Gold Rush Battle Phase Buildings – Explained

In this post, we’re going to be taking a look at all the different buildings in the Gold Rush Event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Gold Rush Buildings Explained – Mafia City

The first building is the Expedition Base. There are 12 of these on the map, one for each city. This is your most important building that needs to be protected at all costs, because if this building of yours gets destroyed, you’ll be eliminated from the map.

The building also gives you 2 buffs. It increases your “Innocents” & Mercenary Ops Speed as well as your Resource Gathering Speed by 100%. This also includes Gold Gathering Speed. However, these buffs only apply if the Mercenaries or Innocents that you’re attacking or the Resource Tiles that you’re gathering from are inside the city’s territory. i.e. They either need to be inside the grey area around the Expedition Base or they need to be inside the territory of any lookout tower of your city.

The you have the Level 1 Security Bases. There are 2 Security Bases per City so there are 24 of these buildings in total. Occupying these bases doesn’t give you any buffs. However, you do get access to new parts of the map by controlling them.

Then there are the 8 Mt. Endeavor Hot Springs that you can find on the map. Each of them gives your city a 30% Crew Health Bonus after your city occupies them. You also get 75 City Occupation Points for every minute that this building is Occupied.
The Scramble Period for these springs lasts for 2 hours during which cities can fight to occupy this building. And once the Scramble Phase ends, the Protection Phase begins which lasts for 46 hours.

The Scramble Rankings are mainly based on the number of kills that a leader gets during the Scramble Period. However, in case nobody gets kills, then the Rankings will be determined based on the number of troops sent to occupy the building by each leader. The more troops you send, the higher your rank will be.

Then you have 8 Mt. Endeavor Ruins which are again similar to the Hot Springs. However, instead of giving your city 30% more Crew Health, they give your city 30% more Crew Defense each.

These buildings also give you 75 City Occupation Points per minute while they’re occupied. They also have a 2 hour Scramble Phase along with a 46 hour Protection Phase. And they also have a ranking system that’s similar to the Hot Springs.

Then you have the Stations. There are 12 of these buildings on the map. One for each city. Occupying each these stations gives you 50 City Occupation Points Per Minute. The Scramble Phase of this building lasts 2 hours. However, the protection phase only lasts 22 hours. The ranking system is again based on kills or number of troops sent to the building. However, the rewards are slightly lower than the previous 2 buildings that we saw. Right now the train stations do not have any use other than gaining a few extra occupation points per minute. However, that might change in the future.

Then you have the Mt. Endeavor Oil Depot.

There are only 4 of these buildings on the map and each one of them gives you 30% more Crew Attack. These buildings give you 100 occupation points per minute & give slightly better ranking rewards than the hot springs.

The Scramble Phase for these buildings lasts for 3 hours followed by a 69 hour Protection Phase.

Then there are the level 2 Security Bases. You’ll be able to find 8 of these on the map. Just like the level 1 Security Bases, these do not give you any extra buffs or City Occupation Points. However, you do get access to new Regions on the map.

Then you have the Canary Hot Springs which give your whole city 50% more Crew Health Each when occupied. You also get 150 City Occupation Points per minute. The Scramble Phase for These buildings last 2 hours followed by a 46 hour Protection Phase. The Ranking Rules are the same as other buildings. However, the rewards are slightly higher than the Oil Depot.

Then there are the 4 Canary Ruins which are exactly the same as the Canary Hot Springs, except they give your city 50% more Crew Defense each instead of 50% more Crew Health.

The Scramble & Protection Periods as well as the Ranking Rewards are the exact same as the Canary Hot Springs.

Then you have the 4 Canary Stations which don’t give you any buffs. However, they do give you 175 City Occupation Points Per Minute they’re occupied. Their Scramble Phase Lasts 2 hours & the protection phase lasts 22 hours. The ranking rules are the same as before. However, the rewards are higher than the Canary Hot Springs

Then you have the Canary Oil Depot which gives 50% more Crew Attack when occupied and also 200 City Occupation Points per minute. Again, there are 4 of these buildings on the Map. The Scramble Phase lasts 3 hours while the protection phase lasts 69 hours. Unfortunately, I don’t have info about the ranking rewards for these buildings as they weren’t unlocked at the time of writing this post. But if I had to guess, I would guess that the Rank 1 player would get 12000 points & the rewards would keep decreasing by 1200 points per rank after that.

Then you have the 4 Level 3 Security Bases on the Map which give you access to the center of the Map. As usual, these buildings do not give you any buffs or occupation points. They also do not have any scramble or protection phases just like all the other Security Bases.

Finally, at the Center of the Map, you have the Canary Gold Reserve. Occupying this building gives you 750 City Occupation Points per minute. However, it doesn’t give you any other buffs.

I’m assuming that after you occupy this building, the mayor of the occupying city will get to appoint the Viceroy who will then be able to appoint all the other officials & servants. There’s no info yet on how long the Battle for this building will last & what the rewards are for occupying this building.

So, those are all the different types of buildings that you’ll find on the Gold Rush Map.

There are 97 buildings in total,
12 Expedition Bases, 24 Level 1 Security Bases, 8 Mt. Endeavor Hot Springs, 8 Mt. Endeavor Ruins, 12 Mt. Endeavor Stations, 4 Mt. Endeavor Oil Depots, 8 Level 2 Security Bases, 4 Canary Hot Springs, 4 Canary Ruins, 4 Canary Stations, 4 Canary Oil Depots, 4 Level 3 Security Bases & 1 Canary Gold Reserve.

Let me know your thoughts about these buildings & also if I forgot to talk about anything in the comments down below.

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