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This post is going to explain a few battle mechanics of the game which will help you come up with better troop formations. If you’re not trying to understand the battle mechanics & just want some troop formations that work, you should check out my Recommended Troop Formations Page where I give you formations for different mansion levels. However, if you’re trying to understand the battle mechanics, then this post if for you.
Troop formation is a very complicated topic to talk about. There can never be one best formation because what works against a specific formation might not fare as well against other formations. Even though this post covers a lot of advanced stuff there are probably going to be a lot of great formations out there which I just haven’t tested yet. So, I’d like you all to comment down below which formation you use in battle and why & share this post with as many people as possible so we can get a lot of formations to experiment with. You can either watch this video or read the post below to learn more about troop formation:

Let’s start by understanding the different troop types in the game.

The 8 different Troop Types:

As you all probably know, there are 4 main troop types (Bulkers, Bikers, Shooters & Vehicles) and each of these troop types have 2 sub types within them.

Bulkers are classified into Tankers & Combaters:
Tankers – T10, T7, T6, T4, T2 & T1  (Defensive Bulkers) (T=Tier)
Combaters – T9, T8, T5 & T3 (Offensive Bulkers)

Bikers are  classified into Riders & Assaulters:
Riders – T10, T8, T6, T3, T2 & T1 (Male Bikers)
Assaulters – T9, T7, T5 & T4 (Female Bikers)

Vehicles are classified into Assault Vehicles & Carriers
Assault Vehicles – T10, T8, T7, T5, T3 & T1 (Offensive Vehicles)
Carriers – T9, T6, T4 & T2 (Defensive Vehicles)

Shooters are classified into Gunners & Snipers
Gunners – T10, T8, T6, T5, T2 & T1 (Male Shooters)
Snipers –  T9, T7, T4 & T3 (Female Shooters)

Each of these 8 types have different talents which make them good or bad for different situations. We’ll get into talents later on. But for now, there are 2 more categories that you could classify these troops into based on their range:

The Ranged Troops: Tankers, Carriers, Combaters & Riders (All these troops have a Range of 1)

The Melee Troops: Assaulters, Gunners, Snipers, Assault Vehicles (All these troops have a Range more than 1)

This classification will help you understand how the biker’s ‘Charge’ talent works which we’ll be talking about later on.

Let’s talk about troop lineup now.

Troop Lineup

Troop lineup basically means the order in which your troops are positioned in battle. Since there are 8 troop types, the lineup consists of 8 layers. Troop positioning is based on their range.

Troops positioned in the front will be attacked first & troops positioned in the back will be attacked the last (The only exception to this rule is the ‘Charge’ talent). This means that the troops in the second layer can only be attacked after all the troops in the first layer are eliminated.

Layer Sub-Type Range Main Type
1 (Front) Tankers 1 (Melee) Bulkers
2 Carriers 1 (Melee) Vehicles
3 Combaters 1 (Melee) Bulkers
4 Riders 1 (Melee) Bikers
5 Assaulters 4 (Ranged) Bikers
6 Gunners 5 (Ranged) Shooters
7 Snipers 8 (Ranged) Shooters
8 (Back) Assault Vehicles 10 (Ranged) Vehicles

The First Layer is the layer of Tankers.

These are your defensive bulkers and the best defense troops  in the game. They have high defense & HP enabling  them to protect the troops with low defense & HP positioned behind them. This allows the high DPS troops in the back to survive for longer and thus do more damage.

Tankers are meant for Defense & not for Offense. So, you shouldn’t judge their performance based on kills. Instead, you should try to predict the number of Tankers you will lose based on your opponents troop formation & stats and just send enough of them to protect your march. Against stronger opponents, 30 to 50% of your march should be tankers and against weaker opponents 10 to 20% should work just fine. However, these numbers might vary depending upon your stats, your opponent’s stats and the troop formation of your opponent.

The Second Layer is the layer of Carriers.

These are the Defensive Vehicles and although they are not as good as bulkers, they still do a decent job at defending your march. You can use Carriers instead of bulkers while attacked weaker turfs since Carriers get a defense bonus while attacking turfs.  This is a great way to reduce your bulker losses during kill events so you can save your bulkers for tougher opponents.

The Third Layer is the layer of Combaters.

