Why you might want to join City 300

In this post I’m gonna be talking about city 300 & why you might want to join our city. You can either watch this video or continue reading:

Why you might want to join City 300

So, city 300, is one of the most active cities in the game. We have 20 clans with over 100M power out of which 2 clans have around 1 Billion power. The city is pretty competitive, just because there are 2 1 Billion power clans does not mean that they keep winning all the events. Even the lower power clans tend to do well in a lot of events & it’s really difficult to get first place in any clan event in our city.

As far as clan kills are concerned, there’s only 1 clan that has over 500M kills while all the others have less than 500M. The city is peaceful outside kill events & that’s the reason why the clans in this city don’t have a lot of kills.

As far as individual power rankings are concerned, we do have a 4 players in the city with over 100M million power. The highest being almost 600M power. The top 15 in the city have over 30M power each & the top 140 have over 10M power. Again, there are a lot of players with high power in this city because you only have to shield for 4 days every 2 weeks to not get zeroed. This gives the non-spenders a chance to grow as well.

Again for kill rankings, nobody has hit 200M kills yet & a lot of the kills of the top guys come from Governor & Conqueror’s path. If you exclude the kills they got in those cross server events, their kills would be a lot less than what they are currently at.

For Mansion Level we have 8 players with Elite 5 mansions, 13 with Elite 4 or higher, 23 with Elite 3s or higher, 53 with E2 or higher, 106 with E1s & over 150 player that have Mansion 30 or higher. As far as leader level is concerned, we have 17 people that are level 45 or higher which means that they have the death fight skill & over 150 people at level 41 or more. These stats are pretty good for a city that’s only 11 months old.

Now that we’ve seen the stats of the city. Let’s take a look at the city rules.

The first rule is: No attacking anyone in a clan outside Kill events.

Which means that you can only attack, clanless players outside kill events.
This also means that during kill events, there are no rules. You can attack farms, you can zero, you can tile hit, you can basically do whatever you want.

Then we also have a mayor rotation for the top 10 clans & we also have 2 free mayors for the remaining clans where they get to fight for mayor but obviously without the help of any of the top 10 clans.
The only exception is that during cross server events like governor & conqueror’s path, the rotation is put on hold & strongest player in the city usually takes mayor for those events.

And there’s another rule that most clans follow here. You’re not allowed to gather inside another clan’s territory. If you do, you’re likely to be tile hit even outside kill events.

And finally we’re gonna talk about the 300 clan. So, this is a clan that we’ve created for everyone in the city to join whenever there are global events like Governor & Conqueror’s Path & sometimes we also join here to do global events like the Russia Day event & the current Beer Festival Event.
This clan is open to everyone in the city & most of the strongest players from almost all clans in the city join 300 whenever there are big events.
We won the Russia Day event from clan 300 & we also managed to win governor once from this clan.

So, that’ll all I have to say about 300. We’re looking for strong players that can help us win governor & other cross server events in the game as our main focus is global events and not city events. So, if you want to help us get stronger & don’t mind following the rules of the city, fell free to join city 300. Unfortunately, only player from the following cities can join our city for now. If you’re not in any of these cities, you might have to wait for the next migration event to join.

So, that’s all I have for this post. I hope to see a lot of you people join my city.

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    1. We like to keep the rules simple. There are players that do ke for kills, but then we also have players that do ke for resources. If it is KE, you need to protect your troops and resources. Empty your farms & shield before KE. It’s not that hard as you only have to protect them for 4 days every 2 weeks.

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