How to make Set Equipment (For Beginners) – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how you can make Set Equipment in the game. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

How to make set equipment – Mafia City

The game has 2 types of equipment. There’s normal equipment that you can make using only normal gems & then there’s set equipment that you can make by using a few normal gems along with blueprints & special gems.

Unlike regular gems though, blueprints & special gems do not come in different colors which is what make it very confusing for a lot of beginners to make set equipment of a specific color. So in this post, I’m gonna be explaining exactly how to make equipment of a specific color.

Let’s take a look at the kingpin set.

The Kingpin pistol requires 80 morganites & 35 blueprints along with 2 golden gems to get it at golden quality.

However, since I do not have 35 blueprints, you’ll notice that there’s only a 14% chance of me getting golden quality while there’s a 53% chance of me getting blue. The lowest quality is blue because the blueprints have a blue color background.

When I increase the number of blueprints from 6 to 13, the background changes from blue to purple & the probability of getting a blue kingpin piece goes down to 0 since now the lowest quality is purple.

However, when I reduce the number of blueprints from 13 to 12. The background color again changes to blue but the probabilities also change. Now the probability of getting blue is 56% while the probability of getting gold is only 9%. So, even though we increased the number of blueprints from 6 to 12, the probability of getting gold actually went down from 14% to only 9%. This shows that it’s usually best to use the least amount of blueprints for a specific color while making set equipment as increasing the amount may lead to a lower probability of getting the best quality equipment.

The same applies to the special gems as well. If we use 57 special gems instead of 80 along with 13 blueprints, the background color of the special gem changes to orange & now there’s only a 6.6% chance of getting golden quality while there’s a 59% chance of getting purple. But when we increase the number of special gems that we use from 57 to 79, the chance of getting gold decreases to 5.9% & the chance of purple also goes down to 53%

So, basically, while making set equipment, you need to pay attention to the background color of the blueprints & gems that you’re using to get the color that you want. You also should make sure that you’re using the least amount of gems or blueprints to get that background color as using more gems or blueprints may reduce the chance of getting the best quality equipment. If you want to know the blueprints & special gem cost for making set equipment of different colors. I have that available on my webiste, you can find the link in the description & also in the comments section below.

Kingpin Equipment can also be synthesized with other normal level 20 equipment of the same color to get a higher quality Kingpin Equipment.

This same concept applies to almost all sets in the game. You can use it to make higher level sets like Massacre, Dominant, Walord & maybe even the Supreme set for a lot cheaper.

I have a separate post showing you in detail How to get the Massacre Set for just $100. I also have a post on How to get the warlord set for $700 which also applies to the dominant set. For the supreme set, I don’t really have a post since I don’t think it’s practical to make it for cheap. It’ll require you to gamble using golden gems after dismantling supreme equipment since there’s no normal level 42 equipment to synthesize it with. Let me know if you want me to make a post about it in the comments below.

So, that’s how you make set equipment.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

4 thoughts on “How to make Set Equipment (For Beginners) – Mafia City”

  1. Correct me if i am wrong , but nowadays i never take chance on equipment , i cannot afford to lose anymore orange or gold gems . So each time , i make sure i have 100% of everything . It is slow , and take forever .. and my vigilante equipment is not moving . But yeah , i have them all orange now .
    Maybe i should try them on vigilantes equip , never enough prints .

    1. Yes. It’s a good idea to try gambling with golden gems while making vigilante equipment because blueprints are very hard to come across

        1. I have lvl 10 kingpin equipment green. I tried to synthesized it using 3 normal equipment for blue kingpin. The game says no equipment found. Can you please explain? Thank you for all the information you give to help us.

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