These bulkers have low defense and high attack. If your first 2 layers are strong enough then their low defense shouldn’t be a problem as they will most likely not be attacked until all the troops from the first 2 layers are killed.

If you have a very high bulker attack, you should use a lot of these offensive bulkers to your march to get more kills.

The Fourth Layer is the layer of Riders.

Once all the offensive bulkers are dead, your riders start getting attacked. The Riders have a special talent called ‘Charge’ with which they can bypass the melee troops & directly attack the ranged troops in the last 4 layers.

So, those were the first four layers which consist of all melee troops. Now, let’s take a look at layers 5 to 8 which consist of Ranged troops.

The Fifth Layer is the layer of Assaulters.

These troops again have the ‘Charge’ talent with  which they can directly attack the opponent’s ranged troops.

The Sixth Layer is the layer of Gunners.

I’m not really a fan of these troops. Even though they have double attack speed, these troops do significantly less damage to tankers and since they always attack tankers first, these troops will never really get a lot of kills unless your opponent’s march doesn’t contain a lot of tankers.

The Seventh Layer is the layer of Snipers.

These troops help kill a lot of your opponent’s troops during defense. However, they’re not very effective on offense. While reinforcing teammates, make sure you send a lot of these snipers to maximize kills.

The Eight Layer is the layer of Assault Vehicles.

These troops are good for turf attacks. In spite of their slow attack speed, they still do a significant amount of damage in battle due to their high attack.

Those were all the 8 layers of troops.

Within each layer, troops are arranged based on their tiers. The lower tier troops are placed in front of the higher tier ones. So, in case of Tankers, the T7s would be placed before T10s, T6s before T7s, T4s before T6s, T2s before T4s and T1s before T2s. The remaining 7 types would also have a similar positioning.

Whenever you set your march, you should always add at least 1 defensive bulker from each tier. Doing so will reduce your troop losses a little bit. So, for example, if you’re only using T7 bulkers in your march, then you should add 1 each of T1, T2, T4 and T6 bulkers to your march for extra defense.

During tournament attacks you can customize your march in such a way that you have just enough defensive bulkers to defend your march. This will enable you to do more damage by adding offensive troops to your march. You can further reduce the number of bulkers you add to your march by adding 1 troop each from every tier of defensive vehicles. You’ll have to set your march in such a way that the opponent manages to kill all your defensive bulkers but fails to break through the 2nd layer of defensive vehicles so your low defense troops in the back remain safe.

For Offensive troops, you should mix in a few thousand lower tier troops as well to do a little more damage. As you increase the number of troops of a specific type and tier, their effectiveness goes down. Eventually, you’ll reach a point it doesn’t make sense to send more high tier troops. But instead, adding lower tier troops to your march will in fact increase the damage output. The lower troops usually outperform the high tiers on a per troop basis when they are few in numbers.

So, for example, instead of sending 30k T10 bikers, it might be better to send 20k T10 and 10k T8 bikers or maybe even 20k T10, 8k T8 and 2k T6 bikers for more damage.

Now, let’s take a look at troop talents.

Troop Talents

Each of the 8 different troop types have their own set of skills.

Tankers have Bulletproof Vest which reduces damage received from shooters, Physical Ability which is why they have a very high Defense & Physique which is why they have high HP.

Bulletproof Vest is the only reason why shooters are usually ineffective while attacking someone with a lot of Tankers in their march. Since, shooters cannot attack ranged troops directly, they always attack Tankers first and because of the Bulletproof Vest skill, they don’t do a lot of damage. So, if you find someone with a lot of Tankers in their march, you should avoid using a lot of shooters.

Combaters have Bare Hand Combat, which increases their damage against bikers, Fierce Attack which enhances bulker damage which is why they have a very high attack and they also have Heavy Blow which allows them to sometimes deal 3 times the damage.

Now, the Bare Hand Combat skill makes them seem to be very effective against Bikers.  However, again, since these troops cannot directly attack ranged troops they will always attack Tankers first. So, in order for them to be able to attack bikers, you’ll have to break through the first 3 layers of troops since the 4th and the 5th layers comprise of Bikers. This doesn’t mean that these troops are ineffective in battle, in fact they do get a lot of kills in battle because of Fierce Attack and Heavy Blow. However, you shouldn’t increase the number of Combaters if you see a lot of Bikers in your opponents march, unless you’re absolutely sure you can destroy their first 3 layers of troops.

