Silver Token Exploit – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be talking about the silver token exploit that a lot of you guys probably found out about yesterday. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Silver Token Exploit – Mafia City

So, for those of you that don’t know. The silver token exploit was an exploit that allowed players to get a ton of gold, hitman coins, godfather coins, roadster points & svip points from the silver tokens obtained during the yakuza event.

To be precise, each silver token gave 1500 SVIP Points, 3000 Godfather Coins, 10,000 Gold, 6,000 Hitman Coins & 40 Silver Points for a few hours after the yakuza event came to an end.

Hundreds of players found out about this exploit & used up all of their silver tokens to get these rewards. Some even used up all the items & gold that they got from the silver tokens. Eventually, GM found out about this exploit & made it so that you couldn’t use your silver tokens anymore until they fixed the problem. Later, they even took back all the extra items & gold that players got from this exploit.

A lot players had used up their gold immediately after getting it from the exploit. So they were left with negative gold after GM took everything back, meaning that they’d have to buy a bunch of packs in order to get back to 0 gold.

Obviously, it’s gonna be very difficult for a lot of non spenders to get out of this gold debt & they’re not gonna be able to use 1 day or 3 day shields until they get out of the debt since you can only purchase 1 day & 3 day shields using gold.

Some players even reported losing more items & gold than what they had got from the exploit.

The silver token vending machine event lasted for 7 days & you could get upto 14 silver tokens per day which means you could get 98 silver tokens in total during the event. If you had saved all these 98 silver tokens till the end of the event, you would’ve got 147,000 SVIP Points, 294,000 Godfather Coins, 980,000 gold, 588,000 hitman coins & 39 silver points.

Obviously, the best fix for the players would’ve been for them to give everyone enough silver tokens to bring all players at the same level. So, for example, if someone, let’s say 30 tokens, then they would get the remaining 68 to get to 98 tokens & if they used only 1 then they’d get 97 tokens. This would obviously bring all players at the same level & I’m pretty sure all players would be more than happy with this fix. I also don’t see this affecting their revenue too much because players that want to spend will keep spending. If they got enough roadster points to unlock a new roadster, they’ll still want to get the one after that. And if they made it all the way upto hellfire, they can easily add more roadsters in future updates. Also, there are a lot of other things that give you stats as well like babes, vigilantes, equipment & emblems. Players would probably increase their spending on those items if this fix was made. They might suffer some losses with this fix, however it only seems fair because they were the ones who made the mistake

Another option would be to reduce the number of tokens from 98 which is too much. To maybe 10 & bring everyone to that level. The ones that used more than 10 tokens would lose the extra gold & items & the ones that used less than 10 would gain more tokens to make up for the difference. Not everyone would be happy with this, however, it would still be better than the current fix that they’ve made in my opinion. This fix would leave a lot less people with a huge gold debt.

The problem with the current fix is that they’ve taken more items that what was necessary from some players & if you don’t have any proof that more was taken from you, it’s almost impossible to get back your items. Not only that it has also left a lot of players with negative gold

So, let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. Hope you guys found it helpful.

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  1. I got 75k gold and tons of vip xp. Next day they took everything back. Glad I didn’t spend anything so all good. Can’t believe how fast they were!

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