Another Permanent Ops for $25? – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be showing you how to get another ops for just $25. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Another Permanent Ops Effect for $25 – Mafia City

So, there’s the New Year Daruma Treasure Event currently going on. This event is just like the Anniversary Treasure Event that happened a few months ago, it lasts for 30 days, it got 3 cards, the Silver, Platinum & Black Cards & you’re supposed to level up your cards to get rewards. You get the Silver Card for free, the Platinum Card costs $5 & the Black Card costs $20. To be able to buy the Black Card, you first need to purchase the Platinum Card. So, you need to spend a total of $25 to get the Black Card.

Once you get the Black Card, you simply have to get it to level 30 & you’ll be able to unlock the permanent Daruma ops effect. I’ve already made a post on how to level up your cards quickly. I’ll leave a link to that video in the description & also at the end of this video if you wanna check that out.

During this event, you can also buy key packs to get keys to unlock Sacred Treasures. You can also get a few keys from the 3 cards however, to get more, you’ll have to buy packs since there are no other ways of getting keys in the game. On opening 10 of these sacred treasures, you get to open a nirvana treasure which gives much better rewards than the sacred treasure. On opening this treasure you also have a small chance of winning the Daruma Turf Box which could give you the Permanent Daruma Ancient Fort Turf Decoration.

The other event going on is the Japanese New Year Fortune Cat event. This event requires you to use fortune coins to get rewards. You can get upto 15 of these fortune coins per day by finishing the daily fortune tasks listed on the event page. You can also get more fortune coins by buying packs. Each fortune coin that you use increases your contribution by 100 points. You get rewards everytime you reach a new contribution milestone & also whenever your city reaches a new milestone. The top 100 players with the most contributions in your city will also get ranking rewards.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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