Gunners have Continuous Shooting which doubles their attack speed, Armory-Piercer which let’s them deal more damage to all troops other than bulkers and Head Blast which gives them a chance to deal additional damage.

As I mentioned before, these troops are ineffective against bulkers. However, in case your opponents don’t have enough bulkers to defend their march, these troops could prove to be very effective.

Snipers have Intensify because of which they have a very high attack, they have Assassinate which gives them a very long range and they also have Defense which gives them an Attack Bonus while Defending Turf.

These troops are very effective on defense & they usually tend to kill a lot of the opponent’s troops while defending because of their Defense talent.

Assault Vehicles have Heavy Firepower which is why they have a very high attack. However, this talent halves their attack speed. There’s Weapon’s Carrier which is why they have the longest range in the game and they also have Offensive Enhance which gives them an attack bonus while Attacking turfs.

In spite of their slow attack speed, these troops really do a lot of damage in battle and should always be used in your march especially when attacking turfs.

Armed Carriers have Armory which is why they have a high defense and HP, they have Crew Capability which makes them efficient for gathering resources while reducing their march speed and they also have Offensive Defense which gives them a Defense Bonus while Attacking turfs.

As I said before, you could use these troops instead of Tankers to attack weaker players during kill events. This will help you reduce your Tanker losses. Also, once you unlock T9 troops, you could try using these troops to defend your march in the tournament instead of T7 bulkers since they have slightly better stats than T7 bulkers. However, they do not have a separate damage reduction stat like bulkers which might make them ineffective. I haven’t tried this out since I don’t have a lot of T7 bulkers, so if you try it out, let me know in the comments below if it works or not.

Riders have a high march speed because of the Ambush talent, they also have a talent called Dodge which allows them to Dodge Damage and they also have Charge which gives them a chance to attack the enemy’s ranged troops.

Assaulters have Ambush, which increases march speed, Resource Warfare which makes them effective for attacks on resource tiles and Charge.

Whenever you’re attacking resource tiles, make sure you add a decent amount of Assaulters to your march to do a lot of damage.

Now let’s take a look at the Charge talent.

The Charge Talent

Charge is a special talent that gives bikers a chance to bypass the 4 layers of melee troops and directly attack the ranged troops. Since most of the ranged troops have very low defense, bikers are usually able to get a lot of kills because of this talent. This talent helps a lot against opponents with a lot of bulkers in their march as it reduces the effectiveness of bulkers.

Once all the enemy’s ranged troops are killed, whenever the Charge talent triggers, the bikers will randomly attack any 4 of the melee troop types. This means that the melee troops are only safe from the Charge damage as long as there are ranged troops to defend them. Once all the ranged troops are dead, even the melee troops will be vulnerable to charge damage.

That’s all about troop skills. Before we take a look at different troop formations, let’s take a look at Defense Weapons.

Defense Weapons

So, Defense Weapons consist of 3 types & each type counters different troops.

Grenades counter Tankers & Combaters.

Caltrops counter Assaulters & Riders.

Firebombs counter Gunners & Snipers.

There are no defense weapons that counter Vehicles.

Defense weapons do not follow any specific sequence while attacking troops. However, they always attack the troops that they counter first. If the troops that they counter are not available in the march, they will attack any other troop type. Each level of defense weapons can only attack one troop type. So, for example, if you have a thousand level 5 grenades, all of those could either attack Combaters or they could attack all Tankers. But, if you have 500 each of level 4 & level 5 grenades, the level 4s would have a choice between Combaters & Tankers and the level 5s would again get to choose separately between Combaters & Tankers.

Out of all 3 types of Defense Weapons, Firebombs usually get a lot of kills because Gunners & Snipers, both, have very low defense & HP. Caltrops get fewer kills than Firebombs because Assaulters & Riders have more defense than Gunners & Snipers. Grenades get the least kills especially because of the damage reduction stat of bulkers.

Now let’s take a look at a few common troop formations.

