Bastille Day – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be explaining how the Bastille Day Event works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

This weeks event is the Bastille Day event which is quite simple compared to most other events in the game.

The Event requires you to collect Prisoner’s letters which you can get from Attacking Street Forces, Trading at the Black Market & Gathering Resources.

You can get upto 40 of these letters per day from Street Forces & Mercenaries. You can use the Blue Devil Roadster while attacking street forces to get double rewards including double prisoner’s letters to collect them faster. You can get 10 more daily from gathering resources & upto 35 daily by trading at the black market. In total, you can get 85 prisoner’s letters daily.

Each leader can only locate one Bastille per day & locating a Bastille requires 45 of these letters which means that you don’t need to collect all 85 letters daily. Just maxing out street forces & getting the extra 5 from the black market or from gathering daily should be enough.

Once the Bastille is located, the player that has located the bastille will have 2 hours to destroy it. They’ll have an option to either Attack it or Set a raid on it. The Bastille starts at level 1 & every time it is destroyed, it’s level will increase by 1. Once you destroy a level 20 Bastille. It’ll disappear from the map. It’s not that difficult to destroy the bastille even at higher levels so I’d recommend solo attacking it instead of raiding. Also, the rewards that your clanmates get for joining bastille raids are terrible. So, raiding is just not worth it. It costs 10 energy per attack. So, in total, you’ll be spending 200 energy to beat all 20 levels.

The rules also mention that if a Bastille has already been located, then locating another Bastille at the same time will make it disappear. This is not a limit for the clan because clearly, 2 or more players can spawn their Bastilles at the same time. So, it has to be an individual limit. However, since you can only spawn 1 Bastille a day, I’m guessing this applies whenever you try to spawn another Bastille after reset before the first Bastille has been destroyed. To prevent losing your Bastille, just make sure that you destroy it before locating another one.

In case you choose to do raids because you’re not strong enough to destroy the bastille alone, then keep in mind that you can only do 5 raids per day so you’d want to save those raids for the last 5 levels instead of the first few levels. The limit is only for initiating raids, there’s no limit for participating in raids. However, I still wouldn’t recommend doing so.

Finally, after attacking the Bastille, you can claim your rewards at the event page, based on the number of level’s you’ve cleared.

The rewards for clearing floor 20 include 100 Augmentation cards and a bunch of godfather coins, roadster points & vip points. Here’s the list of rewards that you get for clearing all 20 floors. Shoutout to Alan for sharing this info.

So, that’s all I had to talk about the Bastille Day Event.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my patrons
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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. Hope you found it helpful.

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