The Council Hall – Mafia City

In this post I’m going to be explaining how the council hall works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

The Council Hall Explained – Mafia City

When you tap on the Council Hall, you get 3 main options, Season Mastery, Council Hall & Viceroy Officials.

The Viceroy Officials are similar to the Mayor, Governor & Chief Legislator Officials. There are 8 Official & 8 Servant Positions as well as 1 Viceroy Position which give various buffs & debuffs.

The Viceroy Buff gives you 20% Crew Attack & Defense & 5% Crime Ops Size. The General Secretary Buff gives you 8% Building, Investment & Training Speed. The Minister of Finance gives you 10% Resource Production, 12% Resource Gathering Speed & -12% Upkeep Reduction. The Minister of Energy gives you a 15% Resource Production Buff and 12% Training Speed. The Minister of Commerce gives you 15% Investment Speed. The Minister of Transportation gives you 15% Building Speed & 20 minutes of Free Build Time. The Minister of Justice gives you 10% Crew Attack, 12% Crime Ops Speed & 50% Street Ops Speed. The Director of Public Safety gives you 8% Crew Attack & Defense. The Director of Administration gives you 10% Crew Attack & 30% more Resource Protection.

Then you have the debuffs, the Coward Debuff gives you -25% Training Speed. The Drunk Debuff gives you -20% Crime Ops Speed. The Mole Debuff gives you -10% Resource Prodution & 10% more cash upkeep. The Loner Debuff gives you -20% Investment Speed. The Wimp Debuff reduces your Health & Defense by 12% each. The Loser Debuff reduces your Attack & Defense by 10% each. The Clown Debuff reduces your Crew Load & Crime Ops Speed by 10% each & finally the Liar Debuff reduces the amount of Protected Resources by 25%.

So, those are all the buffs & Debuffs that you can get from the Gold Rush Event.

Then you have the Season Mastery Section which is somewhat similar to the Skill Tree in the game. Keep in Mind that the Mastery Buffs will apply on Regular Maps too & not Just on the Gold Rush Map.

However, in order to get Mastery Points for these Trees, you need to upgrade your Mastery Level which can by done either by using Season Mastery Experience items that you get from the Gold Rush Event or you can also invest in the Mastery Season Contract which gives you 1000 Mastery Per Level that it is upgraded & it can be upgraded all the way upto level 100. However, the first level alone costs around 5 million dynamite. So, upgrading this investment is going to be pretty expensive. Also, in order to unlock the Mastery Investment, you first need to upgrade all other season contracts at least to level 1.

It seem like you can get a 10% Crew Attack, Defense & Health Bonus along with some extra bonuses for Raids when you max out the Battle skill tree.

If you max out the Growth Skill Tree, you should be able to get 50% more Resource Production, more vault capacity, a reduction in Investment cost and time, increase in resource gathering speed as well as gold gathering speed, a reduction in building upgrade time, an increase in crew load & also a special skill that let’s you teleport your turf for free to a random location within your clan territory.

If you max out the support tree, you get a 200% increase in Street Ops Speed & an extra 20,000 wounded capacity. You also get more Street Ops Attack, Healing Speed, Crime Ops Speed, Training Speed, Training Capacity & Crime Ops Speed in the Grey Area. You also get some Training Cost Reduction as well as Healing Cost Reduction.

I think it might be worth it to invest in the Season Mastery especially if the Training Cost Reduction is really high since it’ll allow you to train more troops for fewer resources which you can then kill off during cross server events to get Honor Points.

Finally, the the Last thing you can access is the Council Hall itself which has 3 tabs. The personal, clan and city tabs. The personal tab shows you all of your available resources at the top including your Gold. And also your Power that you get from Season Contracts and Buildings.

You can check out your Personal Buildings & Contract Researches here & you can also see which extra buffs your city currently has for the gold rush event.

Then, there’s also the Clan Tab where you can see your clan buildings, which include the Citadel which is the main building that needs to be built for all other buildings to function.

Then there are the 3 beneficial buildings, the Clan Casino & the Clan Motel which give attack & defense buffs respectively as well as the Gentlemen’s Club which gives extra gathering speed.

Finally, you have functional buildings, which inclulde the Clan Research Institute which lets your clan invest in various researches that can increase building speed of season buildings, Raid Capacity, research Speed of clan & individual season properties & lookout tower building speed in the grade 1 section. There are also higher grades & some active skills as well, however, I couldn’t access those since we didn’t unlock them yet.

There’s the Clan’s Gold Refinery which let’s you convert gold ores into gold bullion.

There’s the Trading Post where you can exchange resource for ridge tokens or ridge tokens for resources.

And finally, you have the Clan Tavern which is one of the Most important buildings in the game as it allows you to purchase a lot of different useful items at a very low price using clan whiskey. The items include hitman coins production boosts, hitman coins, emblem removal tools, VIP & SVIP Points, etc. So, make sure you build your clan tavern as soon as possible & buy everything available there every single day. Since the purchase limits of the items in the tavern keep resetting daily. The only items that may not be worth buying are the 20% Attack & Defense Bonuses since they cost 100000 whiskey each which is way higher than all the other items in the tavern.

You can also access, the refinery & clan researches directly from the clan tab of the council hall.

Lastly, you have clan skills which are shown in the Clan Skills section once you unlock them

Finally, in the City Section, you’ll be able to see the ongoing battles, if any, in the battles section.

In the Regions section, you’ll be able to see a list of all your lookout towers.

In the Scramble Section, you’ll be able to see the list of all buildings on the Map that you’ve occupied.

And finally in the City Skills section, you’ll be able to see all the available Mayor Skills.

So, those are all the Features that are available in the Council Hall. Make sure you take advantage of the great deals that you can get at the clan tavern every single day.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below in the comments.

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