Common Troop Formations

In the underground tournament, especially the global one, you might come across a lot of players using a formation with mostly bulkers and bikers in it. The main idea behind this formation is to capitalize on the biker’s charge talent by attacking the opponent’s ranged troops as much as possible while defending these bikers with the front-line bulkers. This formation can get you a lot of kills especially when you are facing opponents that have too many bulkers in their march and not a lot of bikers. This formation is really hard to counter since the ‘Charge’ talent triggers on melee troops as well. So, using a march of only melee troops won’t work. One good method to counter this formation would be to add Assault Vehicles to your march apart from Tankers for defense & Riders for offense. Since the Assault Vehicles have the highest  defense amongst all ranged troops in the game, they will be able to provide decent protection to your melee Riders against the opponent’s bikers’ ‘Charge’ talent. While your Assault Vehicles are protecting your melee Riders, your own Riders can use their Charge talent to do a lot of damage to the enemy troops. Also, don’t forget to mix in a few low tier troops to your march as well to increase the effectiveness of your march as I had explained before.

Another common formation is a formation in which the march consists of around 33% Tankers and 11% each of the remaining troop types other than Carriers. This is a little tricky to counter as it contains a lot of different troop types, each having a different purpose. However, you could use the same combination of Tankers, Riders & Assault Vehicles or even a combination of Tankers & Riders here as well to maximize damage done to ranged troops. Just make sure that you add enough bulkers to your first layer so that your opponent is unable to break through your layer of bulkers. In case you don’t have enough Bikers & Vehicles to fill your march, you could use a march similar to your opponent to see how many kills your troops are getting. If you’re unable to get past the opponents bulker layer, you might find that your shooter losses are more than the kills that they’re getting. If this is the case, you should either reduce the number of shooters in your march or completely eliminate them from your march & replace them with other troop types to reduce losses. Also, don’t forget to add lower tier troops for better results.

Those are all the Tips I have for you all in this post. Keep in mind that these formations only work when facing other players. They do not work against Street Forces. Hope you all can come up with your own creative troop formations after reading this. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below if you have found any effective troop formations.

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  1. So what would generally be the recommended troop setup to reinforce and defend a clan member’s mansion? My opponents are not often smart and tend to go with the default layouts. Like, as much snipers as possible+any tankers or carriers I can fit in after that? Or is it moreso like a percentage type thing? Like X% of defensive troops and Y% amount of offensive troops?

  2. Hi Flavio,

    Thank you for the guide, here you spoke about the layers how can we select layers, is it like the first troop that we select goes under first layer and theron or their is some other way to do that.

    Thank you.

  3. Hello!

    I started Mafia City recently and I’m studying your guides religiously, they help a ton, thank you! One thing I’m wondering about troop formations, would this be okay for attacking Turfs and using in tournaments?:

    33% T10 Bulkers, 11% T10 Bikers, 11% T10 Vehicles, 11% T10 Shooters, 11% T9 Bulkers, 11% T9 Bikers, 11% T9 Shooters and 1 troop from each of the following T7, T6, T4, T2, T1 Bulkers.

    How does the “adding troops from lower tiers” work exactly? Is it enough to add 1 troop from Each lower Bulker tier? Or each lower tier of Every troop, bikers, shooters, bulkers etc?

  4. Hi Flavio,

    As you said the effectiveness of each troop type goes down if you use too many of one single type.
    Now if I increase my ops capacity at some point I would be using a lot of t10 Bulker to get to the 20 to 30 percent of defensive bulkers. Now once I exceed 50 k t10 bulkers, would it make sense at that point to increase the defensive layers with t7 as well? Or t10 vehicles?

    In any case thank you!! Your articles and videos are AMAZING!!
    I habe mansion e2 right now.

    Many greetings from Germany!

  5. Hello Flavio,
    I’m currently mansion 27
    I only have T9 bikers and bulker for T9’s
    I have a bunch of lower tier troops as well.
    I’m looking for a good formation for attacking turfs if you’re able to help. I was using your suggested T8 bulker/biker formation

  6. Can you give me i depth details on what my formation could be for t5 soon to start t6. I have read your posts and I’m still clueless with how to set up formations and crime ops. I just don’t get it! If I quick select is that showing ybe best option for what I’m attacking? Plz help me understand!

