Turkish Victory Day Event – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the Turkish Victory Day event.

Turkish Victory Day – Mafia City

So, this event is pretty simple. All you have to do is, scout these military parades on the map to get different kind of photos. You can scout a maximum of 200 parades per day to get 200 photos. You can then combine these photos together to make different types of albums. There are 6 different types of albums in total & each of these give different rewards.

Type A albums can give you Crime Ops Accelerations, type B albums can give you 2 hour training speed ups, there are Type C albms that can give you 1 hour speed ups, type D albums that can give Gem Boxes, type E albums that can give 1 day VIP buffs & type F albums that can give checks.

Out of these, I think the best ones are type B & type D albums. Because apart from the training speed ups & gem boxes you get from them, they also have a small chance of giving you 100 gold unlike all the other album types.

If you’re trying to train more troops, I’d suggest going for type B albums, while if you’re looking for more gems then you’d be better off going for type D albums. You might also wanna go for type A albums if you’re looking to get some extra crime ops accelerations.

So, that’s about the different album types. There are also special rewards for using 60 albums of a single type during the event. However, these rewards don’t really look that good, it’s mostly around 1M resources & 1 rare gem box for using 60 albums which doesn’t seem that attractive so I wouldn’t recommend using 60 albums of each type just to get these rewards.

Also, for the albums, even though I mentioned that type B & D albums are the best to use. If you do not need training speed ups or gem boxes, you might just be better off attacking street forces & mercenaries instead of spending energy on this event. Street forces & mercenaries tend to drop Roadster Points, VIP Points & Emblems which I think are much more important than training speed ups & gem boxes.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing for this event. I’ll continue attacking street forces & mercenaries to get more Roadster Points, VIP points & Emblems as I don’t really need training speed ups and gems.

Hope you guys found this post helpful.

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