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In this post I’m going to be talking about Roadsters. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Roadster Guide

So, I like Classifying Roadsters into 6 different categories. There are Tournament Roadsters, Turf Attack Roadsters, Turf Defense Roadsters, Training Roadsters, Resource Production Roadsters & Limited Edition Roadsters.

Let’s start by talking about the Resource Production Roadsters. There are 3 Roadsters in this Category, Bullet, Mr. Freeze & Tidal Wave. These roadsters are only good for your farm accounts since they give Resource Production Buffs. You should aim to get Tidal Wave on all your farm accounts since it gives a 40% resource production buff to each farm. Since you can get 280 roadster points for free daily from the Real Estate Event, you should be able to unlock Tidal Wave on all your farms in around 31 days.

The next category is the Training Roadsters. The Roadsters in this category include, Big Daddy, Draco, Sonic, Blue Devil, Mad Max, Deathrow, Queen & God Slayer. All of these roadsters help you increase your training speed. Blue Devil is a special type of roadster that also gives you double rewards for attacking street forces which makes it easier to grind street forces. Out of the remaining ones, Mad Max is the best roadster for training T7 or lower troops giving you a total of 52% training speed for T7 or lower level troops. Deathrow is the best roadster for training T8 troops giving a total of 39% T8 troop training speed & God Slayer is the best roadster for training T9 & T10 troops giving 35% T9 training speed & 29% T10 training speed. So if you wanna train T8 or lower troops for whatever reason, then you should consider using Deathrow or Mad Max over Queen & God Slayer

The next category is The Limited Edition Roadsters. Usually, after buying a roadster, you can sell it’s parts to get back the roadster points you spent. However, when it comes to the Limited Edition Roadsters, you’re not allowed to sell their parts after buying them so you’d wanna invest in these roadsters with a lot of caution. Out of all the Limited Edition Roadsters, Moonlight Rider, Frostbite & Nightmare are a waste of Roadster Points in my opinion. ‘Cherry Bomb’ gives you the +1 Range Stat, but I have absolutely no idea how that stat helps, so I can’t tell you if it is good or not. Sirius Black is good for setting 2 minute raids which is extremely useful during cross server events like Governor & Conqueror’s Path. It also increases your raid capacity by 100,000 but only when Attacking Turfs. And finally, Killer X is a Clash of Mafia Roadster that gives you extra buffs for clash of Mafia & also 10 times the Kill Points.

Then we have Turf Defense Roadsters. These are the roadsters that you should be usually using while defending your turf against enemy attacks. There are only 4 roadsters in this category, DeLorean, Lady Silver, Diamond Daisy & Night Ripper. Out of these 4, Delorean & Night Ripper could also be used as Tournament Roadsters as they pretty strong even without the Turf Defense buff.

The fifth Category is the Turf Attack Roadsters. These roadsters are good while attacking other players’ turfs. They include, Whirlwind, Silent Walker, Phoenix, Death Rex & Death Hornet. Out of these, Silent Walker is a pretty solid Tournament Roadster as well because of it’s 10% Biker Charge Damage Buff. I’ve also seen some top players use Death Hornet in the Tournament. However, I’m not sure if it actually helps since most of it’s buffs only apply during Solo Turf Attacks which technically means that those buffs shouldn’t apply during tournament battles & during raids.

And finally, the final Category is the Tournament Roadsters. You’d wanna start off by aiming for the Knight. It should be easy to get the knight in around a month with the roadster points that you get form the Real Estate event. After unlocking the knight, you’d wanna go for Delorean, followed by Ignite which is a better tournament roadster. After Ignite, you’d wanna jump straight to Black Sally as Cruisin Canary isn’t a good Tournament Roadster. Cruisin Canary & Tweety Bird are both speed roadsters & should only be used while attacking mercenaries. After Black Sally, you’d wanna use Black Hector, followed by White Stallion, Blue Star, Silent Walker, Night Ripper, Duke Van Helsing, Harley Queen, Stormbreaker, White Devil, Twilight Blade, Slingshot & finally Hellfire. Poison Ivy isn’t that important to unlock as it beats Hellfire only in conqueror’s path. Hellfire is way better than Poison Ivy in all other events.

So, that’s all I had to talk about roadsters in this post. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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4 thoughts on “Roadster Guide – Mafia City”

  1. For the Knight roadster, one of the attributes is “1% Turns Wounded into Losses (Attacking Turf)”.

    Does this mean this is a negative attribute, where you lose 1%? Or does this mean you are inflicting this upon your enemy, so 1% of their wounded is killed?

    I’m wondering, because the Blue Devil has a negative attribute (energy costs are doubled).

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