    1. If you have t5 & t6 troops, you shouldn’t worry about formation too much, focus on getting t7s & t8. For T5s & T6s just remember defensive bulkers (T6 bulkers) are very important to use in your march, so you want to add a good amount of them (30 to 50% of your march size), don’t worry too much about the rest & try to avoid getting into fights with t5 & t6 troops, they’re too weak. It’s best to think about fighting after unlocking t7s & t8s

    1. Investments, hitman services, skill tree, vigilante skills, vigilante equipment, babes, godfather monument. All of these give biker charge damage but babes give the most from them all (54.90%). I have an excel sheet on my patreon showing the exact breakdown of each & every stat in the game & all the different sources from which you can get them, if you’re interested.

  7. When doing a raid, does the stats of the person who initiates the raid apply to everyones troops in the raid. Or does each persons own stats apply to their troops?
    Also same question about reinforcements.

    The reason I ask is because battle reports, only show stats of person initiating raid or who turf is being attacked.

    1. In normal raids & for reinforcements each player retains their own stats.
      In super raids, all players joining the raid get the raid leader’s stats

  8. Trying to understand your comment about Defensive Weapons. The question is … Should I build different levels of each defensive weapon or just stick with the highest level I can build?

    PS. Thanks for all the great info!

    1. I think it’s better to build a few lower level weapons too. However, I haven’t tested out whether using a few lower levels along with high levels is better than using all high levels.

    1. Hello,

      I have t10 t9 t8.bulkers, t10 t9 t8 bikers , t10 t9 t8 shooter , t10 t9 t8 trucks
      Ops capacity of about 260k…

      What is a good attacking turfs formation ….

      Also what is a good attacking formation for someone who has 125+ biker and bulker stats on me with about 50k more ops capacity then me…

  9. The formation I keep running into is T10 bulkers, T10 bikers, and T9 bulkers. I have tried several different formations but lose every time. my attack stats are way higher and my ops size in only 1k smaller. what am I doing wrong?

  10. Hey Flavio I have a question , I hope you can help me . I’m still a little confuse on the attacking turf with someone who as a lot of troops in base . Does it go by your crime ops or how much men you have in your base to win ?

      1. So it is impossible to defeat someone who has about 500k troops or even a million troops, huh? For example, it is impossible to defeat someone with a million troops when your crime op size is 150k troops. Even when your stats are better.?

          1. Let’s say somebody has 80 million troops, T10 and T11, your crime ops is 250k and you have T10 and T11. Your stats and buffs are pretty much the same because you’ve maxed out a lot of investments ect. Can you defeat them then? Also, the guy with 80 million troops has been reading your pages to and can play strategy. Would you be able to defeat THEM?

            1. You won’t win a turf attack against them unless you do a super raid or a death fight. In 1v1 battles like the tournament it could go either way.

  11. Hello
    I have a question about underground tournament there is 1 player using t10 bulker an biker and some t8 and t7 biker
    My stats are better only his defence stats are higher and his crime ops
    But i also have the -20% biker atack and def same as the bulker
    I tried really every formation but still lose if i use t10 bulker t10 biker and t8 cars the cars die to easy and kill almost nothing wich i don’t understand since the cars should detroy his bikers
    Please help

    1. Don’t use vehicles. They aren’t supposed to kill his bikers. Use only bulkers+bikers. T10+T9+T8 bulkers & T10+T8+T6 bikers. 1 troop each from other tiers for bait.

  12. Love what you are doing. Keep it up.
    My question is why, when I prioritize “Crew” for my marches, does it not send vehicles?

    1. Thanks. I’m assuming that you’re asking about carriers & not assault vehicles as it does send assault vehicles when you prioritize crew.

      The prioritize crew formation automatically selects 33% of your march as tankers. If you have enough tankers in your march, you don’t need carriers as they serve the same purpose as tankers. However, if you don’t have enough tankers to fill 33% of your march then the game will automatically add carriers to fill in the remaining space (if you have enough carriers)

  13. Hello,
    I’m french and i don’t understand completly your aricle.
    For now, i am full T9 so i would llike to know how many (percent or number) in a army ? My normal capacity is 105k troop into army (without buff)
    I don’t know if my english is understanding ;D

    Best Regard

      1. I have 60k Troop
        13k t6 bulkers
        4K t7 bulkers
        5,800 t5 bulkers
        2k t4 bulkers
        800 t3 bulkers
        1k t 1 bulkers

        When you say 30 percent bulkers in March to attack. 30 percent of what? My total crime ops? And also how do I make sure bulkers are in front of formation when attacking? Do I need to train more bulkers to be strong enough to attach?? I’m trying to pay back this level 15 who attacked my farm and zeroed me out. How many of each other crew member should I attach with? At 30 percent I use 18k bulkers with one of each class of bulkers is this a good start?? Thanks for all you do by the way… I’ll also pay for coaching if you offer it

        1. 30% of your crime ops size. You need to add enough bulkers in your march to do good attacks. I’d recommend using more t7 bulkers as they’re a lot stronger than t6. The outcome of the battle also depends on your opponent’s stats & the number of troops they have. I don’t usually offer coaching. But you could use the contact form on this website to send me your line ID & we could figure something out there.

