Slot Machine Event Explained – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how the Slot Machine Event works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Slot Machine Event Explained – Mafia City

This event is somewhat similar to the limited lottery event. However, it’s a lot more complicated than that event.

It’s really difficult to tell whether the limited lottery event is better or this one as both have their own pros and cons. If you’re trying to get a turf skin or a turf effect, Then the limited lottery event might be better for you as you can get a turf effect for at least $600 & a turf skin for at least $3000 from that event. In this event, it usually requires 70 coins to finish a lap, so you have to spend around $700 at least for a turf effect & $3500 at least for a skin. The calculations were made assuming you get 50,000 gold for spending $100. However, if you buy the normal packs that give way less gold, then you might have to spend a lot more.

Unlike the limited lottery though, where it’s really difficult to get tier 3 rewards. In this event, you can get them on every single lap. There’s also the 777 Jackpot that you can win if you’re lucky which can be used to get some really good rewards.

Everytime you don’t get the triple 7 jackpot, your fortune increases by 2 for every coin used. Once it reaches 750, you will get the triple 7 jackpot for sure on the next spin & your fortune will reset to 0. Your fortune also resets to 0 whenever you get the triple 7 jackpot, even if it hasn’t reached 750.

The way the spinning cost works is as follows:

The first spin costs 1 coin & all the spins you do after the first one will cost 3 coins more than the previous one. So, the second spin will cost 4 coins, the 3rd will cost 7 & so on. Depending on the number of matches you get, you’ll uncover a certain number of blocks. If you get no matches then you only uncover 1 block, if you get a 2 of a kind then you uncover 2 blocks & if you get a 3 of a kind, then you uncover 3.

Since you have to clear 9 blocks, the minimum number of spins you’d need is 3 which would only cost 12 coins & the maximum number of spins you’d need would be 9 which would cost a total of 117 coins. However, from what I’ve observed, it normally costs 70 coins & sometimes even 51 or 92 coins. So, it’s safe to assume an average cost of 70 coins per lap.

Spinning Cost

Before you can start spinning the slot machine, you’re required to choose the items that you want from a pool of rewards. You get to choose 4 tier 1 rewards, 3 tier 2 rewards & 2 tier 3 rewards. At the end of the lap, you get all the rewards that you’ve selected.

In my opinion, if you’re only aiming for a turf skin or turf effect, then the limited lottery event is better than this one. However, if you’re looking for other items like Roadster points, Godfather Coins & Vigilante skins. Then this slot machine event is way better.

So, that’s how the Slot Machine event works. If you want to see what this event looks like when you have a lot of coins, you can watch the end of the video above to see MC Brutal use all his coins to get the 777 Jackpot twice.

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