Street Forces & Mercenary Reward Drop List – Mafia City

Here’s a list of items that only street forces of certain levels / mercenaries drop:

Street Force Level / MercenarySpecial Rewards
Street Force Level 1 to 31 hour VIP
Street Force Level 4 to 6Cargo Production Boost
Street Force Level 7 to 9Cash Production Boost
Street Force Level 10 to 12Red Wine
Street Force Level 13 to 15Bond
Street Force Level 16 to 188 hr Gathering Speed Bonus
Street Force Level 19 to 2325% Crime Ops Acceleration
Street Force Level 24 to 26300 VIP Points
Street Force Level 27 to 351,000 VIP Points
White SharkSilver Ingot
VenomBlack Jade
Reaper(Non-Battle) Emblems

2 thoughts on “Street Forces & Mercenary Reward Drop List – Mafia City”

  1. Are the probabilities to drop Topaz extremely low? I hit.a dozen lvl1 shredder..but no special gems. Wonder if I need to move up to lvl2/3.. Thank you

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