d want to start using that roadster because it like an upgraded version of black sally with almost double the stats. It gives 14% Attack & Defense & 10% Charge Damage.

After Blue Star, you can skip Whirlwind & directly jump to Silent Walker.

After Silent Walker, I like using Stormbreaker because of it’s high biker defense.

After that, some people like using white devil for the extra Biker Attack. However, I think it’s much better to wait until you can unlock Twilight Blade to get more biker attack & ops capacity.

Then you can go to Black Light which gives 18% Biker Attack, 40% Biker Defense, -18% Enemy Biker Attack and 12,000 more Ops Capacity.

After that, you can upgrade to Slingshot which gives 18% Biker Attack from the regular buffs and 23% from alteration buffs making the total biker attack 41%, You also get 40% Biker Defense, -20% Enemy Biker Attack & 15,000 Crime Ops Capacity. I added 23% to Biker Attack since this is a post on Biker Equipment. However, I’d personally add a 25,000 Ops Capacity increase from the alteration buffs instead of Biker Attack.

I wouldn’t recommend using Death Hornet after Slingshot mainly because it doesn’t give any ops capacity buff even though it gives a 15% Biker Charge Damage Buff.

Finally, you’d want to upgrade to Hellfire which gives 48% Biker Attack including the alteration buffs, 50% Biker Defense, -30% Enemy Biker Attack & 17,000 Ops Capacity. Again, I’d prefer getting the 27,000 Ops Capacity Buff instead of the 25% Biker Attack Buff.

The Last Roadster is Poison Ivy but I wouldn’t recommend using that for normal battles as it’s specifically for the Conqueror’s Path Event so it should only be used there.

Now that I’ve covered Roadsters, let’s move on to Godfather’s Equipment.

There are 4 Pieces of Godfather’s Equipment that you can use to get Biker Attack, the level 25, 30, 35 & 42 Godfather’s Equipment. I personally prefer using the level 25 Coat over the level 30 Knife & level 35 Gun because the level 25 Coat gives both attack as well as defense buffs while the gun and knife only give attack buffs.

However, some people prefer using the gun and knife mainly because they give higher crime ops capacity buffs, both from their basic buffs as well as from their alteration buffs.

Finally, if you’re able to get the level 42 Watch, then you should definitely use that since it’s far superior than all previous equipment pieces.

Then there’s emblems.
There are 3 different Biker Stats that you can get from Emblems, Attack, Defense & Health. You could also use Honor Emblems that give 2 different stats to get some more Biker Attack or defense in the 4th Slot.

I’ve covered Biker Emblems here since it’s a biker equipment guide. However, I personally prefer using One Biker Defense Emblem, One Biker Health Emblem, One Bulker Defense Emblem & One Bulker Health Emblem in each of the 4 emblem slots for all of my pieces of equipment.

Finally, let’s talk about Roadster Armaments
There are 3 Regular Armament Pieces that give you Biker Attack or Defense. The Turret & Nitro Armaments give 28.32% Biker Attack each, which when buffed goes upto 31.15% & the Plate Armament gives 22.65% Biker Defense which when buffed gives 24.92% Defense.

Then there’s the Type S Ghastly Set which has 4 pieces that buff Biker Stats. The Turret, Artillery, Glass & Nitro. You also get some extra set buffs which boost biker stats as well.

You could use the Regular Plate Armament instead of the Type S Ghastly Plate to get more biker stats, however, that’ll remove the +3 Basic Biker Attack which I think is way better than getting the extra Biker Defense. So, in my opinion, you should use the full ghastly set.

So, I think I’ve covered the topic of Biker Equipment in quite some detail in this post. If you still have any questions about this topic then be sure to leave them in the comments down below. If you don’t know how to make equipment, then I have 2 posts on that topic, one for regular equipment & the other one for set equipment.

Before I end this post I’d like to thank all my patrons for the support:

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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