The Mystic Merchant Event – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be explaining how the new Mystic Merchant Event works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Mafia City – Mystic Merchant Event

There are a total of 7 different packs in the mystic merchant event. There are 4 $5 packs, one $10, one $20 & one $100 pack. You’re first required to buy the 4 $5 packs in order to unlock the last 3 packs. Out of the last 3 packs though, you can only buy one pack.

The first $5 pack gives you 8000 gold & 2 level 2 Supreme Giftboxes which should give you at least 1000 gold, it also gives you a bunch of resources & speed ups. The 2nd & 4th $5 pack, both give you resources, speed ups & 3000 gold each. The 3rd $5 pack gives you 600 SVIP points which is equivalent to 12,000 VIP points & also a bunch of resources & speed ups.

Then you unlock 3 packs, the $100 jewelry card pack that gives you 3300 jewelry cards, the $20 pack that gives 2500 purple vigilante coupons which should give you anywhere between 625 to 833 purple vigilante fragments. The 3rd pack is the $10 pack that gives you 5 historical & grand emblem chests & 8 rare emblem chests.

Since you first have to spend $20 to unlock these packs, instead of looking that them as $10, $20 & $100 packs, you should look at them as $30, $40 & $120 packs & ask yourself if they’re worth buying or not.

The jewelry card pack might look good since it gives you 3300 jewelry cards for $120 while the regular $100 only gives you 2200 jewelry cards. However, if you compare it with the regular $5 jewelry cards packs, it suddenly doesn’t look that attractive anymore.

The purple vigilante coupon pack is just garbage, since you can easily get 400 to 450 purple vigilante fragments from $5 packs, so it doesn’t really make sense to spend $40 for 625 to 833 fragments.

Finally the emblem pack gives you a total of 5 historical, 5 grand & 8 rare emblem chests for $30. When you compare this to the regular pack, it might look like an ok deal. However, there are much better emblem packs that you can get during purchase events. So, if you don’t normally purchase the $20 regular emblem pack. I wouldn’t recommend buying this pack either.

Also, the gold that you get from this event does not count towards the Gold Rebate & the Purchase Gift Event. So, if you want to max out the purchase event, you’ll have to buy packs separately.

So, that’s how the Mystic Merchant Event works.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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