        2. Lol im really new and dont understand where to go to formatt my toops in the 8 tiers where can i do that at

  14. When using a multi player raid on a computer generated target, (like a storehouse), which raiding player hits first or are all the crews from all the players combined and hit as one?

    The storehouse has 25% level 7 Bulkers and the rest of the troops are half Riders and half Assaulters. I am thinking if everyone in the raid sends only level 8 and 9 Combaters, they will push through the Bulkers and kill off the bikers before the bikers have a change to hit back.

    Does that sound like it would work? (I would try it but I need to convince the other members of my team to go along with it so do you think it would work?)

    Every type of raid that we normally try has not worked.

    1. It might work if your combaters are elite combaters. However it will definitely not work with normal combaters since the normal ones don’t purh through bulkers. They always kill bulkers before bikers. Also it would depend on the number of bikers there are in the storehouse. The elite combaters can directly attack bikers however thier skill doesn’t always trigger so if there are a lot of bikers you might not be able to get a lot of kills. What I’ve observed is higher tiers help a lot in storehouses. If you can get a full t9+t10 raid of 1M troops & if the people joining the raid have decent stats, you should be able to take out a level 5.

  15. Hi I’m at mansion 17 with t6 highest can you please tell me a good formation to use please I’m so confused

    1. Use 33% T6 bulkers & 67% T6 bikers. That’s a simple formation that will help you do better in the tournament. However, it’s not the best formation. You should create your own formation based on this guide for better results.

      1. Hello Flavio,
        I’m currently mansion 27
        I only have T9 bikers and bulker for T9’s
        I have a bunch of lower tier troops as well.
        I’m looking for a good formation for attacking turfs if you’re able to help. I was using your suggested T8 bulker/biker formation

  16. I am Lv 26 M and I have used formations like you suggest to kill level 25 streets regularly. Level 26 streets can be done with buffs. BUT I tried adding 1 troop from each lower level of tanker against the Level 26 streets and then I lose. I take away all troops less than level 7 and I win. Why doesn’t your trick work for me against level 26 streets? I am hitting them with 160 buffed formation. It works until I add 1 troop from a lower level and then it does not work??? Are you sure on that advice?

    1. I recently realized that street forces work in a whole different way & the strategy I suggested in this post doesn’t work on them. It only works for tournament & turf battles. Street forces work in a whole different way. I think it is important to mix all 8 troop types evenly while attacking street forces. I use the default ‘prioritize crew’ formation for street forces. That works best for me

      1. Just leaving a thank you for confirming that information for me.

        I am doing somewhat similar to your suggestion. If I use the default formation for street fights I can only beat one level 25 street at a time with my current troops. By tweaking it slightly I can hit 3 level 25s and 2 level 23s at the same time. I am farming leader experience from the 25s and speedups from the 23s. It seems to work for me.

  17. Hallo Flavio.
    Wie ich deinen Beiträgen entnehmen kann sind Schützen gut für die Verteidigung bei der Villaabwehr. Meine Frage bezieht sich auf den Held.
    Ich kann mich nicht entscheiden zwischen Izumi und der Hexe.
    Izumi hat Angriff vom Schützen 15% und -10% Biker angriff/ Hexe mit 5 Sterne Angriff Bulker und Motorrad auflevelbar und Verteidigung aller Einheiten 10%!!
    Meiner Ansicht wäre Izumi der Favorit.

