How vigilante skill upgrades work – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be explaining how vigilante skill upgrades work. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Vigilante Skill Upgrades Explained – Mafia City

A lot of vigilantes have upgradeable skills that can be upgraded after you unlock those skills. An example of an upgradable skill would be Adriana’s Private Hospital Skill that increases hospital capacity by 20,000 at level 1 & 30,000 when upgraded all the way upto level 5.

In order to upgrade a skill, you first need to unlock it & you also need to meet the vigilante level requirement. Usually the level requirement for vigilante skills is either level 30 or level 35.

You need to use vigilante fragments to gain experience points for upgrading your skills. Most skills require 30,000 experience to upgrade to level 2. The first upgrade during the day costs 5 fragments & gives you 100 experience points. The second upgrade costs 6 fragments & gives 101, the next one costs 7 fragments & gives 102 experience and so on. This upgrade cost remains the same for all vigilantes during a day, so for example, if you do 105 upgrades on Adriana today & get her upgrade cost to 110 fragments. Then this 110 fragments will be the upgrade cost for all vigilante skills & not just Adriana’s skills.

Vigilante skills usually have 3 or 5 levels. Normally upgrading a skill to level 2 requires 30,000 skill experience, to get it from level 2 to 3 you need 70,000 experience & for levels 4 & 5 you need 150,000 & 300,000 experience respectively.

Whenever you upgrade your vigilante skills, there’s also a small chance of getting a multiplier for every upgrade you make. The smallest multiplier is the 2x multiplier which doubles the amount of experience points you get from an upgrade & the largest one is the 10x multiplier which multiplies the experience you get from an upgrade by 10.

From what I’ve observed, the average multiplier effect is 2.8 times which means that if you keep upgrading your vigilantes over & over for quite sometime, you should get 2.8 times the actual experience obtained because of the effect of the multipliers.

I also couldn’t find an upper limit for the upgrade cost. I was expecting the upgrade cost to stop increasing after hitting 50 or 100 fragments but it didn’t stop at either of those points it went all the way upto 110 fragments after which I stopped upgrading. So, I’m assuming that the upgrade cost doesn’t have an upper limit.

The amount of upgrades you should do per day would depend on how frequently you buy vigilante packs. If you only buy 300 fragments a day, then you should only do 20 upgrades i.e. you should stop once the cost reaches 25 fragments. Since 20 upgrades only require 290 fragments. If you buy 600 fragments a day then you’d want to do 30 upgrades per day which require a total of 585 fragments. If you only buy 300 fragments every 6 days then you’d only want to do 6 upgrades per day which cost 45 fragments.

Assuming only do one upgrade per day, it would take you a total of 1965 days & 9822 fragments to max out a level 5 skill. The cost would only be $165 if you only purchase the $5 packs that give 300 fragments each. However, if you were to purchase the $100 packs that give 540 fragments each, then it would cost you $1900 to get these 9,822 fragments.

If you want to max out a 5 level vigilante skill in just one day, it would require a total of 536 upgrades & 146,060 fragments. The cost would only be $2430 assuming you can buy an infinite amount of $5 packs that give 300 fragments each in a single day. However, if you only buy the $100 packs then it would cost you a total of $27,000.

So, that’s all I have for you guys in this video. If you want to download the excel sheet that shows you how long it would take to upgrade a skill depending upon the number of upgrades you do, I’ll be sharing it on my patreon.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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