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A few days ago they added these packs that give you these items called beauty invitations that you can use to redeem babe fragments. So, in this post I’m gonna be talking about the beauty invitation packs & whether it is worth buying them or not. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Beauty Invitation Packs

There are 4 different tiers of the beauty invitation pack.

There’s the $5 pack that gives you 3 beauty invitations.
There’s the $20 pack that gives you 8 invitations.
The $50 pack that gives you 14 invitations.
& The $100 pack that gives 30

Each invitation allows you to redeem 1 fragment of any of the babes that normally cost $500 to unlock. Now, I’m not sure if these packs are gonna be available for purchase daily or if this is just a one time event. But assuming they’re available for purchase daily, you should be able to unlock babes for $250 each every 50 days by purchasing the $5 packs daily. If you choose to buy the 5 & the $20 packs daily, it should take you only 14 days but it’ll cost you around $340 to unlock a babe this way.

Buying the $50 & $100 invitation packs won’t reduce your cost. In fact, it would cost you more than $500 to get a babe if you were to buy only the $50 packs & with the $100 packs it should cost you exactly $500 to unlock a babe.

The only difference between the normal $100 babe packs & the $100 beauty invitation packs is that the invitation packs give you a little more of gold, roses & other items. So if you’re trying to get babes for less than $500 then I wouldn’t recommend buying the $50 & $100 invitation packs. But if you don’t mind spending $500 on the regular babe packs to unlock babes then it would be much better to buy the $100 invitation packs as they give you more items & the same amount of babe fragments as regular packs.

Obviously, the Growth Fund is still the best way to unlock babes as it only costs you a little more than a $100 to get babes from the fund. However, since you can only get 3 different babes from the growth fund, I’d suggest getting the remaining babes from these beauty invitation packs.

Before I end this video, I’d like to give a big Shoutout to Mysti from city 300 for sharing screenshots & information about the $50 & $100 babe invitation packs.

Hope you found this post helpful.

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  1. Talking about babes, really painful trying to get any babes 5 star , any tricks apart from getting rose from yacht … I am struck for 5 stars for months …. Thanks.

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