    1. I think the witch is better. Even though shooters are better on defense than they are on offense. They still always attack bulkers first (until all bulkers are dead) & since bulkers have high defense the shooters end up getting very few kills. So increasing shooter attack will not really increase their kills by a lot (instead I would prefer biker attack as the bikers can attack ranged troops directly & since ranged troops usually have very low defense, the bikers usually end up getting most kills). I would prefer the 10% crew defense as that would strengthen my bulkers while defending my turf & will help them absorb more damage. Also the 5% biker damage stat at 5 stars would also help my bikers do a lot of damage to my opponents ranged troops. So I would select wendy over Izumi. I hope this helps.

  18. I’m all new to this game and I been trying figure out as I go . But I’m on m23 and I need to know what formation should I use . I have a great deal in bulker defense /attack and shooter attack /defense .

    1. Use 50% tanker & 50% rider formation with 1 low tier troop of each type. If your skill points are invested in shooter attack, you should change them to biker attack & defense. Shooters aren’t very effective against players with a lot of tankers.

  19. Dear Flavio,

    When looking at the troop lineup should be like yours, but:
    Assault vehicles from layer 10 to layer 2
    Carriers from layer 2 to layer 10

    This also means at layer 2 there will be a troop type with a range of 10 instead of 1. Is there a way I can verify the claim troops being layered based on range?

    Besides can you please explain what range does in regard to the battle system? Here I am hinting towards the Cherry Bomb exclusive car, which gives All Crew’s Attack Range +1

    1. That’s probably an error in their article. I’m not 100% sure that they layer troops based on range. However, since the troop attributes contain ‘range’ as an attribute, I believe it is logical to assume that that is the case as in a battlefield the low defense ranged troops would prefer to attack from behind the high defense melee troops & higher the range, the farther they attack from, moreover I haven’t found any other use of the ‘range’ attribute yet in the game.
      You can verify this claim by using test marches in the underground tournament. Use a layer of 50% Assault Vehicles & 50% Armed carriers or something similar to that & you will observe that the Armed Carriers always die first & the assault vehicles will not be attacked (except for being attacked by the biker’s charge talent) until all the Armed carriers are dead. In case you use this formation against someone without any bikers (& defense weapons in case of turf attacks) in their march, you will see that only your Armed Carriers take damage and not Assault Vehicles (unless all your armed carriers die, in which case your assault vehicles will start taking damage). Which means Armed Carriers are layered in front of assault vehicles. If you zero turfs regularly, you might be familiar with the fact that the Armed Carriers usually die in the first few attacks & it’s the Assault Vehicles that die in the last attack.
      I really haven’t been able to fully understand the range attribute. However, I suspect it has something to do with who gets to attack first in battle because I’ve observed in most battles where I only get a few kills, it’s usually the Assault Vehicles that get those kills. But then again there are battles where this doesn’t happen, so I’m not sure.

      1. Thanks, indeed it sounds far more logical. Actually the reason why I had doubts on the article. I will test it.

        Currently waiting on an answer from MafiaCitySVIP on the subject range.
        Also will try to see if I can find something in the mafia city apk which can reveal the range secret.

        Will share my findings later here in comment

      2. Dear Flavio,

        I have tested the troop line up with some different small tests between farms I have. Carriers must be second in line up. Your data is correct.

        Think this explains range the best way:
        Range explained by example – The bulker can only hurt enemy’s front-line crews (as long as your enemy has front line crews), but when you activate Cherry Bomb which gives All Crew’s Attack Range+1, such bulkers will be able to hurt enemy’s mid-line crews.

        Still haven’t put my mind to it, so at this moment I’m unsure if it can be seen as a dependency to decide on for how the formation should look like.

        1. Thanks for taking the time to test it! If you find out more information about range, please do let me know as it will help me understand troop formations better.

  20. Hey I’m a m26 with a March of a 105.500k but I buff March and make it 160.000 what the best why to kill my enemy with recuse on 1st hit I’m looking for a good troop fatmations? Please advise will be appreciated..

    1. There’s no specific way to kill all your opponent’s troops in the first hit itself. I’m not sure what exactly is required to completely kill all the opponent’s troops. Because sometimes I attack people with 1000 or less troops in their mansion with 100k+ marches & a few troops still survive in the end. Just stick one of the 2 formations that I recommended in this post in the end. They should work fine during a rescue hit too.

  21. Hey flavio i have masion m17 what the good formation i can. Have if i have 232k troops i have more T6. T5 T4 T3 T2 T1. I can send. 4 crews when i active in vip 9. Power of 104,458.000 power only with 231k troops?

