City Migration – Mafia City

In this post I’m going to be talking about the new City Migration Event & I’ll try to answer most of the questions that a lot of players have about this event & I’ll also try to clear most of the misconceptions that players have about this event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

City Migration – Mafia City

So the current Migration Event is for cities 1-388. The newer cities will get to migrate in the next migration event. For this event, the cities are divided into groups of 25 & players can only migrate to any of the open cities within their group.

The Migration Event has 3 different phases:

The first one is the Bribery Phase which lasts for 4 days, this is basically the phase where the players that have a level 16 or higher Mansion in your city get to vote on, whether or not to allow new players to join your city. They can either vote for open migration, or restricted migration during this phase. If restricted migration has more votes by the end of this phase, new players will not be able to join your city. & If open migration has more votes or if both have the same number of votes, then new players will be able to move to your city. Each player gets one free vote per day however, they’re also allowed to cast multiple votes by spending gold.

These votes however, have absolutely no impact on whether or not players in your city can move to other cities. They can move regardless of what your city decides. The voting is only to decide whether new player can join your city or not.

So, this is how the bribery phase will be like for normal Mansions. But if you’re an Elite 5 Mansion, you will also be able to see an ‘Apply’ button besides the view cities button. This is because the Elite 5 Mansions are required to be reviewed by the system before they move. The game automatically signs all Elite 5s up for the review, however, you can cancel it anytime by clicking the apply button. If you do not apply for the review, you will not be able to migrate to a different city. But If you do apply & pass the review, you can either choose to migrate to any of the cities in your group or you can choose to stay in your own city.

The only problem is that GM has absolutely no clue what the requirements to pass the review are. However, GM has also mentioned that it’s something that you shouldn’t worry about as most players will pass the review.

Please note, that this is a system review. The Elite 5s do not have to be approved by the Mayor or the players of the city they’re joining. Also, it’s not a review to limit the number of Elite 5s in a city as the system doesn’t ask you which city you will be joining when you sign up for the review.

So, that’s about the bribery phase.

The next phase is the Exhibition Phase which lasts for 3 days. This is the phase where the results of the Bribery Phase are shown to all players. For the Elite 5s, they also get to know whether they passed the system review or not.

Additionally, there’s a new “Clan Recruitment Board” that’s been added to the game where the R4s & R5s will be able to publish info about the clan for other cities to see.

And the Final Phase is the Migration Phase that lasts for 7 days,

During this phase, players including the approved E5s will be able to move to open cities within their group. None of the players will be able to move to cities other than the ones in their group. Each city will cost a different number of Travel Passes to move to. Also, players won’t be able to move to a city if the city is full as there is a limit to the population of each & every city.

So, that’s how the Migration works. Now were gonna take a look at some of extra info that they gave on their Facebook Page.

So the first thing that they’ve said is that there are restrictions on the number of players that can move into another city based on Mansion level. It is less likely that players will be able to move into a City if that city has more players with very high-level mansions.

Now, they’ve been extremely vague over here. They haven’t specified what they mean by high level mansions, neither have they specified what the limit is for such mansions. And on being asked, they had absolutely no idea as well.

Their Facebook Page also states that the number of Travel Passes required to move to a particular city will depend upon how well the player’s Power Rank matches up with the power ranking of the players already in the city. The higher your power ranking compared to other players, the more Travel Passes you’ll need.

Now what this suggests is that it will in fact be a lot less expensive to join stronger cities as you’ll usually be ranked lower in stronger cities and higher in weaker ones. In fact, in this governor, you can kill off some of your troops in order to lose power so that you rank a lot lower in the new city when you migrate. Killing your troops in governor is the best way to get rid of your power as you get honor points for doing so which you can exchange for items like Roadster Points & Godfather Coins.

Then their Facebook Page says that players can only migrate once during the event & at the same time they’ll not be able to migrate back to their original city after moving.

However, this only means that you won’t be able to migrate back to your original city during the event. In the next event if your original city is in your group & is open to migration then you should be able to migrate back .

Now, in point 5 of their Facebook post they’ve said that Mayors & players participating in cross server events are not allowed to Migrate.

And they contradict themselves in point 8 by saying that if the Mayor or any of the City’s Officials migrate to another city, they will be removed from those positions.

However, they’ve confirmed that point 8 is true which means Mayors can move to other cities however, they’ll lose their buffs for doing so. In the same way, Governors migrating outside their States will also lose their buffs.

And finally, there’s one more thing that their Facebook Page says that is not true at all. Their Facebook Page says the following: ‘During migration, everything a player owns will move too. However, some vulnerable resources will be deducted from the overall stash’ & that is absolutely false. You will lose not some, but all of your vulnerable resources when you move to a different city. So make sure you use them all up before moving.

So, that’s all I had to tell you guys about the Migration Event. There’s a lot of stuff about the migration that even GM has no clue about. But I’ve tried my best to explain everything that I understood about the migration in this post. Hope you found it helpful

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