    1. Read my the above guide properly, I’ve explained how you should compose your troops for them to perform well in battles. 100M power with only 231k troops is impossible.

    1. It’s in the order I specified in the troop lineup table ‘1’ represents the foremost layer of troops (Tankers) & 8 is the layer that is the farthest (Assault Vehicles). 2 is behind 1, 3 is behind 2 & so on

  22. I’m not able to kill lvl 27 Street force inspite having the march size of 114,600 and t9
    What should i do and I’m on my farming skills

  23. So a good attack formation is
    33% T10 Bulkers, 11% T10 Bikers, 11% T10 Vehicles, 11% T10 Shooters, 11% T9 Bulkers, 11% T9 Bikers, 11% T9 Shooters and 1 troop from each of the following T7, T6, T4, T2, T1 Bulkers.

    1. Also is another good formation 33% T10 Bulkers, 33% T10 Bikers, 33% T10 Vehicles?

      Can you recommend any other good formations to please.

  24. Hi,

    With reference to “For Offensive troops, you should mix in a few thousand lower tier troops as well to do a little more damage. As you increase the number of troops of a specific type and tier, their effectiveness goes down. Eventually, you’ll reach a point it doesn’t make sense to send more high tier troops. But instead, adding lower tier troops to your march will in face increase the damage output. The lower troops usually outperform the high tiers on a per troop basis when they are few in numbers.”

    I still don’t understand how this works and how adding lower tier troops increase damage output. Do you have an example?

    1. Watch the video at the beginning of this post from 6:22. It shows you the kills lower tier troops get which are mostly higher (or just slightly lower) than the higher tier ones.

  25. Hallo.
    Kannst du mal in Prozent aufzeigen was sinnvoll für dich ist an Aufstellung Villa 22??
    Habe ich das richtig verstanden von allen Bulkern was in der Formation zu haben.??

    1. Formation 1: 33% T7 bulkers, 33% T8 bikers, 33% T8 Vehicles.
      Formation 2: 34% T7 bulkers, 11% T8 bikers, 11% T7 bikers, 11% T8 shooter, 11% T7 shooters, 11% T8 bulkers, 11% T8 Vehicles
      Also, don’t forget to add in lower tier troops for improved efficiency as I mentioned in the post. You can reduce the number of shooters in the 2nd formation if you think that they are not doing a lot of damage and dying a lot.

      1. Wen ich Dich richtig verstehe, soll ich in jeder Einheit auch T6, T4, T2, T1 Bulker reintun.

        Auf die prozent Zahl aufgeteilt??

      2. I have an m28 what is the best formation to use to make strong attacks and lose less troops and hurt my opponent

        1. Try the 33% Rider, 34% Tanker & 33% Assault vehicle formation or the ‘Prioritize Crew’ formation that I mentioned in the post.

  26. Just a quick question. Do u think it would be viable to use….
    30% T7 bulkers
    20% T8 bulkers
    15% T8 shooter
    20% T8 riders
    15% T8 vehicle
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Your formation looks decent. But I would suggest adding a few low tier bait bulkers to your march along with a few low tier troops of the other troop types to increase their efficiency as I suggested in the post. Also, you should try reducing the number of shooters to maybe 5-10% if you find that they’re not doing a lot of damage and replace them with vehicles.

  27. Admon well done on this guide. Quick question.

    So, you’re saying using just one single troop from each Tier of defense bulkers with 33% Tankers will result in a better attack and lose less troops?

    With Some T10s I’ve been doing below

    30% Tankers All T7
    10% T9 Combators
    20% shooters 1:1 T10;T9
    30% Bikers 1:1 T9;T8
    10% Cars T8

    1. Your formation seems good. But I’d suggest that you reduce the number of shooters & replace them with Offensive Vehicles and Combaters since you have very few of those in your march. You should also try adding single bait defensive bulkers from each tier during attacks. You can try it out in the underground tournament to see the difference.

  28. Merci encore tu me régale Flavio !!!!
    Peu faire un tuto sur les ensembles d’équipement ou m’envoyer par mail leur fonctionnement comment les choisir en fonction de leur type ainsi que sur les dessin d’équipement et les différentes Pierre morganite….
    Merci beaucoup pour ton investissement à nous apporter ton expérience et ton savoir !!!!

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